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  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Mattress

10 years warranty

Firmness Score 5

100 nights trial

No cost EMI



8000+ reviews

Smart Luxe Mattress

Meet the Luxurious Comfort Genie

Extra Cushioning with Softer Feel

10 years warranty

Firmness Score 5

100 nights trial

No cost EMI

The Luxe Mattress has an extra plush layer called LuxioTec which enhances its core cushioning and gives a cloud-like sleeping experience. The 2” SmartGRID Layer cradles pressure points and facilitates more breathability with its 2500+ Air channels.


  • Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology
  • 2500+ Air Channels
  • LuxioTec Comfort
  • Firmness Score 5, Plush Soft
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₹24,900 (35% OFF)

Why Choose Luxe?

Sleeping has never been this luxurious! It’s soft, It’s Plushy, It’s Cozy, It’s Comfy. Smart Luxe is the perfect comfort companion for those who crave a cozy soft mattress feel.

Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology

Designed with Advanced Patented Japanese Technology, SmartGRID is made up of Hyper-Elastic polymer which is soft where you need comfort and firm where you need support, so the best of both worlds. It is not a Memory Foam or coir; it is the biggest comfort technology developed by DRDO scientists keeping sleep science in mind.

2500+ Air Channels

2500+ Air Channels aid easy air circulation and promote deeper, cooler, & comfier sleep every night. The open grid structure facilitates maximum breathability and regulates your core body temperature throughout the night.

LuxioTec Comfort Layer

It’s got a snug softness that hugs your body and adapts to it. LuxioTec Comfort layer is designed to give your body that instant snuggle feeling which helps you to fall asleep faster. The luxurious cushy surface of the layer gives you the feeling of floating and weightlessness. It’s like you’re nearly sleeping on air.

No Pressure Support

The gentle cushioning of Luxe’s layers provides softness for luxury comfort and no pressure support by intelligently adapting to all body shapes. It provides better body posture support and pressure relief as soon as you lie down.

Feather Touch Cotton Viscose Cover

Beyond its luxurious looks, the cotton viscose cover feels soft & plushy, just like a feather's touch. Made with eco-friendly hypoallergenic material it provides anti-allergy benefits, prevents dust mites, and keeps the mattress clean and fresh in all seasons.

What's Under the Covers?

What's Under the Covers?

The smartest Sleep Technology ever invented! Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology that beats any other mattress type in the industry boasting features like posture support, motion isolation and more that you cannot compare with any other mattress out there!

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Your search for the best mattress in India ends here with the SmartGRID Mattress. Our Smart Luxe mattress is the epitome of luxury and popularity in its segment. With its quilted viscous cover, it offers unparalleled comfort that is highly desirable.

If you want to buy mattress online then you must look for our Luxe Mattress which is soft mattress with plush feeling made with innovative Smart GRIDs that provide utmost comfort by intelligently adapting to all body shapes. This luxury mattress online provides relief at all pressure points for a good night sleep. The quilted viscous top cover and the premium build quality provides you unparalled luxurious experience.

Your query for best mattress brand in India ends here with our World’s Most Advanced Technology for your sleep – the only mattress online in India that intelligently adapts to your body shape. The Sleep Company has the Best King Size Mattress Online and Best Queen Size Mattress Online.

If you're wondering about the mattress size guide, we have you covered. Choosing the right mattress size is crucial for a comfortable and fitting sleep surface. We offer the following standard mattress size guide.

The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

    The base layers are made from high-density foam in 32-density. The top layer is the magical layer made from our patented SmartGRID technology, which is the most advanced technology to give you enhanced sleep quality with mind-blowing comfort.

    SmartGRID mattress is made with the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer, a hyper-elastic polymer that provides softness where you need comfort and firmness where you need support – the best of both worlds.

    No, since only the top side is beneficial since it is made with a SmartGRID technology layer, you can't use both sides.

    Yes, it is appropriate for pregnant women since it includes a SmartGRID technology layer that gives increased comfort and a luxurious feel, as well as 2500 air channels for air circulation and a premium cotton Viscose cover that is soft and cool to the touch.

    No, the top cover is not washable or removable. However, we always recommend simple wipe the covers or cleaning with a mild detergent if something spills.

    The SmartGRID mattress works well with any foundation due to its multiple-layered structure.

    Yes, The SmartGRID mattress has soft transitional foam in the middle layer, enhancing the re-bounce and giving you a hotel-like, luxurious feeling all night.

    Yes, you can use the SmartGRID Luxe Mattress on the floor. However, we recommend using a suitable bed or frame to increase the life of SmartGRID mattresses.