Foam vs Spring mattress: Which is Good?

Foam vs Spring mattress: Which is Good?

We can find different types of mattresses in the market. But, you should choose the best mattress that suits your body because a good night’s sleep also depends on the mattress. The primary factors that contribute to a good mattress are durability and cushioning.

According to reports, medium firmed mattresses are the most effective for our lower back. In this blog, we will discuss foam mattresses and spring mattresses. We will also check out the differences between the two mattresses, including their pros and con.

Foam mattresses are typically a combination of memory foam polyurethane foam and other materials.

The Pros: These mattresses are designed by using an excellent motion isolation formula and strictly conform to international standards. Foam mattresses are one of the best mattresses for body aches. They are soft but are highly durable and are generally preferred by side sleepers. The mattresses are available in different variations ranging from budget to ultra-luxury.

The Cons: Foam mattresses produce an unpleasant odor during the first few days of usage. Some foam materials produce more heat and trap body heat as well. This type of mattress lacks good bounce compared to other mattresses, while its luxury variant is expensive.

Spring mattresses are equipped with coils or metal springs, which provide good support. They are also made with a thin layer of foam.

The Pros: Spring mattresses are generally more affordable than foam mattresses. This type of mattress is more bouncy than other mattresses. spring mattresses provide good frim support and deliver a cooler sleep experience. These mattresses are better than foam mattresses for heavier people.

The Cons: Spring mattresses transfer more motion than foam mattresses and are noisier. Its lower variants can start to sage over time. The durability of these mattresses depends on their initial quality and the size and weight of sleepers.

Difference Between Form Mattress and Spring Mattress


Sleep position: Foam mattresses are preferable for side and combo sleepers, while the back and stomach sleepers can choose Spring mattresses.

Body Type: Foam mattresses are generally preferred for petite and averaged weighted people, while spring mattresses are preferred for people with average and heavy weight.

Durability: In terms of durability, foam mattresses will overtake their counterparts. The lifespan of spring mattresses is between six to eight years and their coil tends to tear off easily due to bounce and excessive weight. On the other hand, foam mattresses don’t break down easily and have a lifespan of nearly 8 years.

Firmness: Foam mattresses are softer and provide cushioned comfort, while spring mattresses are firmer and provide resilient comfort.

Pain Reduction: Foam mattresses are designed to provide pressure relief, alleviating joint and back pain. It aligns with the natural curvature of our body to provide the best comfort and back support. On the other hand, spring mattresses don’t uniformly support the body.

Temperature: Foam mattresses tend to absorb more heat than spring mattresses. Therefore, good cooling technology is infused in the mattresses to tackle the issue. Spring mattresses are good at maintaining temperature and airflow.

Spine Alignment: Foam mattresses provide good spinal alignment, while spring mattresses provide strong back support and prevent backaches.

Let’s know more about different types of Mattresses


Foam mattress: Foam mattresses use different types of foam and memory foam is the common one. Memory foam is manufactured from material similar to polyurethane. Its specialty includes retaining our body shape after using it immediately and providing pressure relief.

Types of Memory Foam

The traditional material used is the standard memory foam which is soft yet supportive and is available at reasonable prices. Furthermore, gel memory foam assists to improve cooling and regulate airflow. Thirdly, latex foam is used to make durable and bouncy mattresses.

Spring Mattresses: Spring mattresses are made from different types of springs and coils. Some of the common types of spring mattresses are the Bonnell coil mattress, offset coil mattress, and continuous coil mattress.

Bonnell Coil Mattresses: These are the cheapest among spring mattresses and are equipped with hourglass-shaped coils.

Offset Coil Mattresses: These are more durable than Bonnell coil mattresses and provide good firm support for sleepers. Thirdly, Continuous coils make the bed durable and maintain weight balance effectively. You can choose the mattresses based on your requirement and body type.

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