Soft, Medium or Firm Mattress (2024), Which is Best For You?

Soft, Medium or Firm Mattress (2024), Which is Best For You?

Firm or soft mattress

The difference in the firmness levels of mattresses is a massive factor for many people. There are many different opinions on which firmness level is better for you. This choice is influenced by a number of factors, including your sleeping posture, bed size, body type, and even the environment where you reside.

The firmness level is one of the most important factors when buying a mattress online or offline. It can make or break your sleep experience. In this article, we’ll look at the distinctions between a soft, medium, and firm mattress so you can decide which is ideal for you.

Firmness scale for mattresses

The hardness of the mattress is also crucial for obtaining enough sleep without experiencing physical discomfort or other health difficulties. The feel and compression of a mattress define whether it is firm or soft. Mattresses are categorized on a standard scale of 1 to 10 with increasing firmness, which nearly all mattress brands in India adhere to. On a scale of 1 to 10,

Mattress Firmness Scale

  • Extra soft mattress is ranged between 1-2
  • Soft mattress is ranged between 3-4
  • A medium-firm mattress is ranged between 5-6
  • A firm mattress is ranged between 7-8
  • An extra Firm mattress is ranged between 9-10

Soft Mattress

Soft Mattress

What’s a soft mattress?

A soft mattress is one that is more comfy and fluffier to sleep on. On a scale of 1 to 10, soft mattresses vary from 1 to 4, with 1 being very soft and 4 being soft-density mattresses.

A soft mattress is one that has less density and weight than a firm mattress. Because soft mattresses compress when pressure is applied, most sleepers will feel a significant sinking experience on these mattresses. They are also designed and built of more delicate materials than firmer mattresses.

Who should use a soft mattress?

Though everyone loves to sleep on soft mattresses, for some people, they are just perfect. Let’s take a look at for whom soft mattresses are best for.

1. Side sleepers

Anyone who sleeps on their side puts a lot of pressure on their neck and shoulders. As a result, side sleepers require a soft resting surface to relieve tension in these areas. Softer mattresses provide cushioning comfort to sensitive and narrower body areas, eliminating muscular strain and joint discomfort.

Side sleepers who sleep on firm beds may have difficulty getting comfortable and may feel stiff neck and back discomfort, shoulder pain, and headaches. Furthermore, their spine may arch upwards, creating an abnormal posture that renders back pain. Side sleepers should select a soft mattress to achieve the best sleep. Mattress firmness for side sleepers should be between extra soft and soft.

2. Lightweight sleepers

For persons who are lightweight, a soft mattress is advised. A light person should be able to sleep comfortably on a soft mattress. These light sleepers will feel more significant compression from a soft mattress without causing the bed to sink or sag and enjoy better support than is required for body alignment.

It’s because softer mattresses for lightweight sleepers are more receptive and also provide excellent shaping when positioned under minimal weight. A firm mattress providing extra support may be too rigid for a lightweight sleeper and, therefore, will not be comfortable.

3. People who have chronic problems

The hardness of a firm mattress can sometimes cause pressure to build up in your hips, shoulders, and lower back. Individuals who are suffering from persistent back pain might choose a soft mattress. It provides comfort to the spine and reduces strain on the body.

While it is not a cure, it really does assist in alleviating pain and suffering. A soft mattress also lowers the likelihood of developing pressure ulcers. One of the most significant factors to take into account when purchasing a mattress is comfort. The soft mattress should give adequate support for your body while also being comfortable to rest on.

People prefer soft mattresses because they are more luxurious and comfortable. However, these mattresses do have a few advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for some people.

Benefits of soft mattresses

One of the perks of buying a soft mattress is that it provides excellent cushioning comfort. The fluffier and low-density texture of the soft mattress keeps you comfortable without any hardness.

The softness further helps create no pressure zone for narrower body parts like the neck, shoulder, and hips, reducing stiffness and pain. 

Another benefit of a soft mattress is that it provides a cozy and warmer surface to sleep. The sinkage of the mattress cradles the body, which creates a warmer feeling that protects the sleeper from cold to some extent.

Drawbacks of a soft mattress

The major downside of the soft mattress is that it easily sags and sinks. Thus, making it becomes useless for heavyweight sleepers. Soft mattresses fail to provide support to heavyweight sleepers like firm mattresses; therefore, it’s better to use firm mattresses for heavyweight individuals.

