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The Smart Recliner Bed is the most advanced bed intended to enhance both your sleep quality and daily comfort. You can utilize its various customized recline modes for sleeping, working, and lounging.


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Multi-Feature Adjustable Beds By The Sleep Company

The Smart Recliner Bed stands at the pinnacle of modern bedding technology, designed to elevate your sleep quality and overall comfort throughout the day. Whether you're sleeping, working, or simply lounging, its tailored recline settings have got you covered. Sound sleep is foundational to overall well-being, and choosing the right bed plays a pivotal role. An adjustable bed is more than just a mattress; it offers the flexibility to modify its position, height, angle, and firmness to suit individual preferences, all at the touch of a remote. The surge in the popularity of adjustable beds is well-founded. Their myriad benefits are particularly pronounced for those with certain medical conditions or disabilities. The Sleep Company presents an impressive array of adjustable beds with features like a wireless remote for comfort automatic beds and even a massage function. Dive into The Sleep Company's website today to discover the adjustable bed that meets your unique needs.

Features Of An Adjustable Bed

  • Independent Head and Foot Adaptability:
    An adjustable bed's hallmark is its seamless adaptability. The head and foot sections can be fine-tuned separately, recliner allowing for unparalleled customization of comfort angles.
  • Dual-Massage Capability:
    While many adjustable beds offer a massage function, The Sleep Company elevates the experience with its Dual-massage feature. This allows simultaneous head and foot massages, amplifying relaxation and reducing stress.
  • Intuitive Remote Control :
    With the convenience of a remote control, fine-tuning your bed's position and accessing its features becomes a breeze. The Sleep Company automatic bed takes it further by introducing a "TV mode" optimized for comfortable TV-watching or reading sessions.
  • Zero Gravity Sensation :
    Inspired by astronauts' positions during takeoff, the Zero Gravity mode is designed to distribute weight uniformly across the body. Elevating both the head and legs slightly above heart level evokes a feeling of weightlessness and ultimate relaxation.
  • Anti-Snore Configuration :
    Snoring can compromise the quality of sleep for the individual and their partner. The anti-snore mode in adjustable beds tackles this by subtly repositioning the sleeper, enhancing airflow, and alleviating pressure on the throat to reduce or even eliminate snoring.

The Sleep Company Designs To Upgrade Your Bedroom

  • Elev8 Smart Recliner Bed with Denver Leather Frame:
    The most advanced adjustable smart bed to enhance sleep quality and daily comfort. You can utilize its various customized preset modes for sleeping, working, lounging & relaxing.
  • Elev8 Smart Recliner Bed with Italia Frame:
    Upholstered in luxurious velvet material, it is the most advanced adjustable home bed to enhance sleep quality and daily comfort. You can utilize its customized recline modes for sleeping, working, and lounging.
  • Elev8 Smart Recliner Bed:
    The most advanced bed to enhance sleep quality and daily comfort. You can utilize its customized recline modes for sleeping, working, and lounging.

Adjustable Beds With The Sleep Company

With their myriad benefits, adjustable beds significantly enhance sleep quality by optimizing comfort and support. These adjustable beds for home enable tailored positioning that alleviates pressure points and diminishes back pain through proper spinal alignment. For those plagued with sleep apnea, snoring, or acid reflux, an elevated head position can facilitate easier breathing and prevent stomach acid from entering the esophagus. Moreover, individuals with mobility challenges will find adjustable automatic beds a boon, as they ensure ease of ingress and egress. In sum, while an adjustable bed with an adjustable mattress might require a heftier investment than traditional mattresses, their multifaceted features and potential for dramatically improving one's health and sleep quality make them worthwhile. As with any investment, it's prudent to examine various models and weigh the costs to identify the perfect fit for one's needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    An adjustable bed allows you to customise your bed’s alignment so you get the best possible night’s sleep. It has a multi-hinged lying surface which can be adjusted to a number of positions as per your preference.

    An adjustable bed has mechanized joints that allow you to control how the bed will incline or recline whereas, with the traditional bed, you don’t get to do so.

    The salient features of an adjustable bed are head and foot elevations, a wireless remote, head and foot massage, an adjustable bed base and a mattress bar to prevent the bed from sliding.

    With an adjustable bed, you can sleep peacefully in your desired position without having to turn or toss. This will eventually promote good sleep throughout the night.

    Improved posture, improved comfort, convenience, freedom of movement, reduced snoring, improved breathing, and relief from back pain are some of the benefits of an adjustable bed.

    An adjustable bed plays an important role in reducing snores with an inclined head angle.

    Adjustable beds are an excellent option for senior citizens as they provide comfort, improve sleep quality and reduce aches and pains as you age.

    The dual-zone massager in an adjustable bed gives your head and lower back a dream massage taking away all the stress for a relaxing sleep experience.

    The advanced TV and reading mode in an adjustable bed provides comfort to your neck and head by simply raising the head section of the bed.

    With handy instructions or a manual guide, it takes at least 30 minutes to set up the frame of an adjustable bed.

    For people with sleep apnea an adjustable bed can promote good sleep as the head of the bed is elevated which opens the airway to maintain regular breathing.

    Doctors may recommend an adjustable bed to people with certain health conditions, but this would totally depend on an individual’s health condition. Although, an adjustable bed is good for people with back, neck and spine issues as well as people with sleep apnea.

    Not every type of mattress is compatible with an adjustable bed but if you have one that is compatible then you can surely use the mattress.