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Who doesn’t love to sleep every night on a mattress that feels like sleeping in a 5 or 7-star hotel? Buying a soft mattress online is the best option to achieve that desired sleep every night in the comfort of your house.

The benefit of Soft Mattress on Your Health

Sleeping on the best soft mattress has its own benefits for your health.

1. Luxurious hotel-like feel at home

The best soft mattress India loves to sleep on has quality material that gives you a feather-touch feel. When you lay on the soft mattress, the cloud-like feeling of it constantly reminds you of luxurious hotel rooms.

2. Comfort

The main benefit of using a soft mattress is the comfort it provides. The comfort you get from sleeping on a soft mattress relieves all stress, pressure, and exhaustion from your body and helps you wake up rejuvenated and relaxed the following day.

3. Suitable for side sleepers

Soft mattresses do not create any pressure on your body, thus making them suitable for all sleeping positions. However, side sleepers benefit most from it as the soft mattresses create no pressure zone on body parts like the shoulders, hips, and neck.

4. Suitable for a lightweight person

Soft mattresses provide the best compression for lightweight people than firmer mattresses. It helps them sleep better due to reduced pressure points. Also, their body does not sink into soft mattresses; due to their lightweight, they find a soft mattress more comfortable.

At the Sleep Company, we realize the requirement for luxurious, soft mattresses for you to get those quiet, dreamy, relaxing zzz hours every night and designed a range of the softest, luxury mattresses: Smart luxe mattresses and Smart luxe hybrid mattresses.

Why should you buy a soft mattress from the Sleep Company?

The benefits of buying a soft mattress for bed from the Sleep Company:

SmartGRID technology layer

The smart grid technology layer used in the Sleep Company’s mattresses provides the correct amount of softness. The SmartGRID technology layer has a hyper-elastic polymer that adapts your body shape and retains spinal structure.

Hotel like Comfort

The Sleep Company’s Smart mattresses give you hotel-like comfort. The revolutionary Smart Grid technology layer and LuxioTec comfort layer give you the comfort you desire. The LuxioTec Comfort layer provides a super soft comfort that makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud and weightless.

2500+ air channels

The grid pattern in the Smartgrid layer has 2500 air channels, allowing airflow within the mattress. These air channels make your soft mattress usable even during the hot weather and keep you cool all night.

No pressure support

SmartGRID technology layer is a hyper-elastic polymer that buckles under the body parts like shoulders, hips, and upper body. The smart grid layer creates no pressure support on body parts and reduces the pain despite sleeping for long hours on the same side.

Frequently Asked Questions

    A soft mattress generally has lighter coils that easily conform to your body shape. Soft mattress is usually meant for people lighter in weight.

    A soft mattress is more comfortable than a hard mattress as it provides good pressure relief to the joints and muscles because they adapt to your body shape and provides perfect support where you need it.

    A soft mattress is a good choice for pregnant women and for people who sleep on their sides. It will provide a great amount of comfort and support to the hips and lower back.

    Back and stomach sleepers should not use a soft mattress.

    A soft mattress can be good for the back only if the person sleeping on it is light in weight. If you are heavier in weight then a soft mattress may sink in and cause your spine to misalign.

    A lot of factors decide what mattress would be perfect for you. If you are someone who sleeps on the sides then you would need a softer mattress whereas, if you are someone who sleeps on the back and stomach then you would need a firmer mattress.

    If you are a side sleeper and prefer a soft mattress then the firmness score of your mattress should be between 4 to 5.

    A soft mattress is good for your health only if you are someone who suffers from joint and muscle pain.

    If your mattress is too soft, your body will sink into the mattress causing a bad posture while you sleep and may lead to neck and back pain.

    A soft mattress may seem cozy but it can worsen your snore as it will not provide the necessary spinal support your body needs to achieve optimal airflow.