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Other than eating right and exercising, getting a sufficient amount of sleep is equally important to stay healthy. As we are always on the go, catching a good night’s sleep has become difficult with the increased screen time and many other such reasons.

To function well, sleep is extremely important for restoring and rejuvenating our bodies and minds. However, we may not be able to do this for various internal and external reasons, such as back and muscle pain, disturbed sleep cycles, an uncomfortable mattress or any sleep-related illness. If you are someone suffering from excruciating body and joint pain, then buying a new orthopedic bed mattress can be the answer to all your problems.

What is an Orthopedic mattress?

In simple words, an orthopedic mattress is designed in a specific way that gives maximum support and comfort to your joints, back and overall body. It corrects the posture and ensures your spine is in the best position when you sleep. An orthopedic mattress has a firmer feel while still providing you with comfort and cosiness.

Why should you buy an Orthopedic mattress?

First and foremost, you may think that an orthopedic mattress is not for everyone. Well this is just a myth, an ortho bed mattress is not only beneficial for those with existing back and joint pain, but it is equally beneficial to prevent any issues that are in its initial stage. Therefore, no matter what, sleeping on a comfortable and supportive mattress is essentially important for everyone. Here are some reasons why you should invest in an orthopedic mattress:

  • You often wake up feeling stiff and sore.
  • You are heavier in weight.
  • You are recovering from an injury
  • You are experiencing back and joint pain.

Your next step is to buy orthopedic mattress and that is when The Sleep Company’s Smart Orthopedic mattress comes into the picture. Orthopedic mattresses at The Sleep Company are not just any foam, latex or spring mattress but are made with a Patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer, a hyper-elastic polymer with high-grade quality material. It is specifically designed specifically to support your back and spine and provide optimum postural support.

Things to consider before buying an Orthopedic mattress

The following are the things you need to consider before buying mattress for Back pain:

  • Budget: You might have often heard about the myth that buying an orthopedic mattress for back pain can be really expensive. An orthopedic mattress for back pain is quite affordable but the price will vary depending on the type of mattress you buy, so determining a specific budget before buying is crucial.
  • Size/Types: To buy ortho mattress online, choose the right size of the mattress according to your height, body and health conditions. The Sleep Company has 3 different types of best ortho mattress to suit your preference.
  • Comfort level: Each mattress provides different comfort and with The Sleep Company’s 100 nights trial you can take your own time to decide if the mattress is a perfect fit for you or not!
  • Look for reviews: Before buying a mattress online try reading reviews as they will help you to decide on the perfect mattress for you.

Advantages of buying an Orthopedic mattress online

  • Firmness: The Sleep Company’s Orthopedic mattresses provide adequate firmness that gives you enough support to your body parts.
  • Solves orthopedic problems: The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID orthopedic mattresses alleviate chronic body pains and are an excellent option for those with osteoarthritis and other medical conditions that cause joint comfort.
  • Spinal alignment: Orthopedic mattresses help you maintain body posture and spinal alignment. It is because the mattress relieves the pressure points by adjusting to the body’s contour and the spine’s curve.
  • Support: The orthopedic mattresses are intended solely to provide your joints, back and neck. It helps eliminate health issues, including body pains and sleeping discomforts, with firm support for all body parts.

Sleep Smart with SmartGRID Mattress

At the Sleep Company, Orthopedic mattresses come in different sizes to fit all types of customers based on their height, body type, and the number of sleepers. Single, Queen, and King size orthopedic mattresses are made in a standard size, while for people with specific requirements, customized sizes are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

    An orthopedic mattress is specifically designed for people who suffer from back pain, joint pain or any other orthopedic conditions. It helps to provide support to your body, alleviate pressure points and maintain proper spinal alignment while you sleep. It is made with materials that are firmer and supportive than other traditional mattresses. Thats is the reason why smartgrid mattress is the best option if you are looking for a orthopedic mattress. Smartgrid mattress easily adapts your body shape and give the proper support to your back

    An orthopedic mattress differs from a regular one in several ways like support, material, design and purpose. An orthopedic mattress is typically made of materials that are denser and more supportive than a regular mattress. It evenly distributes body weight and targets specific areas of the body to help relieve pain.

    An orthopedic mattress is beneficial for people who suffer from chronic back pain, joint pain, arthritis, or any other orthopedic issues. Additionally, it is also beneficial for athletes and people with an active lifestyle who needs extra support for their muscles and joints. However, an orthopedic mattress can be used by anyone to improve their sleep and overall comfort.

    Depending on the manufacturer and intended purpose, an orthopedic mattress can be made using a variety of materials. However, The Sleep Company only uses SmartGRID technology to make all their mattresses. SmartGRID is a patented Japanese technology with a grid-like structure which gives you the feel of firmness and softness at the same time.

    Compared to a regular mattress, an orthopedic mattress is generally firmer as they are specifically designed to provide support to your back. It also helps your spine to maintain its correct alignment. However, the firmness of an orthopedic mattress differs from brand to brand and the materials they use.

    Yes, an orthopedic mattress helps to relieve back pain because it is constructed in such a way that it provides proper support and alignment to your spine. Not only that it also helps to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation caused by the pressure and promotes healing. An orthopedic mattress ensures that the body weight is distributed evenly on the mattress and no single part of the body is bearing all the weight.

    Yes, an orthopedic mattress is usually expensive compared to regular mattresses because they are made of high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide comfort and support. However, the cost of an orthopedic mattress differs from brand to brand based on the materials, and other factors. Hence, it is advisable to do proper research before buying an orthopedic mattress.

    With proper care and maintenance, an orthopedic mattress should generally last for 8 to 10 years. The durability of the mattress also depends on its built quality, the materials used and the frequency of use. However, you should replace your orthopedic mattress when it starts to sag, or you feel discomfort while sleeping.