Why Does Mattress Get Hot in the Night

Why Does Mattress Get Hot in the Night

If you have been feeling hot at night, then maybe it’s time to change your mattress. You heard it right. The sleeping mattress tends to become hot at night. What appears cool and comfortable in the morning may trouble while you sleep. Many of us have been dealing with this problem and find it very challenging. We end up thinking that changing the mattress will not help which to an extent is true for the general mattresses. Let us first get to the bottom of the problem,

Why Do Mattresses Become Hot?


Conventionally, the quality of cotton stuffed inside the mattress used to be the only concern. Today, we are conscious of quality, lumber support, and comfort. The material for sleeping mattresses has evolved and we have latex, foam, spring, and other materials replacing the conventional cotton padding in the mattresses.

Memory foam is one of the latest offerings in the market. The problem of mattresses getting heated at night persists in most mattresses, irrespective of the material. Memory foam is often associated with this issue. Most of the companies increase the layers in the foam to enhance its comfort which in turn increases heat retention.

Basically, at some point in our sleep, we stop sweating and the temperature of the body rises. This higher temperature is retained by the mattress which makes it hotter. The problem aggravates with the use of warm bedding and quilt. The denser the material for the mattress, the hotter it will become. You might end up waking up at night due to excessive heat.

What is the Solution?


Keeping the body cool at night is important. You can take certain measures to ensure that your body stays cool while you sleep.

Use ventilating bed frames

You can use a bed frame that has openings in the frame at the bottom of the bed. These openings are made to allow the air to pass through the mattress and enable air circulation.

Maintain cool atmosphere

You can open the window or use a ceiling fan to keep the room cool at night. Try to turn off all the electronic and heating systems that raise the temperature of the room.

Use breathable sheets

The sheets in the mattress are also very important. They should not block the air from passing through them. Try sticking to sheets made up of natural materials such as bamboo to enhance the breathability of the material.

Try a cooler sleepwear

You may find trendy sleepwear very attractive but if you have been feeling hot at night then it is best to check on the material. Purchase sleepwear made up of natural fabric to let you relax and stay cool at night. You can easily get such sleepwear in your budget.

Choose the Right Mattress

Choose the Right Mattress

You can take all the measures to keep yourself cool. However, it is the mattress that will have a prolonged effect. With a good sleeping mattress, you do not need to take extra effort into keeping cool every night. Memory foam has been reported to get super-heated at night due to its dense structure and lack of interconnected air channels. While it offers superb support to the body, it lacks the cooling element.

Memory foam has many variations and you need to check on each one’s property to ensure that it has the cooling element. Some of the users of latex mattresses have also reported heating at night, especially the ones that have extra layers of foam to enhance your comfort. The coil mattress also has layers of foam on them which keeps this heating problem persistent in most of its types. The waterbed mattress has another issue. They have been reported to be cooler at night which again causes discomfort, especially in winters.

Mattress selection is very important as it can let you get great sleep for many years to come. A sleeping mattress offered by The Sleep Company can be a perfect solution to this problem. It keeps you cool, provides support to the body, and promotes a highly comfortable sleep.

What Sets The Sleep Company Apart?


The Sleep Company offers India’s only SmartGRID mattress that has a grid-like structure that keeps the structure firm and provides support. This grid structure and technology superbly replace other conventional mattress materials including latex, foam, and spring. The mattress bends according to the body curvature while sleeping and retains back its shape after you leave the bed. In total, the grid has 2500 air channels to promote airflow at night.

When you sleep, these air channels will regulate the body temperature. The sleep Company mattress offers a permanent solution to the heating problem. There is no high density foam to trap the heat. This technology is free from all the conventional issues with mattress including heating, and sagging. The ultra elastic material of the foam stays intact in its place, assuring that the air channels do not collapse. The fabric is hyper-elastic and the cooling structure of the mattress stays in its form after prolonged use. The sleep company offers you:

  • A great solution to the heating mattresses
  • Lumbar support
  • Ultra-elastic material that ensures the firmness of the mattress even after many years
  • 100 trial nights to experience the new technology that keeps you cool
  • 10 years warranty to make your investment worthy in every way

Feeling hot at night affects the quality of sleep. You can end up feeling tired the next morning. Natural material in your bedding adds up to the breathability of the material. Getting a good air-regulating mattress is a permanent solution to the problem.

You can look for a good material that propagates airflow. While making the purchase, keep a tab on the budget and size. The mattress should fit into your bed. It should offer orthopedic support and the firmness should not decrease after prolonged use. Investment in a sleeping mattress is for a long time. So, be assured of the returns before purchasing it.

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