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Buy King Size Mattress Online

According to research, you spend a third of your time in bed. That is undoubtedly a significant statistic. The quality of your sleep will also depend on the mattress you use. It goes without saying that getting a good night’s sleep is necessary for productivity. The incorrect mattress can cause persistent orthopedic issues like back pain. Given the information above, it only makes sense to spend time and money on something that might potentially have an impact on your health.

The primary concern when you buy mattress is its size. According to sleep experts, a king-size mattress is an excellent option for any individual or family. These King Size mattress function well in any given big, spacious room. To satisfy every customer’s expectations, The Sleep Company offers a large selection of comfortable and long-lasting king-sized mattresses that match all bed sizes, price ranges, and firmness levels.

Advantages of buying king size mattress online


King-size mattress are the best option when it comes to space. They are spacious and give enough area to sleep comfortably without a fear of falling from the bed or being cramped up all night due to lack of space.

  • Good for families

    King-size mattress are comfortable for an individual or two people. And if you have children and pets sleeping by your side, it provides enough space to spend quality time with your loved ones and make them feel secure during bad dream sessions.

  • Movement freedom

    Sleeping on a top quality king-size mattress is more advantageous for you if you struggle to sleep at night due to health issues and are prone to change sides and positions often. People with arthritis or other orthopedic issues have more advantages on best quality king-size mattress than other mattresses due to the space it provides to sleep in any position.

  • Suitable for spacious bedrooms

    Another added advantage of top quality king-size mattresses is that they fit well with the spacious bedroom decor. It complements the interior by occupying enough space and not making your bedroom look like an empty shell.

Why should you buy a king size mattress online from the Sleep Company?

The benefits of buying king size mattress online from the Sleep Company

1. SmartGRID technology

The most noteworthy advantage of buy a king-size mattress online from the Sleep Company is its technology. The Sleep Company uses a patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer, a hyper-elastic polymer.

Due to the material’s hypoallergenic, food-grade quality, the Sleep Company’s SmartGRID king size mattress is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women and infants.

2. Comfort and Support

The hyper-elastic polymer used in SmartGRID mattresses provides enough support by being SOFT under smaller body parts like the hips and shoulders to provide optimum hotel-like comfort and FIRM under more significant body parts like the back to maintain the spine straight.

3. 2500 Air channels

The SmartGRID mattresses have more than 2500 air channels, which generate enough airflow to keep your body cool all night. A layer of high-quality cotton threads is added to the beds to stop the mattresses from absorbing body heat.

4. Variety of mattresses based on firmness

The Sleep Company is aware of how crucial restful sleep is and that each person has different needs regarding online mattress firmness. Therefore, the Sleep Company has launched various king-size mattresses online according to their firmness.

Available mattress types

5. Varied sizes

The Sleep Company has launched different sizes within king-size mattresses to fit everyone based on their height, body type and the number of sleepers.

The size chart

72″ * 72″

75″ * 72″

78″ * 72″

84″ * 72″

84″ * 78″

Frequently Asked Questions

    The most common materials used in King-size mattresses are foam, latex, spring and coir. Different materials will influence the firmness and comfort offered by the mattress.

    According to the basic measurements, the ideal size of a King-size mattress is usually 72 inches wide and 72-78 inches long depending on the seller.

    No, King-size is not the same as the double bed. King-size beds are more spacious than double beds making them an excellent choice for when you have to share the bed.

    A king-size bed is basically 5ft and a super king-size mattress is 6ft.

    The cost of a good King-size mattress would range between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000.

    The following are the benefits of a King-size mattress:

    • Spacious enough to sleep
    • Good for families
    • Allows movement freedom
    • Suitable for a spacious bedroom
    • Eliminates motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep.

    The ideal weight capacity refers to how much body weight a mattress can manage without the risk of sagging but generally, a mattress can support 200-250 pounds of weight on each side.