Pillows that Started the Comfort Revolution!

Designed with Patented SmartGRID Technology, it offers
adaptive comfort and optimal support for your head & neck.

Relieves Neck & Shoulder Pain
Sleep Cooler with 1000+ Air Channels
Improves Deep Sleep by 40%



Luxurious comfort & neck support

Patented SmartGRID Technology

Neck Pain Relief

Soft Cushioning support for Cloud-like comfort

1000+ air channels for cooler sleep

Hypoallergenic & non-toxic


Dual comfort of SmartGRID & 100% Natural Latex

Patented SmartGRID Technology

100% Natural Certified Latex

1000+ Air Channels

Adaptive Comfort & Support for head & neck


Micro Chamber Viscose Quilted Fabric


Easy Adjustable thickness with zipper

Super soft virgin micro-fiber filling

Breathable & Maintains Temperature

Luxury soft support



India's Coolest Pillow!

SnowTec cooling fabric

Buttery soft virgin microfiber filling

Easy adjustable thickness with Dual Tone Zipper



The Smartest Orthopedic Pillow

Patented SmartGRID Technology

Complete head, neck and shoulder support

Contours neck and shoulder for pain relief

1000+ air channels for cool comfort.



Expert-engineered 8-Shaped Pillow for Orthopedic Support

Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology

Unique hollow design for enhanced support & Comfort

Relieve Stress & Tension

Perfect for Hybrid Sleeping Style


Crafted For Pain Relief

3D Shiatsu massage

Built-in heat therapy

Targeted neck pain relief and muscle relaxation

Customizable massage intensity

Rechargeable battery

Portable, light-weight & hands-free


Unparalleled comfort, through and beyond pregnancy!

Relieves Pressure on Bump & Back

360° Body Support

Multifunctional Usage

Hypoallergenic & Easily Washable cover



Best pillows and cushions online at the sleep company

Pillows are essential parts of bedding sets to provide extra comfort and support to the head, shoulder, and neck bend. It is not enough to buy a mattress online; you also need the best pillows online that give cushioned comfort and support to your neck, head, and shoulders. After extensive study and testing, the Sleep Company designed the smartest pillows with the greatest features. The Sleep Company didn’t stop there; they recognized the significance of back and seat cushions and developed the smartest cushions to provide extra support and comfort while sitting.

Types of pillows online at the sleep company

The Sleep company designed the best range of pillows that offers you ultimate comfort and support that let you sleep without compromising your health.

Smart Adjustable Plush Pillow

The pillow is made with premium 100% Virgin microfiber cotton that gives you a cloud-like soft feeling. You can adjust the pillow thickness as per your wish with a zipper for the best effect.

Smart Hybrid Pillow

The Smart Hybrid Pillow has a smart grid technology layer that helps you relieve head pressure and stress and provides super cloud-like comfort.

Snowtec Adjustable Plush Pillow

SnowTec Adjustable Pillow provides instant cool to touch sensation and helps you sleep 4 to 6 degrees cooler & deeper. You can further adjust the level of comfort with a simple zip-in and zip-out function.

Smart Cervical Pillow

The Smart Cervical pillow from the Sleep Company is one of its kind and designed uniquely to support your head, neck and shoulder.

Which is the best pillow for neck pain?

Waking up with neck pain is a nightmare for everyone. There are several reasons you suffer from neck pain; one is the wrong sleeping position or sleeping without proper head and neck support. If you want the best pillow online for neck pain, then the Sleep Company’s Smart Cervical pillow is the best option. These pillows cradle your neck and maintain your head neutral, relieving it from stress.

Types of cushions designed at the Sleep Company

The Sleep Company’s smart cushions are the ultimate comfort and support provider while you are working or sitting for too long. We design two cushions with distinctive usage features.

Smart Seat Cushion

The Smart Seat Cushion has been scientifically designed to keep your spine straight for maximum comfort and support. It keeps you comfortable throughout long periods of sitting and lets you sit without pain or strain on your tush and spine.

SmartGRID Back Cushion

Our back cushion incorporates our patented Japanese-sourced SmartGRID technology, relieves pressure spots, allows airflow, and provides enhanced posture support for your back.

Benefits of buying pillows and cushions online from the sleep company

There are several benefits of buying pillows and cushions online from the Sleep Company.

  • It has the best quality material
  • It’s Durable
  • It’s Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • It provides adequate support and comfort