The Importance of Sleep

In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, while we are juggling work, home, kids, parents, family and friends, we sometimes forget that we need to focus on the one sole requirement, besides food, that our bodies need to function healthily – and that is sleep.

Let’s Go Back in Time

That’s where we, The Sleep Company, come in. After years and years of extensive and in-depth research of sleep and the sleep sciences, we have precisely understood the physical and emotional needs of the human mind and body – and the requisites behind serene sleep. And if you are one of those “light sleepers” or, in any way, have difficulty getting a good night’s rest, we are here to rescue you!

We, at The Sleep Company, don’t just sell sleep products, but aim to connect with our customers by customising our products to fulfill their individual precise requirements. All in all, if you’re looking for the answers to all your sleep woes, worry no more, because we’ve got your back – literally, and are the backbone to your blissful sleep, forever.

Founder’s Thank You Message

Firstly, I want to thank you for considering The Sleep Company for your “Sleep” – that’s what we, at The Sleep Company, are obsessed with. We only care about you and your comfort. Everything we do, from sourcing the material for our unique SmartGRID straight from Japan, to researching on the right combination, to multiple layers of processes or quality checks – is only centric around providing the best sleep products to your doorstep.

How it all began – Her inspiring story

So let me start with how it all began – as I became a new mother, I realised how critical sleep was. We all love it, we all need it, but most of us are severely deprived of it. Did you know that we spend an average of 26 years (or 2,27,760 hours) of our life on a mattress? So, think about how important it is to invest in the right mattress (more than our Smartphones for sure)

Lack of innovation in the mattress market

That’s why, when I came across the quality of mattresses in India , I was shocked at how behind we are vs other counties. We have been using the same foam and memory foam mattresses for decades, and no innovation has really happened. We decided to get our hands dirty – do some real work on different materials to solve the problems that standard mattresses cause and create the best mattress on the planet.

Along came Dr Tripathi, who cracked and invented the SmartGRID – the greatest mattress ever after millions of trials. We decided to sell it only online to eliminate middlemen and sell to millions of people, helping improve their lives. The goal was to make a mattress that was better than anything else in the market, even better than the 80-90k mattresses – and we did it – with The Sleep Company SmartGRID mattress! It was our goal to develop the World's most comfortable sleep products, just for you (Backed Wholly by Science).

Our Vision: To Become World's Best Comfort Technology Company, changing the way people Sleep & SIT. The Sleep Company is obsessed with customer service and keeping the customer happy, always. As we all know, customer is king, and we at The Sleep Company believe in just that. We are not happy until you are completely satisfied and we will not sleep until we do our best to give you the best sleep of your life. Which is why we believe in excellent customer service to be at your aid 24/7.

Meet Our Sleep Scientists

Meet our esteemed founders, Priyanka and Harshil, who go way back to when they were class-mates in IIM Calcutta. Post B-school, Priyanka spent several years in one of the world’s premier consumer brands company while Harshil worked in an investment bank. After they had a kid, Priyanka struggled to get good sleep and it wasn’t just because of her little one waking her up at odd hours. She began to look everywhere for the right mattress that would help her sleep better but to little avail.

She left her job and got obsessed with the pursuit of changing the mattress Industry which had seen little innovation since 1960 when the memory foam was invented. She traveled extensively, to Japan, Europe, US; met hundreds of technicians and sleep experts until she finally met Dr. Tripathi. Dr Tripathi, with his 40 years of experience into material science, and Priyanka spent years on research and ran thousands of trials – until they finally came up with the patent-pending Super Stretchy SMART GRID.

Thus, was born The Sleep Company – The best-selling mattress in India , created with a mission to upgrade the sleep quality for every individual. Our mattresses are the outcome of years of research and each layer has been crafted with Sleep Science at its foundation, so as to ensure your sleep is Happy, Healthy, and above all, sound.