What Makes a Smartgrid Mattress Different from Traditional Mattresses?

What Makes a Smartgrid Mattress Different from Traditional Mattresses?

A wise man once said that if you want good sleep, you have to have a good mattress. It is as simple as that!

But, in today's day and age, the variety of mattresses available in the market can make anyone feel overwhelmed. While each mattress brings a great set of advantages, it is important to select something perfect for you.

So, should you take the traditional route or go with a new-age advanced mattress like SmartGrid?

Don't worry, we got your back.

Ahead, we walk you through all the main differences between traditional and SmartGrid mattresses. This will help you choose the best so you never compromise your sleep. Let's get started.

What Is A SmartGrid Mattress?

What actually is a SmartGrid mattress? What's the hoopla surrounding it? What makes it different than a traditional mattress?

Well, a SmartGrid is not your ordinary foam or latex mattress. It is made of hyper-elastic polymer and was designed by DRDO scientists keeping sleep science in mind.

The SmartGrid mattress by The Sleep Company brings you India's first patented Japanese sleep technology that's all set to take your sleep experience to new heights.

It offers the right amalgamation of comfort and firmness while you sleep. This grid adjusts to your body shape and offers personalized support and pressure relief.

Smartgrid mattresses come with 2500+ air channels and regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Here, you can forget about hot and sweaty nights. You sleep as cool as a cucumber despite the changing seasons. Whether you like it soft, hard, or medium-firmness, you have several options to choose from.

The SmartGrid mattresses are infact, designed to promote better sleep quality and alleviate common sleep problems like discomfort and restlessness. If you are looking for plush comfort and robust support in equal measure, you cannot go wrong here.

What Are Traditional Mattresses?

Traditional mattresses are the regular mattresses that you might find in many homes and hotels.

These mattresses come in various types, like innerspring or memory foam, and more. They also come with different levels of firmness and features to give you a great sleep experience. While traditional mattresses are not all bad, they don’t offer you that exquisite comfort like SmartGrid.

Traditional mattresses are usually less expensive compared to newer types, but they still serve their purpose of giving you a place to rest at night.

Since we live in a tech-savvy world, even traditional mattresses are going through a revolution. Instead of just memory foam or hybrid, you have gel-based or copper-infused mattresses to enhance comfort. However, here the prices tend to go up as well.

Comparison Table Between SmartGrid and Traditional Mattresses

Take a quick overview of SmartGrid and Traditional mattresses to see what makes SmartGrid different.

Mattress Comparison

What Makes SmartGrid Mattress Different From Traditional Mattress?

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the major differences between the two.

Construction and Materials

Traditional Mattress

Traditional mattresses often use coils or springs as the main support system. Along with it, you will find various types of foam, such as memory foam or polyurethane foam, for support and comfort layers.

These mattresses typically have a layered design, with the support core at the center. As aforementioned, the support system is usually coils or springs. They are then surrounded by comfort layers of foam or padding. The entire mattress is then encased in a fabric cover.

SmartGrid Mattress

SmartGrid mattresses are built with a unique grid system made of hyper-elastic polymer material. This grid is designed to adapt to your body shape and provide targeted support where needed. The Smartgrid mattress by The Sleep Company comes with 2500+ grids.

Instead of traditional coils or foam layers, SmartGrid mattresses feature this grid system as the primary support mechanism. Comfort layers may still be present, but the grid is the standout feature and offers customizable support and pressure relief.

Features and Functionality

Traditional Mattress

Traditional mattresses offer basic support and comfort for sleeping. Of course, they come in various firmness levels and may have additional features like pillow tops or cooling materials. You won't have to compromise with your ideal firmness here.

But, that's about it. These mattresses provide a place to sleep without any advanced features. They offer a surface for resting that's relatively stable and consistent throughout the night.

SmartGrid Mattress

SmartGrid mattresses are equipped with advanced features to enhance sleep quality. The grid system adjusts to your body shape and offers exclusive support and pressure relief. Some models may include cooling technology, like SnowTec by The Sleep Company.

These mattresses actively adapt to your body and strike the right balance between comfort and support. It not only enhances your sleep but also ensures you wake up ache-free.

Health Benefits and Ergonomics

Traditional Mattress

Traditional mattresses offer basic support for sleeping, which can help maintain overall comfort. However, they may not provide custom support for specific pressure points. This can lead to discomfort or stiffness.

SmartGrid Mattress

SmartGrid mattresses are designed to provide personalized support and pressure relief. This offers you better spinal alignment and reduces the risk of discomfort or pain.

The grid layer conforms to your body shape and distributes weight evenly to offer pressure point relief.

With its ability to adjust to your body's contours, SmartGrid mattresses offer superior ergonomic support compared to traditional mattresses. This helps with better sleeping posture and comfort.

Cost Considerations

People often believe that traditional mattresses are cheaper. While that's true to a certain extent, a good traditional mattress isn't easy on your wallet. That said, with SmartGrid, you have a variety of options to choose from and don't have to break the bank. Infact, The Sleep Company's SmartGrid comes with a 10-year warranty and trial nights, which can enrich your shopping experience.


At the end of the day, it all depends on individual choice. But if you are tired of tossing and turning all night, the SmartGrid mattress by The Sleep Company could be your ticket to a blissful sleep experience.

This innovative mattress goes beyond traditional options and brings you a personalized blend of comfort and support. Wake up feeling refreshed and energized every day, thanks to SmartGrid's technology.

Whether you are looking for senior support or orthopedic relief, The Sleep Company offers a variety of SmartGrid mattresses designed to meet your specific needs. No more compromising on a good night's sleep!

Are you ready to upgrade your sleep experience with SmartGrid?

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