Therapies to Cure Sleep Deprivation

Therapies to Cure Sleep Deprivation

Therapies to Cure Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation refers to inadequate amounts of sleep or getting less than the amount of sleep needed by an individual. It happens when you don’t care about your sleep schedule and as a result, you sleep less. Each one has its own sleep needs and it’s certain to change over a lifetime.

Poor Sleep quality can also lead to sleep deprivation. Experts suggest that an adult must get 8-9 hours of sleep to feel completely energised whereas a child must at least sleep for an hour more than adults. Though the sleep timings can vary for every individual.

Different types of sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation has been categorised in a number of ways according to what circumstances a person is going through. Two among them are:-

  • When a person suffers from sleep deprivation for a short period usually for a few days then we can term that as acute sleep deprivation. Sleep time is significantly reduced for them.
  • When an individual experiences sleep deprivation for about 2-3 months then this can be termed Chronic sleep deprivation. In such a situation, people must prioritize their sleep schedule and start focusing on it more. This might affect their health if they don’t take it seriously.
  • There can be multiple reasons to go through insomnia or sleep deprivation like sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, stress, anxiety, etc. Let us find out more below

Causes and Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

There are innumerous causes for sleep deprivation, the things which mainly lead to it are sleep schedule, work timings, sleep hygiene, lifestyle, the buying mattress online and for some, it’s related to medical conditions.

Prioritising what needs to be done is the responsibility of the individual. The more time someone spends scrolling through social media or binge-watching shows, the greater the chance of acute sleep deprivation.

In order to lead a more fulfilling life, one should be more responsible with their life as sleep is a very important part of our lives. Since it will help us to get energy the next day. When you get 8-9 hours of sleep each night, you will be able to think and work more efficiently each day.

There is no doubt that people have work obligations that cause them to sleep less. Those who work late at night or who hold multiple jobs might not get enough sleep, so they must carefully plan their sleep schedules to avoid compromising their health. Various other medical conditions can also cause sleep deprivation, one of those is sleep apnea. Also the kind of when you get a mattress online or from the stores without testing. Eventually ruins your sleep

Symptoms of sleep deprivation mainly include making poor decisions, lack of sufficient energy, mood swings, dizziness, reduced concentration during working hours and decreased memory. One must get rid of this deprivation to avoid problems in personal as well as professional life.

Various therapies or techniques to cure Sleep Deprivation

There are various techniques that can help people to get rid of sleep deprivation, a few among them are described below:-

1) Stimulus control therapy is one such method that can help you to cure your sleep disorders. As a result of this method, it is easier to overcome factors that prevent you from sleeping. If you cannot fall asleep within 20 minutes, you may be coached to set a consistent bedtime and wake time, you certainly have to avoid naps in the daytime. You must use your bed only when you have to sleep.

2) Sleep restriction therapy is one such therapy that basically decreases the time that you spend on your bed. Spending more time on the bed allows you to take naps during the day causing partial sleep deprivation at night. This technique will reduce the naps that you take during the daytime and improve the quality of sleep. As your sleep quality will improve gradually, time spent in bed can be increased.

3) There is another technique which is the relaxation technique through which you can get rid of sleepless nights. The technique includes the relaxation of the muscles and various other body parts. Breathing exercises can be a way to reduce stress and anxiety at bedtime. The basic concept of this technique is that you can relax by practicing various exercises which will help to uplift your mood as well.

4) Meditation and yoga are considered to be two techniques for improved sleep schedules. Doing meditation has helped people to improve their lifestyle. It is true that meditation can improve your concentration levels, and you will become more focused on the work that you do. Yoga improves balance and strength. It increases the flexibility of our body and also refreshes our mind and soul.

5) Massage therapy can be one of those techniques to cure sleep deprivation. There are various benefits of massage that can help an individual to get rid of stress and anxiety. Massages help to reduce pain, improve circulation, increase relaxation and improve physical fitness. One can take a massage after a tough day at work for better sleep at night.

When it comes to improving your sleep, the key is often to alter your routine during the day and when you go to bed at night. Some tips that can be helpful as well are;

1) Stick to a proper sleep schedule

2) Be active every day.

3) Avoid taking naps often.

4) Limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol, especially before bedtime.

5) Try to avoid eating large meals before bed

It becomes your responsibility to make your bedroom comfortable for you to relax peacefully without any distractions. Sleep quality is also affected by the environment in which you sleep. So, sleeping in a cool, quiet, and relaxing environment will help you to get rid of any sleep-related problems.


You have to commit yourself to your sleeping needs. Getting rid of sleep problems becomes your responsibility. You should consider sleep deprivation if you experience any of the symptoms outlined above. It has a negative effect on your health. Take prior notice and interest while selecting a mattress online or spotting sleep issues in the beginning.

Take necessary action as soon as you notice any symptoms. Use the home remedies and therapies described above to achieve a good night’s sleep. If you get good sleep, you will be energized to start a new day.

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