Another drawback of a soft mattress is that it gets compressed under body weight and further fails to provide proper support to the spinal curve. Back sleepers find it hard to sleep on soft mattresses as they feel pressure on their lower back, further enhancing back pain.Also, stomach sleepers find it hard to breathe due to excessive sinking in soft mattresses.

Soft mattresses available at the Sleep Company

The Sleep Company manufactures the best mattresses in India using the SmartGRID technology layer. Their Smart luxe mattress and Smart luxe hybrid mattress are the best soft mattresses available in India. While the Smart Lux mattress is a soft mattress, the Smart Luxe Hybrid mattress is extra soft for a more luxurious and hotel-like feeling.

Medium Mattress

Medium Mattress

What’s a medium mattress?

A medium-firm mattress is a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. It is the perfect balance of comfort and support. Medium mattress scores 5 to 6.5 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10.

These mattresses have medium density and compression, which make them softer like soft mattresses, and they can respond quickly to pressure like firm mattresses.

Who should use a medium mattress?

Medium firm mattresses are most popular amongst people as they serve the best of both worlds; that is, comfort like a soft mattress and support like a firm mattress. However, just like soft mattresses, medium-firm mattresses also suit some people better than others. Let’s take a look at for whom medium mattress is best for.

1. Combination position

Combination sleepers frequently alter positions during the night; thus, they require a firmness that keeps the spine stable and stress spots softened while lying on their side or back. A medium mattress’s comfort and resilience make it suitable for people who constantly vary their sleeping sides.

Side sleepers also benefit from medium-firm mattresses since they enjoy the softness and comfort of soft beds. Pressure spots on the neck, hips, and shoulders bear the body’s weight while sleeping on the side. Thus, side sleepers prefer medium-firm mattresses over firm ones since they give a suitable amount of firmness to keep the hips and shoulders lifted and cushioned.

2.Average-weight or lightweight people

Medium firm mattresses do not over-sink under pressure like soft mattresses or remain completely sturdy like firm mattresses, making them the best option for average-weight people. Also, lightweight people find medium-firm beds suitable for sleeping because of their optimal sinking and sturdiness.

However, heavy-weight people still find medium-firm mattresses sinking under their weight because of their medium-compressive features.

3. Couples

Couples find medium-firm mattresses more comfortable as they accommodate maximum sleeping positions. For example, if one partner is sleeping on the side, the other might rest on the stomach.

Since couples might not sleep or move in the same positions while sleeping, medium-firm mattresses remain neutral. The motion neutralization of these mattress types is better for couples.

Benefits of medium-firm mattresses

Plus point of a medium-firm mattress is that it’s suitable for almost every sleeping position. The hardness of the mattress suits side sleepers and combination sleepers since it does not sink or remain overly firm. The optimal density of the mattress also makes it comfortable for more than two people who sleep in different positions.

Another benefit of medium-firm mattresses is that they provide comfort and support, simultaneously fulfilling the terms of soft and firm mattresses. Also, its sturdiness makes it suitable for average-weight people as they do not overly sink in the bed nor remain uprooted.

Drawbacks of a medium mattress

Medium-firm mattresses, like soft mattresses, have a sinking tendency, which is why medium-firm beds are not ideal for heavier persons.

Another drawback of medium-firm mattresses is that if a person has excessive back pain, then the sinking feature might cause more problems for spinal alignment and enhance back pain.

Medium mattresses available at the Sleep Company

The Smart Ortho mattress and Smart Ortho Hybrid mattress of the Sleep Company are the best medium-firm mattresses. While the Smart Ortho mattress is firmer than Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress, both fall under the range of medium-firm mattresses on a scale of 1 to 10.

If you are looking to buy an orthopedic mattress, then the Sleep Company’s Smart Ortho mattress range is the best solution.

Firm Mattress

Firm Mattress

What’s a firm mattress?

A firm mattress offers a firmer feel, less fluff, and a level resting surface with little to no sagging. On a range of 1 to 10, a firm mattress is generally scored between 7 and 10.

These mattresses are denser than other mattresses and have the lowest compression. Also, the lesser or no suspension makes firm mattresses sturdier and more supportive than soft mattresses.

Who should use a firm mattress?

