Sleep cooler & deeper with SnowTec Cooling Technology

Sleep cooler & deeper with SnowTec Cooling Technology

How does temperature impacts sleep?

How often do you wake up feeling hot & sweaty in the middle of the night? There are several factors that can contribute to sleeping troubles, one being temperature. If your body temperature becomes too hot or too cold at night, it can lead to sleep disturbances and can affect the stages of sleep the body must go through to repair itself and feel completely rested.

Research showed that night sweats, otherwise known as being a “hot sleeper,” can affect anywhere from 10% to 41% of people. Therefore, we sleep better when we’re cooler. By paying attention to our sleeping state, we can help ourselves sleep better, cooler, and deeper.

What is SnowTec Cooling Technology?

During the course of the night, there is a drop in core temperature of about 1°C, with the lowest body temperature occurring in the early morning. A drop in core body temperature signals our body to prepare for sleep. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your restful sleep at the perfect temperature. However, during those restful hours, your mattress can retain a lot of heat, which causes you to have night sweats and restless sleepless nights.

To combat this widespread problem and provide a solution to help people sleep cooler and deeper at night, The Sleep Company unveiled the SnowTec cooling Technology – in a new cooler version of the Smart Luxe mattress with SnowTec Cooling Technology.

Introducing the most advanced SnowTec Cooling Technology, inbuilt with our Patented SmartGRID Technology and infused with an instantly cool-to-touch fabric that feels up to 4° to 6° cooler than our original mattress. SnowTec cooling technology is different than any other cooling technology.

While cooling gels by other mattress brands keep you cool for an hour or two, SnowTec works to keep your temperature neutral and keeps you cool and comfortable all night. Enjoy the extra cooling comfort of the Smart Luxe mattress with the added innovative features of SnowTec cooling Technology.

Meet the coolest Mattress: The Sleep Company’s Smart Luxe mattress with SnowTec cooling Technology

SmartGRID mattress when paired with SnowTec cooling technology provides 10+ hours of cooler sleep. The latest cooling enhancements in the Smart luxe mattress are backed by rigorous research, testing, and strategic design. It allows more airflow that gives you a natural icy feeling and cooling comfort. The only mattress you need this summer, whether it is hot or humid, no matter what the temperature is outside you can always sleep cool and cozy with our SnowTec cooling Technology.

The cool-to-touch eco-friendly fabric cover keeps you ultra-cool antibacterial sleeping environment. Along with this, SmartGRID’s 2500+ air channels allow maximum airflow through and help to regulate the body temperature to minimize heat retention. Our Cooler Extreme Cover with SmartGRID enables better airflow for a cooler, deeper sleep all night long. Ready to sleep cooler and deeper all night? Now buy coolest mattress online


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