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SnowTec Adjustable Plush Pillow

India's Coolest Pillow

The coolest way to dreamland is here. Enjoy the chilly yet refreshing sleep on our hero - SnowTec Adjustable Plush Pillow. Regulate the thickness of pillow simply by pulling the zipper, done in a blink! 

  • SnowTec cooling fabric
  • Buttery soft virgin microfiber filling
  • Easy adjustable thickness with Dual Tone Zipper
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable fabric
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₹3,300 (40% OFF)
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Snowtec Technology

SnowTec cooler technology helps you sleep 4-6 degrees cooler for deeper sleep. Its thermal conductivity provides an instant icy cool sensation that helps with a healthy and relaxing sleep. Extreme level of heat absorption, ability to absorb water vapour and air will make you always feel cooler with every use.

Adjust The Comfort Level

The adjustable zipper pillow offers personalized comfort with its adjustable firmness feature. The zipper function allows you to adjust the thickness to your desired level of softness or firmness. Zip in for a firm feel or zip out for a super soft feel .

Soft & Fluffy

The pillow is made of 100% virgin microfiber material that provides a comfortable and supportive sleep surface, cradling your head and neck in comfort with its plush and fluffy feel.


The pillow is made of high quality hypoallergenic materials, making it suitable for people with allergies and durable to withstand regular use for a long long time.

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