Technology Used In The Sleep Company Mattress

Technology Used In The Sleep Company Mattress

What is the technology in The Sleep Company mattress? Here is the answer to your most pertinent question

In the last decade, everything and everyone started to become smart. Smart gadgets, smart technology, smart people! While everything was going in the same direction, how could the mattress industry remain behind?

Thus, recently invented The Sleep Company introduced Smart mattresses for people who are looking for the best mattresses to improve their sleep quality and live a healthy life. However, many remain confused over the technology used in the Sleep Company’s mattress as it was unheard of.

Therefore, this article has covered every detail of the technology used in the Sleep Company’s mattress.

What does SmartGRID technology consist of?

The Sleep Company’s mattresses are India’s first and only SmartGRID-technology mattresses. The SmartGRID technology layer is in the upper layer of the mattress. It is a hyper-elastic polymer, which is far better and different from memory foam, latex, or spring mattresses. The food grade and hypoallergenic quality of SmartGRID make it suitable for everyone.

Contrary to any sleeping posture, the grid-like texture of the mattress allows it to cinch down beneath body contours like the hips and shoulders while offering enough cushioning and support to prevent strain on the joints.

Its 2500 air passages provide sufficient airflow, cooling, and dehumidification to keep you from sweating. Let’s dive deep into the detailed features and benefits you get from SmartGRID mattresses.

Features SmartGRID Technology

Hyper elastic polymer

SmartGRID layer is the latest invention in the mattress industry, which is actually a hyper-elastic polymer and Smart sleep technology’s perfect blend.

Its hyper-elastic tendency makes the mattress flexible enough to buckle under weight and return to its actual form as weight lifts off.

Food-grade quality

The material used in the SmartGRID technology layer is a high-quality material, and after rigorous testing and research, it has been introduced to the world by scientists. Though it’s a rubber-like material, the SmartGRID mattress is as harmless as a newborn due to its food-grade quality. Its complete food-grade quality doesn’t harm its users or cause allergies.


Though the hyper-elasticity of polymer makes it buckle under your body weight, it remains firm underparts that require support rather than cradling. Its enough thickness keeps it firm beneath body parts like the lower back, which helps the spine in that part remain straight and lowers back pain.


One of the best features of SmartGRID technology is its comfortability. Its hyper-elastic polymer buckles under the smaller body parts like hips and shoulders and cradles them, further reducing the increasing pressure on them. It cushions body parts unlike any other material and maintains the alignment of the spine.

Air circulation

As mentioned in its name SmartGRID, the material is designed in a grid texture, creating a smaller box-like structure that maintains a gap between each pillar of polymer. It creates air channels that circulate air between the mattress and the person sleeping on it.

Motion isolation

The grid structure of SmartGRID mattresses makes it possible to isolate motions to zero. When multiple people sleep on a SmartGRID mattress, and one makes a move, its grid pattern and thickness make it possible that only part beneath the person moving buckles, moves, or shakes. However, the other part remains firm and with zero motion allowing the other person to sleep without being disturbed.


When it comes to the life of SmartGRID technology products or mattresses, it never fails to satisfy users’ needs as long as possible. The material’s super flexibility prevents it from sagging for longer, making it more durable and usable for years, even after the warranty period is over.

Benefits of SmartGRID Technology

With its best features and the hard work of scientists, the SmartGRID mattress lives up to its users’ expectations by providing them with many benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

Comfort and Support

The primary and very much significant benefit that the SmartGRID mattress gives is a double jackpot of comfort and support. Its hyper-elasticity and flexibility make it convenient to use in any sleeping position as it buckles underneath body parts that weigh more than some lighter body parts.

Our spine is in a curved shape and requires good material that will take its form and provide just as much support and comfort as it requires no less. And SmartGRID mattresses do precisely the same for it.

It buckles underneath body parts like hips and shoulders while remaining firm under the lumbar region, which is straighter and planer. It further benefits in reducing back pains, and shoulder, neck, and hip pressure points.

Maintains body temp

Thanks to the grid pattern, SmartGRID mattresses create more than 2500 air channels between the user’s body and the upper layer of the mattress. Since, at the time of sleeping, our body temperature lowers so that our brain can focus on its other works, these air channels prevent our body from getting heated and maintain body temperature at the correct level. Also, these air channels let the skin breathe naturally, further preventing sweating which helps users sleep the whole night peacefully and wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

Isolates motion

Motion isolation or zero movement effect is another advantage of SmartGRID technology layered mattresses. Its grid pattern and thickness make it feasible that even in one part, a person is moving, turning, or tossing; in another part, another person can sleep like a log without a single motion disturbance. This benefit makes SmartGRID mattresses ideal for families who sleep together or with their pets.

No allergies

Due to the usage of food-grade material in SmartGRID mattresses, users remain aloof from any kind of allergies, rashes, or health issues like respiratory diseases, skin problems, acne, and abnormal aging signs. Therefore, SmartGRID mattresses fit anyone, such as pregnant ladies, infants, allergy-prone people, or someone with respiratory issues.

Low maintenance

Unlike other mattresses, SmartGRID mattresses don’t need to flip over now and then or air out frequently, making them low maintenance and saving people’s efforts to air or turn them over all the time.

No sagging

Last but not least, it doesn’t sag or wear out in corners even after years of usage. Thus, it works longer than any other mattresses and gives users company like a faithful sleep companion.

Bottom Line:

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your forever sleep companion from the Sleep Company and achieve a goal of better sleep quality and perfectly healthy life.

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