SmartGRID – Everything You Need to Know

SmartGRID – Everything You Need to Know

Since old times, many scientists and scholars have studied “Sleep” and made discoveries and inventions. Scientists researched its origin, importance, relevance with other activities, advantages, disadvantages, and other relevant things. When scientists discovered the correlation between sleep and health, they began researching about creating sleep aids and external objects to improve it.

As the world walked into the modern era, scientists developed many technologies and theories to improve sleep and its quality. As the inventions become more intense, factors like comfortable sleep and luxury sleep became prominent, and designs of the items like mattresses, pillows, overalls and comforters started changing the concept of just sleeping to comfortable and luxury sleeping.

Memory foam mattresses ruled the world for a long time, along with other types of beds like latex and spring, and for a long time, there was no competition. However, it was not enough since these mattresses had some drawbacks too that affected a person’s sleep in one way or the other. 

Thus, a well-known scientist, Dr Tripathi, felt the need to find a material that would be far from the drawbacks but durable, high quality, environment-friendly, and full of sleep-improving advantages only. Therefore, after extensive study and research, he created a material now famous as SmartGRID. 

Story of Invention

Dr Tripathi (ex-polymer head from India DRDO) saw the need of the time. That was an alternative or better option to memory foam mattresses with certain drawbacks like sagging, absorbing body heat, etc. Also, memory foam mattresses were only for comfort and had no support for people with back problems or chronic joint pains.

Thus, he decided to bring in something with his knowledge related to polymers and other chemical compounds. After researching in depth, he developed Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology with grid-patterned rubber-like or polymer material, which was soft yet full of elasticity. As a result, it was easily adaptable to the sleeper’s body curvatures without sagging or creating pressure points on body parts like the neck, hips and shoulders. 

What is SmartGRID Technology?

SmartGRID Technology is a patented Japanese technology, the brainchild of Dr Tripathi, who used hyper-elastic polymer to create a grid structure whose walls will take shape per the curvature of different body parts. 

Benefits of the SmartGRID technology

1. Elasticity and shape taker

SmartGRID technology uses material made from hyper-elastic polymers. This material’s paramount quality is that it can return to its original form even after being stretched ten times its actual length. Thus, while using it, despite being crumbled under heavy weight, it returns to its original form quickly. Furthermore, while providing support to the body perfectly, it balances the bounce and sink combination. 

2. No sagging

Another quality of the SmartGRID Technology’s hyper-elastic polymers, it doesn’t sag over the period due to their ability to bounce back even after sinking under heavy weight and retain their texture for a more extended period.

3. Durable

Because of the superelasticity characteristic of this rubber-like SmartGRID Technology material, products made out of it tend to last long without being worn off quickly. 

4. Breathable

The grid texture of the patented SmartGRID layer creates air-passing channels, which come with temperature-neutral technology that doesn’t trap body heat and keeps it cool. 

5. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

The SmartGRID technology layer uses food-grade polymers. It has non-VOCs or non-Volatile organic compounds (unlike foam), which is safe and hygienic for anyone using it.

Different products with SmartGRID

When the Sleep Company’s Co-founder, Priyanka Salot, realized how people are still using the same memory foam or latex mattresses that provide comfort or support but not both. Also, how it is essential for better sleep quality and healthy life, she decided to find a solution. And after lots of research found out about Dr Tripathi’s invention, the SmartGRID technology layer and decided to use it to create the world’s best mattresses. 

Thus, The Sleep Company was born and launched various mattresses and other things using the SmartGRID technology layer

1. Mattress

Smartgrid mattress

Since every person requires a different level of comfort and support according to their body type and needs, the Sleep Company has launched five different ranges of mattresses with the help of Dr Tripathi, which were not just comfortable and supportive with SmartGRID technology but also had a backup of science. 

The mattresses designed by the Sleep Company so far are,

  • Smart Luxe Mattress

    Precisely designed, The Sleep Company’s Smart Luxe Mattresses are loved by those who love the luxurious comfort and are extra soft and plush. And despite the softness, sleepers get enough support that they require due to the layer of Patented SmartGRID tech.

  • Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress

    Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattresses designs are for sleepers who seek comfort and support in their mattresses. Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattresses combine SmartGRID’s comfortable layer with supportive pocket springs that give a hotel-like mattress feel.

