Tips to Select the Perfect Mattress Size

Tips to Select the Perfect Mattress Size

Sleep consumes one-third part of our daily and overall life. Thus, it is important to get proper sleep without being uncomfortable. However, many of us fail to consider that sleeping comfortably requires a mattress of the proper size that will accommodate us without making us feel restricted and congested.

Thus, it is important to understand those mistakes and make the right choices When you go to buy mattress online or offline.

Five common mistakes made when buying the right mattress size and solutions

1. Size of the person

The first mistake we make is failing to consider the size of the person who will use the mattress. Thus, Make sure when you buy a mattress, take the person’s height in the count and select it taller than the person to give them the necessary comfort. When selecting one mattress for multiple persons, consider the height of the tallest person and then buy accordingly.

Therefore, if the person is taller than six feet or has a wider build, then a standard twin bed or full-size bed will be too small and require a queen-size or king-size bed.

2. Numbers of people

The next common mistake we make while buying a mattress is that we fail to consider the number of people going to sleep on the mattress at a time. When you select the mattress, after considering the person’s height, take the person’s number in the count. Whether you are going to sleep alone or share your bed with a partner, child, pet, or all of them, select the correct mattress size.

For example, if you are going to share the bed with more than one person or even with your pet, then consider buying a king size mattress online which will fit you all comfortably.

3. Room size

Another common mistake we make while buying a mattress is forgetting the room size where we are supposed to keep the mattress. Buying a mattress that is oversized in the proportion of the room eliminates other furniture and walking space from the room. Therefore, when you are buy mattress online, make sure to consider the room size and buy one.

For example, buy queen size mattress online for room sizes between 9 ft. x 10 ft. to 10 ft. x 14 ft., as its standard dimensions are around 5 feet by 6 feet

4. Room location

When we buy a mattress, one of the most ignorant things is the room’s location. We forget to realize that after purchasing the mattress, it needs to be taken to the room where it’s supposed to be kept. If the room where you are going to keep the mattress has a tiny door or the room is in the least accessible area with narrow staircases, then buying a larger mattress is not feasible.

Therefore, while buying a mattress for such rooms, buy one which can be folded or boxed style, which can be transported to the room in small box sizes and then expanded after taking in the room.

5. Price

Another factor we forget or sometimes overlook is the price of the mattress. The bigger the size, the costliest the mattress. Therefore, when you buy the mattress, make sure that you consider your budget as well and then go ahead.

Nowadays, many companies offer discounts if you buy a mattress online. Also, they run sale offers on various occasions, such as national holidays, seasonal sales, and festival offers which are the best times to consider buying a new mattress. The Sleep Company also holds various offers throughout the years on their Smart mattresses with great discounts.

Standard bed sizes available on the market

To make it easier for you while buying the mattress online, here is the list of 6 standard mattress sizes available in the market.

1.Single Mattress

For kids, teenagers, or single adults with smaller room space, Single size mattress is an ideal choice. A single mattress usually has dimensions between 72 to 75 inches in length and 30 to 38 inches in breadth.

2. Twin Mattress

Twin beds or mattresses generally have the same size as the single mattress but with extra legroom for taller people. Twin size mattresses have dimensions between 75 to 80 inches in length and 30 to 38 inches in breadth.

3. Double Mattress

A double bed or full-size mattress is suitable for people with pets or kids. Also, two adults can use this mattress; however, the width of the bed is narrower, making it a little congested for two grownups. Double size mattresses have 72 to 75 inches in length and 48 to 54 inches in breadth.

4. Queen Mattress

The queen size mattress is one of the most preferred and ideal sizes for two grownups. Also, it’s suitable for single adults who love that extra space to stretch out or couples who need extra bedroom space for their other furniture. Queen size mattresses are between 72 to 75 inches in length and 60 to 66 inches in breadth.

5. King Mattress

King size mattresses are ideal for people sharing their beds with their partners, kids, or pets. It’s the widest mattress available in the market, which provides ample space for more than two adults without making it congested or uncomfortable. King size mattresses have dimensions between 72 to 78 inches in length and 72 to 75 inches in breadth.

6. California Mattress

California mattresses are longer than king-size mattresses, which are available in the markets and are best suited for exceptionally tall persons or couples with children and pets who love to spread out on the bed while they sleep. California size mattresses have dimensions between 80 to 84 inches in length and 72 to 75 inches in breadth.

7. Custom made Mattress

Apart from the regular mattress sizes, many manufacturers provide custom made mattresses suitable for your expectations of sizes, softness, and designs.

The plus point of custom made mattresses is that you can get it done according to your taste, needs, and health requirements.

If you want to buy a comfortable and smart mattress with newly invented SmartGRID technology, then try The Sleep Company’s Smart mattress, which comes in different sizes like single, queen, and king. Also, they have custom made mattresses you can select according to your preferences.

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