Firm mattresses have harder surfaces compared to soft or medium firm mattresses. Let’s look at whom firm mattresses are suitable for:

1. Back sleepers

Back sleepers require a more sturdy and plain surface to support their spinal alignment. Also, they need their body weight to be evenly distributed to reduce the brunt of the strain from all body parts. A firm mattress also raises and supports the lumbar region reducing lower back pain.

2. Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers also benefit from firm mattresses rather than soft or medium firm ones as they don’t sink and prevent sleepers from being uncomfortable breathing. Also, when lying on the stomach, the curvature of the spine is usually increased, exerting tension on the back and neck. Everyone who sleeps on their stomachs requires a firm mattress to keep their hips elevated and their spine in shape. So when the spine is in a normal position, tension is released, and muscles relax.

.3. Heavyweight sleepers

Due to sinkage, heavy sleepers or heavyweight sleepers find it challenging to sleep on soft or medium-firm beds. Less dense mattresses often collapse under heavy weight, causing them to feel trapped and restricting movement and circulation. A firmer mattress for heavier sleepers will prevent sinking, maintain the body upright and aligned with the shoulders, and allow the airways to open more freely

Benefits of firm mattresses

The most significant benefit of a firm mattress is that its solid surface keeps the sleeper on the bed, which reduces overheating caused due to cradling. Also, blood circulation can slow down while sleeping and cause body pain if the body is restricted from free movement. But a Firm mattress allows free movements on harder surfaces and further continuing normal blood circulation.

Another advantage of a firm mattress is that it doesn’t sink under pressure allowing heavy-weight people to sleep comfortably by providing more support.

Drawbacks of a firm mattress

Firm mattresses are unsuitable for side sleepers as they can cause strain on the neck, hips, and shoulders. Also, slight sinking causes the spine to curve abnormally on firm mattresses.

Another down point of a firm mattress is that it’s not suitable for lightweight sleepers or people who get cold quickly. The solid surface of a firm mattress does not compress under a light body and keeps it upright, providing zero comfort and causing body aches.

Firm mattresses available at the Sleep Company

The best firm mattress at the Sleep Company is the Smart Ortho Pro mattress. It scales between 8 to 10 in the range of 1 to 10 and provides the best advanced orthopedic support to people with chronic back pain.

How to determine which mattress firmness is better for an individual?

Mattress Firmness

Many need clarifications about whether it is better to sleep on hard or soft mattresses. However, it’s entirely based on each individual and their personal preferences. Here are some considerations to help you decide which bed is best for you.

Comfort preference

Personal comfort preferences make it impossible for everyone to enjoy the same product. As a result, defining the comfort level is critical, and you may base it on your present mattress experience.

Body weight

Individuals can determine their degree of comfort based on their weight and size. Many heavy individuals are unable to sleep on a soft mattress since it dips too much beneath their weight, whereas lighter persons find a firm mattress inconvenient.

Body heat

Sleep requires a lower body temperature, and a higher or hotter body temperature considerably impairs your sleep. The mattress we sleep on has a significant influence on our body heat, so it’s crucial to pick one that helps you keep your body temperature at a comfortable level.

Sleep position

Every person sleeps in a position that is most convenient for them. Some people enjoy sleeping on their backs or stomachs, while others prefer sleeping on their sides or like to move positions regularly. As a result, purchasing a mattress online that fits your sleeping posture is essential. Back sleepers benefit from a firm mattress to support their spine, while side sleepers prefer a soft mattress.

Sleeping alone or with a companion

Another element that influences whether you sleep alone or with a partner is whether you sleep alone or with a companion. When there is constant activity around you while sleeping, it gets unpleasant. In this scenario, soft mattresses help you feel no or little motions, whereas hard mattresses make you feel every movement around you.


Choosing the best mattress for your requirements might be challenging at times. It will be easy to trim your selections if you consider your body form and sleeping styles. After you’ve determined the ideal firmness, you may look for a mattress in that category.

Also, ensure that you put the mattress to the trial for a prolonged amount of time. Most mattress brands in India will provide a free sleep trial during which you can evaluate the mattress in the familiar setting of your own home.

Finally, you should consider not only your wishes but also your requirements, and with a bit of homework, it’s not difficult to get the best mattress online or offline for your well-deserved sleep.

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