  • Smart Ortho Mattress 

    Designed explicitly for orthopedic purposes, the Smart Ortho Mattress of the Sleep Company is the best orthopedic mattress for back pain. Built with enough firmness that provides proper support to the spine and doesn’t create pressure on joints, Smart Ortho Mattress is the best solution to get rid of back pain. 

  • Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

    The Smart ortho Hybrid Mattresses of the Sleep Company are the best combination of orthopedic support of the patented SmartGRID technology and pocketed spring. It provides excellent back pain relief and softness that adjusts with any sleeping position. 

  • Smart Luxe with SnowTec Cooling Technology

    Smart Luxe with SnowTec mattresses designed by the Sleep Company combines soft and comfortable mattresses with the patented SmartGRID technology with SnowTec TM ️ Cooling Technology. These mattresses provide an extra cooling experience to their sleepers with added airflow and are 4 to 5 degrees cooler than other mattresses.

Benefits of using SmartGRID mattresses

1. Improves body posture

The Sleep Company’s Patented SmartGRID mattresses come with hyper-elastic gel-like materials that adapt to your body structure and support spine curvatures appropriately, further improving body posture.

With its zero motion disturbance technology, the SmartGRID mattresses help you sleep without any disturbances created by your partner, child or pet’s movements. Also, it enables you to change positions effortlessly. 

2. Relieves back pain

Unlike other mattresses, the Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattresses provide you with support to the back and cushiony softness to the arms, shoulders and pelvis region. In addition, the supportive grid patterns capable of adopting the body curvature help you get relief from the back pain that keeps you from getting quality sleep. 

3.Doesn’t absorb body heat

More than 2500 air channels of the SmartGRID mattresses create enough airflow that helps your body remain cool throughout the night. Also, the beds have a layer of premium cotton fabrics that prevent mattresses from absorbing body heat. 

4. Sleep quality

The Sleep Company’s patented SmartGRID mattresses have a design that tackles all sleep-related problems and improves your sleep quality. With its luxurious, comfortable yet supportive texture and materials, sleepers get non-disrupted 8 to 9 hours of sleep, enhancing sleep quality and health.

Other SmartGRID Products

The Sleep company took it further and launched different products after seeing that the smart grid technology is not only improving sleep but also very much beneficial for health. 

1. Cushions and pillows

pillow and cushion

Though mattresses provide excellent support to the back, due to different curvature angles of our neck and head, it requires extra elevation to maintain the spinal alignment, and pillows do that task for us. 

But just like mattresses, it’s essential to have specific kinds of pillows that will give your head and neck the required elevation, support and softness without any issue. 

After recognising the need and the requirement of the correct type of pillows, the Sleep Company designed their best pillows by keeping different requirements of people. 

Pillows like 

  • The Hybrid Pillow provides you cloud-like comfort to your head and neck. 
  • The Smart Adjustable Plush Pillow has an adjustable zipper to manage the softness according to your preference. 

Cushions like

  • Smart Seat Cushion for maximum comfort and back support while sitting to maintain correct spinal alignment 
  • Smart Back Cushion provides excellent back support to the lower back while working. 

2. Chairs

The Sleep Company’s founders not only concentrated on improving health by improving sleep quality but also paid attention to other things. Just like we spend one-third of our lives in bed, most of it is spent in the workplace, sitting for long hours on one office chair. 

Thus, they also decided to bring Dr Tripathi’s SmartGRID technology layer to office chairs.

Designs of The Sleep Company’s Smart chairs are specific for maintaining the body’s posture, height, and angle with the desk while sitting and provide enough support and comfort with fewer aches and pain. 

Thus, the chairs the Sleep Company have are the Onyx SmartGRID Chair, the Aristo SmartGRID Chair, and the newly invented Stylux SmartGRID Office Chair, which provide

  • Prevents Crouching down & Supports your Arm
  • The Super Plush Dual Tilt Mechanism
  • Improve your natural sitting posture by providing no-stress support to the derriere and curving the lower back.
  • SpinePro Cushioned Spinal Alignment,

Bottom Line:

Thus, hopefully, Dr. Tripathi’s SmartGRID technology layer will continue to provide comfort and support, and many other things will be modified as a result of this wonderful creation.

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