Pregnancy & Sleep: Tips, Sleep Positions, & Issues

Pregnancy & Sleep: Tips, Sleep Positions, & Issues

Pregnancy & Sleep: Tips, Sleep Positions, & Issues

Women for centuries have been bearers of pain, be it sore boobs, period cramps, or giving birth to a new life. Women have embarrassed pain so beautifully that there is so much to learn from them. Comfort and proper sleep take a long walk away from women when it comes to pregnancy. There is so much going on with a woman’s body during the period of pregnancy, changes in the hormones, mood swings, weight gain, and so much pressure to take care of the life building inside her.

While taking care of herself and the bay sometimes many suffer from sleep deprivation or do not get any sleep at all. Before and after pregnancy sleep is the most sacrificed by parents, especially the moms.

In the article below we will go through all the issues and tips for sleeping positions to adapt along with sleeping habits mothers can choose for a comfortable pregnancy. Also, the best mattress to choose while you and your partner are pregnant.

How necessary is Sleeping during Pregnancy?


Sleep is a necessity for the functioning of both physical and mental health. For a pregnant woman sleep automatically become more important as the baby inside is also dependent on the rest she receives. Sleeping further is important for basic learning, concentration levels, memory building, and mood swings. These come in handy while bringing a new life to the world.

It is no secret that chronic sleep deprivation affects our immune systems negatively. Sleep is also responsible for keeping blood sugar in check. Sometimes hereditary health conditions also affect the pregnant moms sleeping conditions. While the excess of anything is bad, be it food, work, or even sleep. Yes! Too much sleep or too less sleep can be responsible for high pressure in pregnant ladies but mostly in the third trimester.

In early pregnancy lack of sleep can also risk the chances of having preeclampsia, which is a condition that can cause preterm delivery and negative impacts on the mother’s heart, kidneys, or other organs. When the mom rests the entire body utilizes that time in repairing itself. You can use it to fight the baby’s brain because it makes memories. The extra blood flow required to support your baby is putting intense pressure on your blood vessels, so it’s especially important to regain them now.

Why use Smart Grid Mattress during Pregnancy

Pregnant women need sleep at the best cost. A mattress that relieves the pressure and gives ultimate comfort. At times a mattress with excessive soft layers can easily sag inside, where hurts the alignment of the spine while sleeping. On the other hand, an extremely firm mattress can be stiff for the mom. Increase chances of back pain because of the firm texture, while providing solid back support while not being enough.

So what do we choose in that situation?

During pregnancy be smart and choose Smart Grid Mattress which uses advanced technology. They have mattresses that include 2500 air channels for fresh circulation of air. That doe not get you sweaty. Feel comfortable and luxurious with a premium cotton Viscose cover. The texture is soft and cooling and you cannot stop touching it. With pain in joints, one can also look for an orthopaedic mattress online.

Smart Features of SmartGrid Mattresses For pregnancy

Let us find out why SmartGrid mattresses are your best friends during pregnancy:

Supports your back 2x more:

SmartGrid mattresses have advanced technology that has grid-like formations that are smartly adjusted according to the shape of our bodies. It has a firm and also provides strong back support. While making sure that your spine is straight. Proves to deliver better support than most of the other mattresses

Assisting in motion isolation:

You won’t be disturbed by your partner’s tosses and turns by the smart grid mattress’ motion isolation. So sleep disturbance free all night.

Breathable Air Flow technology:

There are 2500 air channels in the Smart Grid mattress, creating a structure that has an open grid area that allows air to circulate freely. This ensures maximum comfort and prevents body heat from being trapped.


Food-grade polymers were used in the manufacture of Smart Grid mattresses, which are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that all family members, including children and the elderly, can use it without being concerned about toxicity.

Cozy and Comfy positions to sleep during pregnancy

Sleeping on a particular side during pregnancy could be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. But when pregnancy is onboard there are few changes to be made in the sleeping habit to feel comfortable and cozy.

Below are easy ways to equip pregnancy sleep issues and sleep in the best possible sleeping position on the side:

Buy lots of pillows:

Pillows are extremely comforting and soft. Putting your one leg on top of the one pillow getting it in between your thighs. While placing one behind the back, could help to support your back. More the pillows the better it is.

Need a huggable pillow:

A lot of sleepers find comfort in pillows that are soft and huggable. It gives potential support, or even buying a body-size pregnancy pillow could be a good choice too.

A few times even with all the plushy pillows you still may not feel comfortable and want to get rid of them. Give your body time to adjust to these changes by changing into various positions.

Concluding words

Sleeping habits to practice during pregnancy are essentially important to avoid restlessness.

These are the few pieces of advice to adapt to better sleeping habits to avoid sleep deprivation during the nights of your pregnancy:

Set the mood:

It is possible to promote sleeping by creating a calm, quiet, and relaxing space to sleep in, along with a comfortable and cooling temperature. The regularity of your bedtime and wake-up time also helps you feel fresh and not tired for the entire day.

Avoid using the phone at night:

It is vital that one stops looking at screens before sleep time. Doing movements: Preferably going for evening walks and everything the doctor prescribes. Take care of yourself and the baby by sleeping on the best kind of mattress and in a calmer environment.

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