Orthopedic Mattress: The Ideal Solution For Backpain!

Orthopedic Mattress: The Ideal Solution For Backpain!

A good night’s sleep is the only way to unwind through the hassles of everyday life. However, the urge to go out for work sometimes makes us forget about how we rest. In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, most of us are now habitual of lounging around on bed and sofa. Following up this routine on poor mattresses may interrupt your beauty tine

In addition to this, spending most of the time on uncomfortable mattresses might affect your body posture, giving you sleepless nights. Such mattresses can be one of the reasons behind the deteriorating quality of sleep and we do nothing but overlook it.

Do you still lay on the foam mattresses? If yes, then stop it right away! It’s high time to switch to orthopedic mattresses. For your heavenly nights, you can buy orthopedic mattress and get rid of the persisting back pain.

Before addressing the burning issues that poor quality mattresses give you, let’s take you through the details about the ortho mattress.



A healthy and undisturbed night’s sleep rejuvenates your mornings and gears you up for the day. Our elders suggest sleeping on firm surfaces rather than soft and foamy mattresses. Ever wondered why? A firm mattress that adapts to your body curvatures offers supreme comfort and support to your joints.

Sleeping on hard mattresses creates high pressure on the shoulders, pelvis area, and head. If you have muscle or joint pain, such mattresses only intensify it. Moreover, you may find it hard to adjust your sleeping position on such mattresses. Contrarily, the soft mattresses don’t support spinal alignment and cause sinking in individuals with heavy weight.

However, The Sleep Company Smart orthopedic mattress is designed to trigger the spine, bones, and muscles to ease your neck, back, and body. With the smart adaptability of the orthopedic mattress for back pain, you get pain-relieving comfort and beautiful sleep. It became the one-stop solution for people suffering the lingering backaches. The blend of a hyper-elastic gel material with SmartGRID lends a cushioning comfort to your hip curvature, spinal length, and head. When you lay down on Smart ortho mattresses, it gets compressed on the triggered curvatures and gives firm support to your back. You get comfort as well as back support.

So, it is the time you pay attention to your spinal alignment and leverage the benefits of the Smart orthopedic mattress.



There are various orthopedic foam mattresses available in the market and you might have already used some of them. You must have come across multiple problems sleeping. Let’s list out those:

  • Retention of the Body Heat
    The foam mattresses might retain your body heat and cause discomfort while you are asleep. The warmth at midnight is one of the major issues affecting your sound sleep. Your foamy mattress might cause sweating which makes you feel irritated. This might worsen the sultry days but can be a good fit for winters. This is where the orthopedic mattress by The Sleep Company steps in. With SmartGRID technology, our mattresses provide airy comfort and keep you cool overnight. While maintaining the optimum body temperature, it enhances the quality of your sleep and gives you good health.

  • Sinking in the Bed
    Memory foam mattresses are designed to adapt to your body shape. Although, when you sleep on it, in the long run, you might feel sinking in the bed. People with heavy body weight are the major victims of this problem. So, is there any solution for them? Well, we admire all body shapes and sizes and engineered a SmartGRID orthopedic mattress for back pain for all people out there. It sensibly provides soft support to your butts and shoulders while firmly holding your back for your dreamy sleeping experience.

  • Chemical Blend
    The foam mattresses were discovered back in times when there was no technological advancement. It had the amalgamation of harsh chemicals that made it gentle and comfortable. With technology pacing up, the mattresses are being upgraded to better quality. Knitted with super comfy plush fabric and ultra-elastic material, our multi-layered ortho mattresses are perfect to snuggle up anytime.



There are multiple types of ortho mattresses that don’t meet your sleeping needs. So, we have come up with a solution called Smart orthopedic mattress. Knitted with plush fabric and hyper-elastic gel material along with implemented grid technology, these mattresses are the new-age solution for beauty sleep. The grid in the mattresses allows enough air circulation that vents the excessive heat as per your needs, thereby maintaining an optimum temperature for sleep. Here is what mattress cater to your sleeping requirements:

  • Cozy Comfort
    If you have the right orthopedic mattress, you fall asleep faster and deeper. One sleepless night takes the hold of your next morning. For refreshed and revived mornings, our scientifically designed mattresses take care of that. Feeling sleepy? Just lay your head on our smart ortho mattresses and enjoy the shape-shifting technology while admiring supreme comfort. So, prioritize your sleep and plan for an energetic day.

  • Highly Breathable
    The soggy and damp mattresses at night draw out your presence from your angelic dreams. Layered with a soft cotton cover, our SmartGRID ortho mattresses have 2500 air channels that allow proper air circulation. It gives you sweat-free sleep at all temperatures. The hypoallergenic and non-toxic features of our mattresses are the upsides to pick for your bed.

  • Optimum softness and firmness
    Are you dealing with the back pain at an early age? Don’t worry you are still young! It’s just the unfit, poor quality mattresses. A quality mattress optimizes your body fit and amends as you roll up in your bed. Unlike foam mattresses, our SmartGRID ortho mattress provides rigid and soft support to your triggered body parts.

  • Toxins at Bay
    One of the biggest advantages that orthopedic mattresses provide is the prevention from the allergens. Being free from adulteration, our mattresses ensure your skin is protected for healthy sleep. Our mattresses don’t let the allergens reside in and you get carefree sleepy nights. If you have sensitive or vulnerable skin, you can pick our top-notch mattresses.

Conclusion: Are you fed up with consulting your doctors for wakeful nights? Buy orthopedic mattress and shift to a smart solution. With dominating comfort, these mattresses aid your back and neck aches in no time. Among the array of options, our SmartGRID solution is the one to let you sleep undisturbed.

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