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Do you wake up with a sore back in the morning and think it's your mattress? Then you should replace your old mattress and buy firm mattress for back pain that can support your back and get relief from pain any further.

Advantages of Firm mattress for health

Buying a firm mattress online has several advantages for your health.


One of the perks of firm mattresses is their firmness. The firmness of the mattress ranges from medium firm to extra firm, which on a scale of 1 to 10 is considered as medium firm 5-6, firm 7-8 and extra firm 9-10. You can select the firmness as per your suitability.


Firm mattresses are best for supporting your body. Unlike soft mattresses, firm mattresses do not buckle under your body weight and adequately support your back.

Reduced orthopedic issues

Best firm mattresses provide good lumbar support. The lumbar support prevents back pain and other joint pain. Firm mattresses also reduce orthopedic problems and help you sleep peacefully.

Good for senior citizens

Senior citizens mostly have back pain or orthopedic problems due to age, and using a firm mattress helps them get relief from the pain. Also, senior citizens struggle to get up from the mattress due to a weakened body, and a firm mattress prevents the body from sinking into the mattress and keeping it on the mattress top. It helps senior citizens with easy movement while sleeping or when getting out of bed.

Suitable for back and stomach sleepers

The firmness of the mattress supports body parts and prevents sleepers from sinking in. This firm mattress feature is good for back and stomach sleepers as they get support for their body parts. Also, firm mattresses don't sink your body in them, preventing the spine's natural curve from losing shape.

Why should you buy a firm mattress from the Sleep Company?

The Sleep Company is one of the top mattress companies in India, and buying a firm mattress online from us has many benefits. The Sleep Company has different types of mattresses based on firmness: Smart Ortho mattress, Smart Ortho Pro mattress and Smart Ortho Hybrid mattress. All mattresses range between medium-firm to extra-firmness and have excellent features. Such as,

1. SmartGRID Technology Layer

The USP of the Sleep Company's smart mattresses is the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer used in the upper level of the mattress. It's a hyper-elastic polymer which is flexible enough to adapt your body shape to whichever position you sleep.

2. Support and comfort

The Firm mattresses of the Sleep Company provide the best of both worlds, that is, support and comfort. The Smart mattress remains firm beneath the body parts like the back, where you require support and becomes soft beneath the body parts like shoulders, hips and neck, where you require comfort by reducing pressure on them.

3. 2500 air channels

The Sleep Company's firm mattresses have a patterned grid layer which creates around 2500 air channels. The formation of air channels allows air circulation within the mattress beneath your body, which allows you to remain sweat-free even during the summer season.

4. Reduced back pain and orthopedic problems

All firm mattresses manufactured at the Sleep Company provide adequate lumbar support, which helps reduce any back pain or joint pain. If you are looking to buy orthopedic mattress online, then the Sleep Company's mattresses are the best firm mattresses you can ever have.

Frequently Asked Questions

    A firm mattress has thin comfort layers and is primarily made out of stiff support layers. Firm mattresses are known to be more supportive than soft mattresses and hold up, rather than letting it sink in.

    The best option to avoid back pain is to invest in a medium-firm mattress.

    No, all firm mattresses are not orthopedic mattresses. Orthopedic mattresses are usually medium-firm and the same will vary depending on the weight of an individual.

    A firm mattress is better for your overall health and comfort. It keeps unnecessary joint and muscle strain away and maintains the alignment of your spine.

    The added support firm mattresses provide is particularly beneficial for people who have back, neck and joint problems. It provides better alignment and improves your posture while sleeping.

    A firm mattress is not ideal for people with chronic muscle and joint pain.

    A firm mattress is perfect for people who are back and stomach sleepers.

    A firm mattress is not recommended for side sleepers.

    Mattresses made of latex foam are generally the firmest mattress as compared to any other type of mattress.

    Deciding on whether a foam or a firm mattress is better will usually depend on your body weight. People with heavier weights should prefer a firm mattress whereas, people with lighter weights will prefer a soft mattress.

    The firmness of a mattress usually depends on what type of sleeper you are. For example, back and stomach sleepers will want a firmer mattress and side sleepers will prefer a soft mattress. However, this will also vary from person to person.