5 Ways to Keep Your SmartGRID Mattress in Good Condition

5 Ways to Keep Your SmartGRID Mattress in Good Condition

SmartGRID mattresses are easy to take care of and have more extended durability compared to other mattress types. In addition, the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer with 2500 air channels aids in cross ventilation, making it more airy and pleasant for sleeping.

However, just like any other mattress material, SmartGRID mattresses require a certain amount of looking after to have them last longer and give you a luxurious and hotel-like feeling till the end.

So, here are some quick tips to take smart care of your SmartGRID mattress.

A good foundation and a proper base

Every mattress, including SmartGRID mattresses, requires a good foundation or a base to balance the combined weight of the mattress and sleepers without buckling or losing one of its hinges.

Though it’s not necessary to buy a new bed frame or foundation every time you buy a new mattress, it is crucial to ensure that the existing one is suitable and does not have any loose legs or broken corners.

To make sure that the base or foundation of the SmartGRID mattress is intact, make sure that

  1. Take closer scrutiny of the bed frame at regular intervals.
  2. Fix the nuts and bolts, if required, now and then.
  3. If the frame is wooden, polish it and ensure that it doesn’t have any broken or worn-out corners that may tear apart your mattress.
  4. Buy a new bed frame if the old one is really worn out and beyond repairs.

Many top mattress brands like the Sleep Company manufacture the best bed frames, like Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed with Frame, which is equally smart and best for any mattress.

Use mattress protector

Mattress protectors are for mattresses, just like clothes are for humans. Mattress protectors keep mattresses safe from external risk factors such as dust, sweating, dirt, oils, stains, dust mites, and bed bugs.

Therefore, make sure you use a mattress protector from the beginning to protect your mattress from damage.

If you want to buy a mattress protector for your SmartGRID mattress, then The Sleep Company’s Bamboo Mattress Protector is the best option. It comes with dual-layer defense, 100% hypoallergenic it provides you with soft and breathable, ultimate protection from fluids and dust mites.

Cleaning Protect from bedbugs – show sunlight

It is essential to keep SmartGRID mattresses clean for the betterment of mattress life and the welfare of sleepers. Many factors may make your mattress dirty and unhealthy. Therefore some precautions that you need to take to maintain SmartGRID mattresses, such as,

  1. Wash bedsheets, blankets, and mattress protectors from time to time.
  2. Do dusting of mattresses on a regular basis to protect them from dust and pollutants
  3. Try to keep food and liquid items away from the mattress to avoid spilling them and dirtying the mattress
  4. Protect your mattress from dust mites, bed bugs, and molds
  5. Show SmartGRID mattress sunlight to help it get rid of unwanted bacteria and moisture

Flipping, rotating, and folding

To maintain a mattress as soft and comfortable in every corner as it was when brand new and to increase its life, it needs to be well-taken care of.

For that, you may

  1. Flipping- Many mattresses require flipping upside down to keep them from sagging in particular spots and remain evenly comfortable. However, the SmartGRID mattress does not require flipping as its top layer is made of SmartGRID technology layer, which provides comfort and support, and flipping it over may lose its value.
  2. Rotating- Rotating any kind of mattress, including the SmartGRID mattress 180 degrees from head to toe every few months, promotes equal wear. Not rotating increases, the likelihood of depression and softness.
  3. Folding- Folding mattresses for a few days or weeks for particular reasons like shifting or renovation of the house may not harm the mattress. However, keeping mattresses folded for more than months may destroy their shape and damage their firmness.

No jumping or having pets

Jumping and bouncing on the mattress gives a different kind of joy to children and adults. However, it is not joyful when it comes to mattresses and bed frames. Jumping on mattresses can cause depression, and it may further harm you while sleeping. Also, it wears out the mattresses like memory foam, latex or spring early because of jumping on it.

On the other hand, though SmartGRID mattresses can handle the maximum weight and jumping kids on them, to increase their life and maintain their firmness, it’s best to avoid jumping and bouncing.

Also, ensure that your pets remain at a distance from the SmartGRID mattresses or other mattresses. Pets are prone to scratch, chew or bring dirt and mites on the bed, which further damages the mattresses even before their warranty period is over.

Bottom Line:

Maintenance of SmartGRID mattresses is essential to make them last longer and provide the best comfortable sleep. However, make sure that you use approved methods and techniques for it.

The best way to take care of your SmartGRID mattress, apart from the tips mentioned above, is to follow manufacturers’ cleaning directions as they know the best.

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