How Does the Sleep Habit Trigger Your Migraine

How Does the Sleep Habit Trigger Your Migraine

If your partner, parents, friends, or kids are having regular headaches that have a constant throbbing pain on any one side of the head they have migraine. Migraines in the worst scenarios come along with vomiting and are extremely sensitive to light and sound. Sometimes these migraine pains can stay for hours to several days. The pain could be serious and hinder the lifestyle.

These attacks of migraine could appear because of an unhealthy sleep cycle. If you or your dear ones are suffering from migraine attacks, working on the sleep pattern is vital. A night of good sleep for 8 hours can be beneficial in this condition. An appreciable amount of quality sleep eventually helps in reducing headaches.

People with migraine conditions always suffer from sleep deprivation or it is hard to fall asleep. Constant head aching makes it worse to get some sleep. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to headaches, yes unfulfilling sleep cycles can cause migraine attacks.

With potential sleeping habits, migraines can be managed. We have also read about research that concludes sleep habits improves migraine attacks and reduces them too. But one must be constant in maintaining these habits.

Migraine symptoms can improve in a matter of months or less when sleep hygiene is improved. The best way to improve sleep quality is to take baby steps towards better changes rather than abrupt changes.

Sleeping issues that cause migraine attacks

It has been tracked down in research and studies that too little rest (lack of sleep), yet in addition, a lot of rest which is also known as hypersomnia can cause headaches.

While quality rest can assuage headache side effects while they are progressing, too much sleep can also ruin the situation. This happens when people suffering from migraine sleep a little extra on weekends. This definitely should be avoided to reduce headaches.

The connection linked to lack of sleep and headaches is likewise bidirectional. This implies that unhealthy or improper rest can influence experiencing headaches. Headaches often make us feel depleted and unreasonably tired, which might cause an imbalance in a proper sleeping pattern.

Activities that trigger Migraine

There are a number of migraine triggers, including:

Changes in Hormones in women:

Fluctuations in estrogen, such as before or during menstrual periods, pregnancy and menopause, seem to trigger headaches in many women. Hormonal medications, such as oral contraceptives, also can worsen migraines. Some women, however, find that their migraines occur less often when taking these medications.

Consumption of alcohol:

Must have noticed people who suffer from migraine avoid migraine. While consuming too many caffeinated drinks during the day can trigger headaches.

Stressing over Situations:

Someone with or without migraine issues can go through headaches because of stress from work or school or simply travelling. Stress can easily generate headaches.

Smokes or Smell:

When someone smokes or is using a strong fragrance or sometimes the smell of the newly painted room. It attracts at the beginning but can cause migraine attacks later. Passive smokers also go through headaches because of the intake of smell. Bright or flashing lights can induce migraines, as can loud sounds.

Changes in routine:

Oversleeping or insomnia can cause migraine attacks. Sometimes even extensive exercising or physical activity might be responsible for provoking these headaches.

Food intake:

There have been cases where the consumption of old cheeses and food that include salty substances and processed items lead to migraine. Too much sweet intake can also be one of the other reasons.

Below are a few points to remember to reduce migraine attacks:


Maintaining a routine:

In order to reduce the rates of attacks following a strict routine for a healthy lifestyle can never go wrong. Sleeping and waking up regularly for months can result in a good way. This should also be maintained no matter what occasions come or festivals are on their way.

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule will prevent migraines from being triggered by lack of sleep or too much sleep.

Do not consume these before bed:

The following items are strictly a No! And should not be consumed before bed time if you’re suffering from migraine attacks. The items are as follows :

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine in any form
  • Caffeine Beverages

These can strongly be responsible for disrupting a good sleep cycle.

Get yourself a relaxing mattress:

Look for the ideal mattress. Yes, bedding or mattress can also impact a good sleep cycle. Find the best mattress online or buy personally from store. Few also give away trial period to try them out. Not just a clean mattress and an adjustable bed, a clean space with pleasant environment is equally adds value to your sleep habit.

Usage of blinds to block lights:

Shutting off lights can be an easier way to fall asleep at night. Not using phones or laptops or television to avoid screen lights to disrupt the dossing off process. Falling asleep takes some time. The best way to do it is in the dark , which is cooler and comfortable. Give yourself the space that is softer and calmer to get that perfect sleep at night.

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