Perfect Mattress Size & Dimensions as Per Your Height

Perfect Mattress Size & Dimensions as Per Your Height

Picture this. You are all excited for your new mattress to come home. You have carefully selected the best of the lot. The mattress is plush and supposed to be oh-so-comfy. You cannot wait to enjoy the much-needed zzzs on your new bed. The day finally comes. Your mattress has arrived. But sadly, you notice that the mattress size and mattress dimensions are all wrong. While the bedding is all you ever dreamed of, your legs are dangling out.

So, if you are planning to buy a bed or a mattress, let's avoid this heartbreak and take mattress size and mattress dimensions into account. As you can see, they are super crucial!

With the wrong size, you may end up feeling cramped or can feel overwhelmed by too much space.

In order to avoid this problem, we bring you a comprehensive guide on mattress size and mattress dimensions. Without further ado, let's unpack!

Should Mattress Size and Dimensions Matter?

Absolutely! Mattress size and mattress dimensions do matter.

As aforementioned, if your mattress is too small, you might feel cramped or unable to stretch out. If it's too big, it might also not fit in your room. Even if you are looking to design an aesthetically pleasing room, the mattress size and dimensions mattress. You want it to look perfectly put together in the given space and not too big or small.

And when you discover that sweet spot and bring home the perfect mattress dimension, it feels almost heavenly. First, it offers enough space, so you don't bump into your partner or your pets, and, this in turn, doesn’t hamper your sleep.

Enough space even means your body temperature remains optimal, which is essential for a good night's rest. So, all in all, it’s safe to say that mattress dimensions matter!

Mattress Size and Dimensions as Per Individuals Height

Let’s quickly unpack the mattress size guide and understand which mattress dimension suits you the best.

In the below table, you will look at all the common bed sizes available in today’s day and age and the ideal height per mattress size. We have also mentioned the minimum room dimensions for each mattress size to make it easier for you. Take a look at the comprehensive mattress size chart.

Mattress Size and Dimensions as Per Individuals Height

Mattress Size and Dimensions For Single Individuals

Here are the ideal mattress dimensions for singles, teens, or children.

1. Single or diwan

The single bed mattress dimension is 38 inches wide x 75 inches long. This size is comfortable for most adults and children, especially those under 5'9 in height.

2. Queen

If you are taller than 5’9 but shorter than 6’2, you can opt for a queen. The queen-size bed dimensions are 60 inches wide x 78 inches long. It offers you enough space to stretch out comfortably.

Mattress Size and Dimensions For Couples and Family

If you are a couple or a family who co-sleeps, these are your options.

1. Double

The mattress dimensions of a double bed are 54 inches wide x 75 inches long. It offers a comfortable sleeping experience for couples under 5'9". It's a great space-saving option for smaller bedrooms. While it might not be ideal for those who sprawl out a lot, it can be surprisingly cozy for couples who enjoy cuddling close.

2. Queen

If we had to choose a mattress size winner, it would be the queen. From single individuals to couple, a queen is a favorite. This mattress is perfect for those under 6'2 and the queen-size bed dimensions in inches are 60 inches wide x 78 inches long.

3. King

If you crave space, King is your answer. It measures 72 inches wide by 78 inches long. The difference between king and queen-size bed measurements is the width.

A king is also a great mattress size if you also co-sleep with your furry babies or your children. The thumb rule is simple. When it’s more than two people, larger mattress sizes are generally preferred. If King doesn’t suit your needs, the next option is to go for a custom bed and mattress.

If you are wondering how to measure mattress size, don’t worry, we have got you. Here, all you have to do is use a measuring tape and measure horizontally from one side to the other, then measure vertically from head to foot. The horizontal measurements give you the width and the vertical measurements give you the length.

Mattress Size vs Mattress Thickness

Now that you know mattress measurements, another common question that arises is what about the mattress thickness. Does it come into play when choosing the mattress size and mattress dimensions?

Mattress size is about how wide and long the mattress is, like Twin or Queen. But when it comes to the thickness, it is almost like the underrated hero of mattress comfort. While size ensures you have enough room to spread out, thickness impacts how your body sinks in and receives support. It's all about finding the sweet spot between feeling hugged and feeling like you are on the floor.

The ideal thickness is a personal choice. However, factors like body type and sleeping style also come into play. Most mattresses range from 4 to 12 inches thick. So, you can go with the option that feels right to you.

Here's a quick tip: When shopping for a mattress, consider trying out different thicknesses to see what feels most supportive and comfortable for you. You can also opt for a mattress with trial nights to try it before you make a commitment. For instance, The Sleep Company offers 100 trial nights!

Additional Factors to Consider to Choose the Right Mattress Dimensions

Here are a few other factors you must consider when it comes to choosing the right mattress size and mattress dimension.

1. Room Size

Imagine a very large room and a single bed. Seems odd, doesn’t it? At the same time, picture a large bed in a small room. This feels almost claustrophobic, doesn’t it?

That’s why apart from considering your height, room size is important, So, before making a decision, measure the length and width of the room. You must make sure the mattress fits comfortably without crowding the space. Leave enough room for other furniture and also ample walking space around the bed.

2. Height Of All Sleepers

Don't only consider your height but the height of all sleepers. This includes you and your partner. Let’s say, you are 5’9 and your partner is 6’2. A double bed won’t suffice. Here, you will have to go for a queen.

3. Future Considerations

Choosing a mattress is a big investment. Therefore, consider any future needs that may arise. For instance, life changes or changes in family size must be taken into account.

The Final Note

  • Don't underestimate the power of a good night's sleep!
  • Choosing the right mattress dimension is crucial for achieving that comfort. It should be a perfect balance of giving you enough space to sprawl out and cradling you for a restful sleep.
  • Finding the ideal mattress might take some research, but it's an investment in your well-being.
  • Speaking of ideal mattresses, The Sleep Company is here for you.

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1. How do I choose the right size mattress?

To choose the right mattress dimension, you must consider a few factors, such as your bedroom space, sleeping partners, and future needs. First, measure your room to ensure the mattress fits comfortably. Also, think about who will be using the mattress and any upcoming changes in sleeping arrangements. Select a size that provides enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably.

2. How to choose the height of a mattress?

The height or thickness of a mattress is a personal choice. However, for heavier individuals or those looking for back support, thicker mattresses are recommended as they offer more cushioning. Thinner mattresses can be ideal for lower bed frames or petite adults or children.

3. What is the best mattress size for sleeping?

The best mattress size for sleeping depends on individual preferences and needs. For single sleepers or smaller bedrooms, Twin or Diwan sizes may suffice. Couples often prefer Queen or King sizes for more space.

4. What size bed should a 6-foot person get?

A queen or a king mattress is ideal for someone who is 6 feet tall.

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