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Meet India's First & Only SmartGRID Mattress!

The most comfortable mattress on the planet - Only mattress that smartly adjusts to your body shape for mind blowing comfort and back pain relief - no matter how you sleep or your body type.

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Newly Launched

Still Confused?

Look no further than the SmartGRID! This is no memory foam.. no spring.. no latex - the only mattress designed with patented SmartGRID technology with years of research to give you the perfect sleep all night every night!

Why they love us

jithin jomy


Akshay Uppal



Vibhuti Bansal


We Absolutely Love The Mattress

We absolutely love the mattress, super comfy and a relief for the back.. Highly recommend!

Atharva Pandey



It was the first ever mattress I purchased. I strongly recommend it for anyone aspires for the mattress. Thumbs up.

Venkat Madhav


 Worthy and comfortable product

"This is very nice and comfortable product you can ever get.. Very much recommended to get this This can get you some quality sleep and can help you if you have back pains or anything like that So 200% recommended if you are looking for one"



Value for money


Venkateshwar Sahu


Comfortable and awesome product!!

Very comfortable and peaceful sleep. Thank you the sleep company

Shibani Mehta



Love It More And More After 4 Months

I wanted to use our Sleep company mattress for 3-4 months before putting this review. We couldn’t be happier with our choice – initially did have some hesitation as this was something very different and never heard of

From the day 1 , we fell in love with it – it looks amazing. We have been sleeping like a baby and it just feels perfect – as they said on their website – it does help weight distribution. We wake up so fresh and dont feel the tiredness as earlier. Dont think twice – just go and try the mattress.



 Don't think, just go ahead

"Amazing product. Very comfortable mattress. Have been using it for about two months and my quality of sleep has improved tremendously. Totally worth every penny. One person found this helpful"

S K Mallik



Go for it if you can afford. It’s worth.Helps in pain relief.




it is very comfortable. we are using it for more than a month.

shrey kumar


Comfortable while sleeping

Good quality matress, helped in pain relief

Meenakshi Rathod



Really appreciate the service and the product. Very comfortable and genuine advise by the team given in terms of selecting mattress



Good quality

Good quality n comfort with new technology



Value product


Sudheer Gangwar


Very impressive product

Multiple products tried but it suits me and there is no back pain after using this product

Krunal Patel


I absolutely loved this mattress! I’ve got back problems and wake up in a lot of pain every morning, after sleeping on this mattress I’ve noticed I haven’t been hurting when I wake up anymore. It’s the perfect balance of soft and firm and it feels like it forms to your body when you lay down. I sleep on my side and I feel like it molds to my contours in order to give me full support. I recommend this to everyone who wants a great night’s sleep.



 Satisfied with quality

I have been used for a month...found to be nice product....



 Good buy

It's good to sleep

Chaitanya krishna Vallakavi


Bed was so comfy and Soft

The bed was soo good... We can't observe immediately how it will reduce the body or back pains. Especially for aged persons it will take some time to adjust their positions on this bed. Bottom line is bed was so soft and cushion and feels comfortable. Note: we must have the waterproof bed cover separately to protect mattress against water spills. None of them told me regarding warranty for this kind of issues.

In The Media


"Asia's First SmartGRID Mattress.
Truly the next generation
of sleep."


"You will not find a bigger
game-changer in sleep
science than The Sleep Company."


"The SmartGRID mattress is
an excellent investment.
Just go for it."


"The Sleep company has successfully raised capital in a pre-series funding round led by Fireside Ventures."


"The Sleep Company, with a strong focus on providing products to help upgrade the quality of sleep, has grown 10-fold in revenue post-covid"


"The Sleep Company, has become one of the prominent players in India’s “Sleep Tech” Market."

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SmartGRID vs Memory Foam

Cool Sleep

It has more than 2500 air channels for air circulation to keep you cool.

Relieves Pain Points

Intelligently designed SmartGRID is soft at hips and shoulders while being firm at back.

No Sagging

With ultra-elastic material, SmartGRID promises not to sag for a long long time!

Hot Sleep

Memory foam retains the body heat & hence it starts to get very hot over time.

Collapses Over Time

Memory foam completely collapses under body weight and has a similar feel across body parts.

Break Down

Memory foam, even if stretched a little bit, will break. Test it yourself!

Sleep smart with SmartGRID Mattress

Confused – which mattress to buy? There are so many types of mattresses available in the market for you to choose from – soft or hard mattresses? memory foam or spring mattresses? Orthopedic mattresses or Luxury mattresses? We understand buying a new mattress online is not an easy task. If you think about it, you don’t really buy a mattress, you buy the promise of a BETTER SLEEP or BETTER HEALTH. It is not just a traditional mattress but specially designed to adapt your body type and sleeping position.. When your priority is to find the right online mattress, opting for the best mattress brand in India becomes your first step.
So which one is the Best Mattress brand out there? There is ONLY one type of sleep technology that, even scientists believe, outdoes the rest – SmartGRID Technology. So what is SmartGRID ? What is it made of? It all began, when Dr. Tripathi (ex-polymer head from India DRDO) started researching with thousands of materials to help solve the problems that normal mattresses create that prevent great sleep, and allowed SCIENCE to help us sleep better. Hence after millions of trials was born SmartGRID – It is a comfort layer made from hyper-elastic polymer which is designed in the form of a grid structure that allows the walls of the grid to buckle down on body curvatures (like the hips, shoulders given the smaller surface area). Hence, it provides mind-blowing comfort while the walls will withstand the pressure under bigger body parts like the spine. So you sleep all night every night.
You can buy mattress online from our range of SmartGRID Ortho mattress which is the best mattress brand in India actually helping thousands of customers helping get rid of back pain problems or SmartGRID Luxe Mattress which is a soft mattress – the most comfortable sleep you will ever experience! Our mattresses come in all sizes be it a Queen size mattress or a King size mattress or even a Custom size for your specially designed bed.

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