Waterbed Or SmartGRID Mattress? Which Is Better In Summer?

Waterbed Or SmartGRID Mattress? Which Is Better In Summer?

Is your mattress offering you the necessary support and comfort this summer?

While the sweltering heat feels too much, it is during the nighttime when we actually feel it. You try to toss and turn trying to find a comfortable sleeping position to no avail.

Perhaps you are sinking in, which makes you feel all the more sweaty. Or maybe, the mattress feels damp and hot as it retains heat and moisture. The discomfort almost feels unbearable. You wake up tired, lethargic, and irritable. We don't want this to become a norm.

Now, picking up any mattress that claims to keep you cool is not ideal. But we got you! Today, we talk about the two favorite summer mattresses, waterbed and SmartGrid. Let's see which one is right for you!


What Is A Waterbed?


What Is A Waterbed?


When we say mattress, what's the first thing that pops up in your mind? It is usually a foamy bed that feels like a fluffy cloud.

But the waterbed is different. Well, the name says it all.

A water bed is a mattress that's filled with water and encased in a sturdy frame or base. It doesn't use springs or foam for support, just water.

It was in the late 1960s and 1970s that these mattresses gained popularity for their therapeutic benefits. One of the main attractions of waterbeds was their ability to contour to the body's shape. It would hug every curve perfectly and provide the support you craved.

Even today, some people find waterbeds more comfortable than traditional mattresses, especially those with back pain or other orthopedic issues.


Waterbed Construction and Materials

While it may change from one brand to another, the main features and construction elements of the waterbeds remain the same.


1. Water Chamber:

A water chamber is a crucial part of a waterbed. This is the chamber that holds the water to provide you with the necessary support. They are usually made from durable vinyl or PVC material to withstand the weight of the water and resist punctures or leaks. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit various bed frames and sleeper preferences.


2. Wave Reduction or Motion Control:

Traditional waterbeds would create waves. So, this would lead to motion disturbances. If the mattress is shared by a couple, the other one would get easily disturbed even with slight movement. However, modern waterbeds come with wave reduction or motion control systems to curb this effect.


3. Temperature Control:

When it comes to waterbeds, maintaining the optimal temperature of the water is essential for comfort and sleep quality. Many waterbeds come with a built-in heater or cooler that allows you to adjust the temperature of the water as per your preference. Hence, keeping the water temperature at a minimum can be ideal for summer as you don't feel sweaty or hot.


4. Cover Material:

The exterior of a waterbed is known as the cover or casing. It is generally made from a durable fabric. This cover helps protect the waterbed from punctures, spills, and general wear and tear. Some covers also feature additional padding or quilting for added comfort and insulation.


5. Frame or Base:

While some waterbeds come solely with the water chamber, others are integrated into a frame or base for added support and stability.


Advantages of Waterbed

Now that you know what makes a waterbed, let’s understand its main advantages.


1. Support:

One of the main advantages of the water bed is the support. The water inside the mattress molds to the shape of your body and offers pressure point relief. Infact, it evenly distributes your weight as you lay down and can also benefit people with back pain, arthritis, or other orthopedic issues.


2. Motion Isolation:

The waterbeds you find today come with wave reduction or motion control systems that reduce motion transfer. This was an issue with the traditional mattresses. So, now waterbeds too can create a stable sleeping environment.


3. Temperature Regulation:

As aforementioned, many waterbeds come with built-in temperature control that lets you adjust the temperature of the water as per your requirements. So, this can be ideal for both hot and cold temperatures.


4. Durability:

When properly cared for, waterbeds can be durable and long-lasting. But that said, it depends on the brand and the material used.

However, regular maintenance and occasional replacement of components like heaters or covers are also necessary.


5. Hygiene:

Waterbeds can be easier to clean and maintain compared to traditional mattresses because of the smooth surface of the water chamber. They are also resistant to dust mites, allergens, and other common mattress contaminants.


Disadvantages of Waterbed

With pros come cons. So, let’s look at the disadvantages of a waterbed.


1. Maintenance Requirements:

We are not talking about the general maintenance here that's necessary to keep the beds clean. But overall, waterbeds require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity like preventing algae formation.


2. Weight and Stability:

Waterbeds can be heavy and difficult to move, particularly when filled with water. This can feel difficult during setup, moving, or rearranging furniture in the bedroom.


3. People With Motion Sickness:

The sloshing motion of the water inside the mattress, despite the wave reduction, can make the bed feel unstable. This may not be for individuals who are sensitive to movement or prone to motion sickness.


4. Potential for Leaks:

Although modern waterbeds are designed to minimize the risk of leaks, there is still a possibility of punctures or tears in the water chamber. A leak causes excessive water damage to the surrounding area. It can spoil the flooring, carpeting, furniture, etc.

Now repairs are usually possible with vinyl patch kits. But imagine finding one at night? It can be so inconvenient and time-consuming.


5. Temperature Control Challenges:

Even with temperature control, maintaining the optimal temperature of the water throughout the night may require experimentation and adjustment, and may also disturb your sleep. Now, the heater needs electricity. So, running it continuously can lead to higher energy bills.


