Mattress Firmness Guide: All You Need To Know

Mattress Firmness Guide: All You Need To Know

What are the main criteria before you purchase a mattress, for yourself or your kids? The size, the material, the softness or firmness, or lastly the brand! While keeping everything in mind the most critical point to consider is the firmness of the mattress one purchases.

In simple terms, mattress firmness measures how soft or firm a mattress feels when you lay on it for the first time. When a mattress is extremely firm or soft results in waking up with sore or painful back pain. In addition to promoting proper spinal alignment, the right firmness level will also cushion sensitive parts of the human body. An uncomfortable bed, however, can cause strain over time if it is overly soft or firm.

Our ultimate guide to sleeping well is here to help you get the most out of your mattress.

All To know: Mattress Firmness

The firm nature of a mattress alludes to the balance of its delicate or hard it feels. As every maker might utilise their own strategy to gauge and level up the firmness, we utilize a standard 10-point scale. Gentler sleeping pads fall on the lower end, while firmer surfaces are of better quality.

Several factors contribute to the firmness of a mattress, such as its materials and construction. Comfort systems are layered over support cores in most models. Selecting a potential mattress that ticks all the criteria with the material is a tough task. Where the materials, for example, polyfoam, adaptable padding, plastic, and fiber are normal. Thicker frameworks made of additional adjusting materials will generally give the bedding a gentler vibe. Pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders, are cushioned with a comfort system.

The change of layer might go about as a cushion between the solace framework and the help centre. This part can extend the shaping and influence the apparent immovability. Sleepers should avoid sinking too deeply into their mattress by using a support core. In order to maintain a more levelled spine position, it is essential to provide even support.

There are many users who do not understand how support and firmness can be different. The layer of comfort is directly linked with the firm nature of the mattress. Whereas the support is known by the core of the mattress. Here is the twist, a mattress can be softer and give full support yet be very firm and not at all supportive.

Everyone has their own confront levels for sleeping. Many elements play a part here like an individual’s body weight, height, type of body, medical issues, positions, and postures one likes to sleep in. Preference from different individuals of buying a mattress, one can buy a mattress online or from a local store. Some prefer old traditional family mattresses.

Now firmness isn’t the one and only element that one thinks about while purchasing a mattress. Other direct factors are durable nature, water resistance, breathable or not, cooling temperature, etc.

Firmness scale for mattresses

Below we have ranked the mattress from 1 to 10 to differentiate the levels from soft to firm:

1 (Extremely Soft)

Not supportive individuals with light or too heavyweight lead to sagging. Most times too soft surfaces are uncomfortable and lead to waking up with pain.

2-4 (Soft to Average-Soft)

Really great for sleepers who like inclination ’embraced’ or the people who lean toward rich bedding. Great-built bedding might offer more than adequate pushback while being delicate.

5-7 (Average to Medium-Firm)

A decent equilibrium of help, solidness, and support.

Additionally thought to be the ‘all-inclusive support for an individual’s sleeping pattern and nature. The best kind of sleeping pad for constant back torment.

8-9 (Firm)

Extraordinary generally support that is totally agreeable. A supportive bed is suggested for

10 (Extremely Firm)

There may be a point at which the firmest is excessively firm to be comfortable. It could make your pain points sore rather than just relieve the pain.

Right Choice for Mattress Firmness

There are several focus areas we would like you to focus on before confirming a mattress, as it is an important one-time decision made for a long time:

Posture and position:

Keeping all the factors and elements aside position and posture matter a lot. While varying from different person to person. Few are extremely strict with the side that they sleep on. So different ranges and ranks suit different people or sleepers.

Weight about it:

It is also important to consider your weight. People with heavy weight basically like a mattress with good thickness as it gives away a lot of layers of foam that are built to go through pressure support. Also, mattresses with springs inside may likewise give greater solidness to them.

According to Body type:

Choosing the right mattress also involves the consideration of the body type and the firmness required. People with light weight will feel the topmost layers which are softer and more comfortable in nature. While heavier sleepers will need a much firmer mattress with solid support. This decides the proper posture and alignment of the spine.

Firmness cannot be referred to as Support:

While buying a mattress please remember to not confuse firmness and support as the same. Any mattress with excellent support and not so soft can eventually help in relieving pressure points. And few firm mattresses may not have a soft texture but are extremely great built.

Be Careful with Softness:

When the word soft appears it all gets us to imagine a cozy and comfortable or plushy kind of bed. But too much softness can be uncomfortable as they are difficult to sleep in different postures and positions at night. You can like them for the starting week but eventually do not let you sleep with comfort.


We have discussed the kinds of sleepers and the elements to consider. While regions and states and countries have remarkably different preferences. Most Indians can try to purchase from the best mattress brand in India, while others can buy mattresses online.

Everything that suits your checklist should be your best fit. Look for them, read about their materials then try them out and get them.

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