Top 7 Features to Look for in a Kids Mattress

Top 7 Features to Look for in a Kids Mattress

Buying a mattress for your child is not as simple as it sounds. Wait, we are not trying to scare you here but just stating some facts. From ensuring a proper posture to preventing allergies, there are several responsibilities that a mattress must undertake. This not only helps your little one enjoy a relaxing slumber but makes sure nothing interferes with their growth.

Now, we are here to make mattress shopping for your child super simple. All you have to do is look at the information given below and you are all sorted. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

7 Must-Have Features You Must Look For In A Kids Mattress

Here are all the features you must look for!
7 Must-Have Features You Must Look For In A Kids Mattress

1. Age-Appropriate Mattress

Before we proceed, there’s one main point we want to talk about. When it comes to your kid’s mattress, you must always look for a child-appropriate mattress. Never go for an adult mattress as it isn’t designed for children.

You need something that is curated keeping the ages of your child in mind so the materials and fabric used are ideal.

2. It Must Be Supportive

You must have seen how mattress and support go hand-in-hand. Even when it comes to your child, you need something that's super supportive.

A supportive mattress helps keep your child's spine aligned properly, which is crucial for their growth and development.

Look for a mattress that distributes weight evenly and maintains its shape over time. This will provide the necessary support for different sleeping positions.

A medium-firm to firm mattress is usually the best choice, as it strikes a balance between comfort and support.

Remember, a supportive mattress can help your child get a good night's sleep, which is essential for their overall health and well-being.

3.Choose The Right Size

If the mattress is too big, your child may not be able to enjoy the necessary comfort. And, if it is too small, there are chances of them falling down. Therefore, always go for the right bed size. A single can be ideal for a child. However, if you have a teenager, you can go for a queen as well.

Make sure the mattress easily fits in the room and your child has enough room to move around without tripping on the furniture. Never underestimate the size of a mattress!

4. Choose Breathability

Breathability is crucial when looking for kids' mattresses. A breathable mattress lets air flow through it and maintains proper circulation. This helps keep your child cool and comfortable during sleep.

This feature is important because children can get hot while sleeping, and good airflow prevents overheating. Materials like cotton, wool, or special breathable foams like SmartGRID are great options.

Breathable mattresses also help reduce moisture buildup, which can prevent mould and mildew. Breathability makes your child enjoy the necessary zzzs without any hindrance.

5. Hypoallergenic Features

Remember, even if your child is not allergic, always go for a hypoallergenic material, such as a hypoallergenic and skin-friendly fabric, in a kids' mattress.

Hypoallergenic mattresses are designed to resist common allergens like dust mites, mould, and pet dander. This helps create a healthier sleeping environment.

6. Durability Is A Priority

Always go for a durable kid's mattress. For instance, The Sleep Company's kids' mattresses come with 10 years of warranty, which is perfect.

Why, you ask? Because kids can be tough on mattresses, jumping and playing on them regularly. A durable mattress will withstand this wear and tear without losing its shape or support. Also, you don't want to keep changing the mattress every two to three years. So, go for high-quality materials and strong construction.

You can read reviews and check for warranties to give you an idea of the mattress's durability.

7. Waterproof and Easy To Clean

This one is important. Choose mattresses that are easy to clean and waterproof. You already know, that kids can be messy, so a mattress with a removable, washable, and waterproof cover is ideal. You don't have to worry about anything hampering the quality.

This feature allows you to quickly and easily clean up spills, stains, and accidents, keeping the mattress fresh and hygienic. The waterproof covers also protect the inner materials from moisture and spills.


When it comes to your children, you never want to compromise. So, make sure you take note of all the important features mentioned above.

But wait, we have something for you. Instead of going through all the hassles, you can just go with The Sleep Company. Right from Smart Baby Mattress for your little one to Smart Kids Mattress, they bring you a kid's mattress range that is perfect for your child.

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  • Patented SmartGrid
  • Firm feel
  • 100% waterproof
  • 10 years of warranty

So, what are you waiting for? Gift your child the comfort of Smart Kids Mattress today!

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