How to Take Care of Your Pillows?

How to Take Care of Your Pillows?

When it comes to pillows, you may find two kinds of people. Some people like to buy new pillows frequently from malls or shops, while others like to order pillows online. A few of them like to lay their head over the same pillow they had been using for years.

However, many of us fall between these two extremes, leaning a bit towards the ‘new fluffy’ pillow zone.

Whether you struggle in buying a pillow or prefer your old faithful, we’ve shared the best ways to keep your pillow in pristine condition that looks great on your SmartGRID mattress.

Steps to Make Your Old Pillow Looks like New

If you feel that your pillow is turning yellow or dirty, continue below to get rid of that.

1. Air out your pillows – After you wake in the morning and make your bed, reshape and fluff your pillows. It helps remove some of the natural atmospheric dust, but regular fluffing isn’t enough. Instead, you can hang and put the pillow outdoors on a bright and breezy day. However, if there is no scope to put outside, you can run the pillows through dryers on no heat cycle or on-air fluff. You can also add a few tennis balls for some extra fluffiness power. Air out your pillow in the sun to help eliminate the moisture that may be trapped inside it.

2. Clean your bed pillows – It’s not only your bed pillows but also your mattresses that absorb sweat, dust, and allergens. Some people like to buy new pillows after they’ve lost their freshness, and many pillows can be washed in the laundry cycle to nearly well as new ones.

But, it’s vital that before you toss up your pillow in the washer, make sure to know about the cleaning procedure of the pillow.

It’s critical to be aware that the agitator of a washing machine can break the structure of the pillow and may result in wear & tear of the material that can permanently damage it. Use a gentle cycle for a couple of minutes and the shortest setting possible. However, you can wash the pillow protectors rather than the entire pillow to make it long-lasting & durable.

Why Do Pillow Turn Yellow?

No matter how good the pillow’s quality is, some blunder can make it dirty. Some of the most common reasons that turn your pillow yellow are:

  1. Sweat
  2. Natural body oil
  3. Drool
  4. Wet hair
  5. Hair products
  6. Cosmetics
  7. Oil-based serums & moistures

How to Stop the Pillow from Turning Yellow?

Well, there is nothing you can do to stop your body’s natural moisture, oil, and sweat in bed, but you can protect your pillow from turning yellow.

One of the most effective ways is to use the pillow protector that adds an extra layer between your body and the pillow.

However, the good thing is that you can buy pillow online from The Sleep Company, which has washable bamboo zipper covers that are easy to wash. You can clean and wash these pillow covers every week if you find them dirty.

Also, make sure not to sleep on the pillow with wet hair.

Easy guide on How to Take Care of Your Pillow

Here are some of the tips to take care of your pillow.

  1. Fluff your pillows every day to maintain the texture and keep the fillings intact.
  2. Ensure to read the pillow’s cleaning instructions for detailed, caring instructions.
  3. Pillow shouldn’t be wet because this may cause mold growth that leads to breakage. However, if your pillow gets wet, make sure to dry it immediately with a dryer.
  4. Pillows made up of unique SmartGRID Technology can’t be machine washed. If your pillow has stains, you can gently rub that area using less detergent and dry it.
  5. Make sure to allow your pillow under the sun once a month to remove any allergens. However, The Sleep Company’s pillow has more than 1000 air channels, ensures air circulation, and eliminates the risk of moisture.

Looking for the Best Pillow – Try ‘The Sleep Company’ Pillow

It’s pretty simple to take care of your pillow. For the better lifespan of your pillow and your health, it’s essential to take care of your pillow that promotes quality sleep.

Take the plunge & get yourself a new snuggle buddy with The Sleep Company pillows that use SmartGRID Technology, with more than 500+ air channels with TPE material that ensures that the pillow always remains cool & breathable.

The pillow offers seamless support to your head & neck to get quality & sound sleep without any soreness. Moreover, the washable bamboo zipper cover lets you machine wash the cover so that the pillow always looks new. .

So, it’s time to say goodbye to your old pillows and order pillows online from The Sleep Company.

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