Do You Need A Bed Frame For You Mattress?

Do You Need A Bed Frame For You Mattress?

Purchasing a good-quality mattress is an important investment. After all, you’re going to be spending about half your time on it, so it’s important to make sure your mattress is comfortable and helps you get a good night’s rest. Bed frames are the foundation that provides support to your mattress.

Since nations like Japan have managed to live without bed frames for decades, many people question if they are necessary. Are bed frames required, and is it crucial to give your mattress a base to rest on? Let us find out.

Bed frame: What is it?

Any kind of mattress support is referred to as a bed frame, which can be constructed from a variety of materials including wood, metal, and even textiles like leather. In a nutshell, a bed frame holds up a mattress and a mattress base, like a foundation or box spring.

Wood bed frame: Wooden bed frames are among the most well-liked kinds of bed frames. They come in a range of dimensions and forms. You can choose from a huge selection of wooden bed frame styles. Additionally, you can create your wood bed frame as the wood comes in many different types and colours.

Metal bed frame: The durability and modern style of metal bed frames are helping them gain in popularity. These frames are excellent for heavier mattresses because they can support more weight.

Fabric bed frame: A fabric bed frame might be a good option for people seeking a bed frame with more decoration. It can be made from a range of soft materials in the style of your choice, including more expensive materials like leather.

Put a Mattress Directly on the Floor: Is That Bad?

Nowadays, mattresses are better than ever owing to the advent of the best mattress brands. Top mattress brands such as The Sleeping Company have launched the next-gen SmartGRID mattress that offers excellent comfort and back pain relief. A lot of mattresses feel like they could function without any additional support because of how well they are constructed.

The decision of whether to place the mattress on the floor or top of a bed frame is crucial. While placing a mattress directly on the floor is economical, it won’t have the same results as laying it on a bed frame.

Reasons to forego the floor?

  1. Laying a mattress flat on the floor increases the chance that it will slide about as you sleep, giving you a restless night.
  2. Many mattress warranties may demand that you place some sort of frame or box spring beneath your mattresses as support.

In other words, there are strong reasons not to place mattresses directly on the floor.

Advantages of a Bed Frame

In addition to keeping mattresses off the ground, bed frames are used for the following additional purposes.

Mattress support: A bed frame guarantees that your mattress will remain in place while you sleep. For this primary purpose of offering support to the mattress, bed frames are constructed. The side rails of a bed frame will hold your mattress firmly in place, keeping it from shifting under you in the middle of the night.

Body support: Your body may not receive the support it needs from a mattress by itself to sleep soundly every night. To avoid back pain, restlessness, and discomfort, you can provide your body with the necessary support with the aid of a bed frame.

Storage space: Your bed can occupy a lot of your bedroom’s useful space. Your bed will be elevated off the ground with a bed frame, leaving space underneath for additional storage. It is preferable to store stuff like comforters, pillows, and linens that you don’t usually use but still require.

Prevent insect infestation: Insects, dirt, and other objects won’t be able to enter your mattress at night thanks to a bed frame. If your bed is on the ground, fleas, bed bugs, and mites will move in there as they are constantly looking for a place to hide.

Eliminates fungus: Body heat, sweat, and other liquids may leak into your mattress while you’re asleep. If your bed is on the floor, it can quickly cause fungus growth, which is bad for your health. Your mattress will be elevated from the floor by a bed frame, allowing air to circulate through it and keep it clean and dry.

Improve the aesthetic value: A mattress placed on the floor might make your bedroom appear incomplete. However, a bed frame gives your room a finished appearance that might improve its aesthetic value. The nice thing about bed frames is that they can be found in a variety of styles, allowing you to pick one that perfectly complements the design of your room.

Control of temperature: Raising your mattress off the floor makes room for air to flow. This enables improved temperature control while you sleep on your mattress and helps you prevent any unwelcome cold draughts.

Tips for Selecting a Bed Frame

A mattress is a significant purchase because sleep is crucial to overall health. To minimize your efforts, technology has also made it possible for you to buy mattress online.

Purchasing a solid bed frame is also crucial for supporting your mattress. Before you choose a bed frame, it’s crucial to comprehend the main elements, which we will highlight below.


Buying a mattress is an important investment, depending on your comfort and preferences. Your finances may suffer even more if you include a bed frame in the mix. When the time comes to spend money on a bed frame, be sure to set a price cap and develop a budget.


Depending on the size of your bedroom, a bed frame can make your room seem even smaller. Whether you’re in a tiny apartment or are living with a roommate, a bed frame can take up some precious space. Get a bed frame that is elegant and basic, not overly large and clunky, if you live in a smaller space.


When you toss and turn at night, you don’t want to be woken up by a squeaky bed frame. Over time, your bed frame can become loose or worn down, causing it to become squeaky and noisy when you move around. A good bed frame that is well-made, tightly fastened together, and constructed of sturdy materials can reduce noise.


The best way to feel supported when you sleep at night is with a comfortable mattress and robust bed frame. Depending on the model you choose, bed frames can be expensive and heavy, but they can keep fungus, allergies, and insects out of your mattress. No matter what kind of mattress you have, a bed frame can be used to extend its life and make your bedroom more hygienic and sanitary.

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