Sleeping Problems in New Parents and Possible Solutions

Sleeping Problems in New Parents and Possible Solutions

Being a new parent is a handful of tasks that often leave you tired and exhausted. But, if you think about sleeping for hours or waking up late in the morning for once to get rid of tiredness, you soon realize it’s a hopeless dream as new parents have to be on their toes 24*7 to keep their lad happy and healthy and do all chores for the first few months without delay day and night. All this rush affects sleep much more than anticipated.

But that’s not all; so many reasons keep new parents awake despite buying the best mattress online, and they soon began searching for solutions for it. So without delay, let’s look at why new parents lose their sleep and the solutions.

Reasons behind the sleepless nights of new parents

Sleepless nights are the biggest problems for everyone, and if you are a new parent, then it becomes inevitable. Several reasons cause new parents to become sleep deprived.

Baby’s needs

The main reason for sleep deprivation among new parents is the baby. Those small bundles of joy cannot do their tasks for several years and require complete attention from their parents. From changing diapers to feeding, they can’t wait and start wailing until their throats turn sore. To stop them from crying, parents need to be alert and rush to their aid at any time of the day. Many babies tend to wake up at night, which ultimately keeps their parents from sleeping. 

Also, parents, especially mothers, must be ready in advance with everything necessary to keep their babies happy. From planning and preparing to remembering things and getting them done, they take their maximum time, including resting hours.

All house chores

House chores are unavoidable for everyone, and when you have a baby in the house, it doubles up everything. From providing special attention to the baby to finishing chores like washing, cooking, and cleaning remain on the everyday agenda, specifically for women. These never-ending tasks consume your days and nights without leaving the required hours to relax on a comfortable and adjustable bed and complete your sleep.

Postpartum depression

Women undergo many physical and hormonal changes during childbirth, bringing anxiety, stress, and depression post-delivery. Postpartum depression or postpartum insomnia often causes sleep deprivation among new mothers.

Apart from physical changes, women undergo delivery pain and exhaustion. Despite everything, they must be attentive towards the baby to feed them, clean them, and keep them safe and healthy. These postpartum activities make them stressful, and though they have the best mattress purchased from the top mattress brands in India, they find it hard to sleep at night.

Stress and Anxiety

Being a parent is not easy, and with the new age, parents who already juggle career and personal life find it more complex and challenging. This new responsibility and continuous worry about securing a child’s future increases their stress and anxiety and keeps them awake at night.

Sometimes, parents have zero knowledge about child care and have no help other than some online tips and parenting books which give them fright when the baby arrives, further giving them sleepless nights.

Difficulties for single parents

Parents from nuclear families have a hard time as there is no one to help and relieve them from baby duty. Also, they have to handle almost everything from house chores, baby, work, and other tasks. All this work leaves them more exhausted than parents living with a joint family or having house help. However, sleeping peacefully at night is a long-lost dream for them as they must remain alert to attend to their baby’s needs. Single parents or nuclear families remain more concerned about their child’s safety at night and need to check up all the time.

Also, some parents sleep with their baby on the same bed or mattress, which again causes difficulties in sleep as they remain concerned about not hurting the baby during sleep. And sometimes, the mattress size is not enough to accommodate parents and babies, which causes terrible body pain keeping them awake all night.

How should new parents improve their sleep quality? 

It’s pointless to buy mattress online if you can’t sleep peacefully on it. Improving sleep quality and getting enough sleep is crucial for everyone, including new parents. Here are some suggestions to help you achieve that required sleep quality.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

Babies require their mothers more whenever they are awake. It keeps the mother from getting enough sleep and waking up from deep slumber. The best solution for mothers is to align their sleep hours with babies. After learning about babies’ sleep-wake schedules, changing the program for mothers becomes easier.

Since mothers have to wake up frequently at night to feed the baby and check on them, their sleep remains incomplete. Taking naps during the day helps a lot. Laying down by the baby’s side during the day enables you to complete your sleep and reduce stress.

Ask For Help

Help from parents and family members is a better option, especially for working parents. It gives you a much-needed break and time to relax while other family members look after the baby. As well as, if you are a nuclear family, then getting paid house help or a nanny to take care of the baby turns out helpful. Trained nannies take good care of babies and assure you of the child’s safety.

Plan out day

Planning is a great plan and never fails you. Even 24 hours a day, being a parent sometimes feels less to complete all chores. But if you have your day planned, it turns less intimidating and helps you take some time to achieve your sleep and relax despite all. Another good option is to divide the chores, including baby care, between both partners to avoid the over-exhaustion of one.

Create sleep routine

Implementing some rules in life always helps to stay on track. Creating a sleep routine and following it gives you an added advantage towards improving sleep quality and completing required sleep hours.

When you are a parent, you need to create your sleep schedule according to your child, as their sleep hours may differ from yours. Fix sleeping hours and make sure that you are not disturbed by anything. Ask your partner, family member or house help to look after your kid during that period. Include naps during the day and ensure to take them to avoid sleep deprivation.

Create sleeping environment

Your surroundings must be conducive to sleeping peacefully. Ensure to create a good sleep environment to get enough sleep. Prepare your bedroom by turning off lights, shutting windows and blocking outside light with heavy curtains. Clean the room with disinfectants, and keep it airy and adequately ventilated to avoid any health issues that could hinder your sleep.

Buy mattresses online from reputed and top mattress brands like The Sleep company to get pain-free and relaxed sleep. Make sure to buy a king-size mattress online to get maximum sleeping space if your baby sleeps with you.

Bottom Line:

Being a parent is a proud moment; however, it must not cost you the sacrifice of health and sleep. If you follow the tips mentioned above without a miss, you can efficiently complete your rest and remain refreshed to spend more happy times with your baby.

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