11 Ways How To Maintain Your House If You Are A Pet Parent

11 Ways How To Maintain Your House If You Are A Pet Parent

Whether it's on your phone or the kitchen appliances, do you always find pet hair? Or maybe your sheets carry muddy paw prints that are hard to scrub off? While your four-legged baby brings you unlimited joy, they always make it slightly difficult to keep your home spick and span.

No, we are not saying it's impossible.

In fact, if you follow a set of tips, tricks, and procedures where you have your cleaning timetable, your home will forever remain sparkling clean.

Fret not, we are here to help. Ahead, we bring you 11 easy ways to maintain your home if you are a pet parent. Let's get started!

11 Ways To Maintain Home As A Pet Parent

These 11 ways will make it extremely easy for you to keep your home clean, all day and every day!

1. A Regular Cleaning Routine

As a pet parent, it is super crucial to have a regular cleaning routine for your home. You can first start with vaccuuming your carpets, cushiony furniture, and mattresses, and then move on to sweeping and moping floors.

This not only removes pet dander from the surface but also removes any stubborn dirt and debris.

Pro tip: Use a mildly scented floor cleaning detergent to keep it fresh!

2. Cleaning Cushions Covers And Sheets

If your pet uses the furniture and tends to share the bed with you, you must have a weekly cleaning schedule where you change the cushion covers and sheets. That said, if you see a noticeable stain or it becomes dirty sooner, you must change it as soon as possible.

3. Maintaining Mattresses and Blankets

Maintaining mattresses and blankets with pets requires proactive care. So, make sure you regularly vacuum bedding. Every week you can wash the sheets with pet-safe detergent, and once a month, you can wash your blankets or comforter.

Also, rotate and flip mattresses regularly to distribute wear evenly. These tips offer a clean and comfortable sleep environment for both you and your pets. You can also use mattress and pillow protectors to shield them against accidents and allergens.

4. Groom Your Pet Regularly

While pets don't need frequent baths, you must have a daily grooming routine, like brushing their hair, using a pet-friendly sanitizer, keeping their paws clean, etc. These things will curb the shedding and make sure your surfaces remain clean. However, always brush your pet outside so the loose hair doesn't take up residence in some corner of your home.

5. Stain and Odor Control

As a pet house, your home will carry a distinct smell if you don't put a stop to it immediately. This is only possible when you clean the home regularly and use pet-friendly cleaning products to quickly address accidents and spills. Also, enzymatic cleaners are effective at neutralizing pet odors and breaking down stains.

6. Pet-Proofing

When it comes to maintaining your home as a pet parent, you must think about your furry baby too. These curious beings tend to act first and think later. Therefore, identify and address any potential hazards in your home that could harm your pets or cause damage. Secure cabinets, electrical cords, and trash bins to prevent curious pets from rampaging them.

7. Regular Vet Checkups

First of all, regular vet check-ups are super important to just evaluate and keep an eye on your pets' health. This also helps you address any medical issues that can help prevent accidents or damage caused by behavioral problems.

8. Proper Storage

When it comes to stealing food and treats, pets are extremely intelligent. So, you must store pet supplies, such as food, treats, toys, and grooming tools, in proper containers that are not easily accessible by your furry babies.

This not only keeps your furry babies safe and prevents overindulging but keeps your home clean.

9. Designated Pet Areas

No don't worry. This point isn't meant to trigger a pet parent. We are not asking you to designate specific areas of the home for your pet. Instead, we are talking about designating specific areas for them to eat and play. This also builds a familiarity for them and it becomes easy for you to clean.

10. Outdoor Maintenance

If you have a yard, there is nothing like it and your pet must be the happiest. However, it also means you put in extra work to keep your yard or outdoor space clean and safe for your pets. Remove debris, inspect for toxic plants, and secure fencing to prevent escapes.

11. Training and Behavior Management

Remember, pets need a set of rules so you both can easily live with each other. So, invest time in training your pets to follow house rules and exhibit good behavior. For instance, take them on walks same time every day, so they know and become familiar with the routine.

Also, positive reinforcement techniques can help support good behavior and discourage destructive habits.

Wrapping Up

This is how you keep your home clean as a pet parent. When it comes to maintaining your home as a pet parent, regularity is the key.

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