6. Initial Cost and Accessibility:

Waterbeds can be more expensive, especially for models with advanced features such as wave reduction or temperature control. Also, in the future, finding replacement parts or accessories for waterbeds may be more challenging.


7. Noise and Vibrations:

Waterbeds produce noise or vibrations, which are noticeable. This can be a problem for light sleepers.


What Is A SmartGrid Mattress?


What Is A SmartGrid Mattress?


SmartGrid is a patented Japanese technology brought to you by the DRDO scientists. It doesn't use memory foam or innerspring. Instead, it is made of hyper-elastic polymer. The mattress comes with a grid structure and hugs every curvature of the sleeper.

This mattress offers softness when you need comfort and firmness when you need support. SmartGrid is pure sleep science that ensures your slumber experience is always the best.

SmartGrid by The Sleep Company is a unique mattress that's ideal for all seasons, especially summer. It comes with 2500+ air channels that keep the mattress breathable and cool.


SmartGrid Mattress Features

The Sleep Company brings you a variety of SmartGrid mattresses that match your every requirement. Some of the main features of the mattresses include:


1. Breathability :

As mentioned earlier, the SmartGrid mattress comes with 2500+ air channels. These air-passing channels promote easy air circulation and promote deeper and cooler sleep. This open grid structure enables maximum breathability.

So, you don't feel stuffy or sweaty as you snooze. This grid structure also regulates the core body temperature throughout the night. Now, no more undisturbed sleep because of the humidity.


2. Ideal For All Sleepers:

Are you a stomach sleeper? Or maybe you start on your side and end up on the back? Or sleeping like a log describes you to the T? Well, whatever your sleep position is, SmartGrid is suitable for all.

Infact, it also comes with a motion isolation feature. So, if your partner tends to move a lot in their sleep, no problem because your slumber will be uninterrupted.


3. Non-Toxic :

Today, there are several foam mattresses that emit harmful chemicals. Instead of getting a good night's rest, you are breathing in toxicity. With SmartGrid, you not only enjoy a cool sleep but it is also non-toxic.

The SmartGrid technology uses food-grade polymers and has non-volatile organic compounds. It is safe for everyone. This extends to every SmartGrid mattress by The Sleep Company.


4. Durable :

SmartGrid is a durable mattress. This is because of its superelasticity. They tend to last longer and don't suffer from wear and tear easily even with regular use.

If you see, most SmartGrid mattresses by the Sleep Company come with a 10-year warranty. Further, they also offer 100 trial nights so you can try it before you commit to it!


Advantages of SmartGrid

Now, let’s take a look at the few main advantages of a SmartGrid mattress.


1. Cool and Cozy Sleep :

As mentioned earlier, SmartGrid is extremely breathable. The open-grid structure also regulates your body temperature. So, even during this scorching heat, you can enjoy an uninterrupted sleep with the SmartGrid. Also, these mattresses come with moisture-wicking or cool fabrics as their outer cover. This prevents the mattress from absorbing any heat as well. So, you sleep as cool as a cucumber, always.


2. Excellent Sleep Quality :

While waterbeds can be okay for a day or two, you need a traditional mattress for long-term sleep support. And, what better than a SmartGrid mattress?

The SmartGrid mattresses strike the right balance between comfort, support, and luxurious coziness. So, they help you achieve undisturbed 7+ hours of sleep.


3. Provides Back Pain Relief :

The SmartGrid mattress offers excellent pressure relief and offers cushiony comfort to your high points like shoulders, pelvic region, etc.

Then you have the support features of the mattress. It adapts to the shape of your body and offers back pain relief. So, each morning you wake up with a smile on your face.


4. Zero Disturbance :

As aforementioned, SmartGrid offers motion isolation. Whether you sleep with a pet or a partner, no movement will bother you because you won't feel a thing!


5. Improves Body Posture:

The Sleep Company's SmartGrid supports the natural curvature of the spine as you snooze. This further improves your body posture.


6. Doesn't Sink Yet Offers Comfort :

People who love the memory foam mattresses enjoy the plush softness it offers. However, you tend to sink in, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. However, with SmartGrid, you relish exclusive plushness but it doesn't cause the extreme sinking in feeling.


7. Hypoallergenic :

If you are someone who's suffering from allergies, SmartGrid has got you covered. As mentioned earlier, these mattresses are non-toxic and have no VOCs. So, you can rest easy.


Waterbed vs SmartGrid: Which Is Ideal For Summer?

Now you know all the benefits of a waterbed vs a SmartGrid mattress. Both mattresses can be your ideal sleep companion this summer. However, when it comes to waterbeds, the disadvantages are also plenty. Sleeping with the fear of leaks or amidst the motor noise doesn't seem ideal.

Also, at the end of the day, you need a traditional mattress to snuggle in. That's what offers you the comfort you crave. And, the SmartGrid mattress takes the cake.

It's like a hero among mattresses that possesses every positive quality out there and lets you enjoy the best slumber of your life. With The Sleep Company, you can choose from a variety of SmartGrid mattresses to match your requirements. From Smart Luxe SnowTec, which is 25% cooler than any other mattress to Smart Ortho to support your back, you are spoilt for choices.

Give your body the sleep it deserves with SmartGrid today!

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