Sleeping on Sofa? Then You Are in Danger

Sleeping on Sofa? Then You Are in Danger

sleeping on sofa

The sofa in the house is the most beloved place for family gatherings, movie nights, or taking naps. Its cozy and congested structure gives you a feeling of security, warmth, and being cuddled. Following that feeling, many tend to doze off on the sofa rather than mattress most of the time. However, frequently dozing off on the couch can cause more harm than provide comfort.

So what are the drawbacks that sleeping on the sofa can cause?

Wrong sleeping position

Sofas are specifically designed to accommodate a sitting space in the living room along with other furniture like chairs, tea pot tables, side tables, etc. Therefore, their size is not as big and comfortable as a mattress or bed.

If a fully grown person tries to sleep on the sofa, they can not sprawl across it just like their mattress. Further infusing a cramped position with wrong legs, neck, arms, and spine angles. Sleeping in a congested position stiffens your body, further impairing your sleep quality.

To avoid getting cramped up, having a stiff body in the morning, and hampered sleep quality, ensure that you sleep on a mattress suitable for your height and allows you enough support and comfort. Still, if you love to sleep in a reclined position, you can buy the Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed from the Sleep company. Its adjustable mode allows you to do tasks like sitting, reading, and watching television and also keeps you comfortable even if you fall asleep in that position.

Wrong body posture


When you sleep on a couch or sofa, you fail to adjust your body in a comfortable position due to limited space. It affects your body posture in the wrong way.

When you occasionally fall asleep on the sofa, you wake up with strain in the neck, lower back, or other joints in the body that troubles you all day and takes time to settle down. However, if this occasional sleeping turns into a frequent event, it starts harming the natural posture and spinal alignment.

A wrong body posture or changed spinal alignment creates other health issues, including back pain, less blood circulation, neurological problems, and sleeping disorders.

Wrong material

The sofa’s material is very much different from the mattress in various parts like its quality, type, and density; thus, it impacts the body differently. It is specifically made to provide firmness and comfort and to avoid sinking while sitting.

The material is not only different to accommodate the person’s position but also has a different capacity for absorption of body heat. Also, many people use fabric like velvet or thick coverings to match the sofa’s interior design. This type of material is not suitable for skin and respiration. Also, it creates excessive heat in the body and increases body temperature making sleepers uncomfortable. Therefore, sleeping on a mattress that does not retain body heat and maintains the body temperature cool is recommended to let a person sleep peacefully. The Sleep Company’s Smart Luxe with SnowTec Cooling Technology is an excellent choice to maintain body temperature and stay cool at night.

Not so hygienic

Sofas are put to good use by people by sitting, eating, and playing with children. Most of the time, when a person or guests come to the house from outside, they immediately sit on the sofa with all those clothes covered in outside pollution, dust, and harmful bacteria. Also, many people are prone to eat on the sofa while watching television or having a guest. Apart from this, if children are in the house, soft and plush sofas are their favourite place to play. All these things make the sofa more unhygienic to sleep on than the mattress.

Furthermore, many sofas have unremovable covers; hence you fail to wash them often. It makes sofas harbor harmful bacteria and pollutants. When a person sleeps on the couch, there is a higher chance of getting infected with it and having various disorders related to the respiratory system, lungs, or skin allergies.

A trap of distractions

The sofa is generally placed in the living room where things related to entertainment are kept for families, like television, computers, or other things that work as great distractions. These distractions turn out to be harmful before sleeping, and blue lights emitted from televisions or computers cause trouble with the eyes and disrupt sleep.

Also, living rooms are generally well-lighted and expose you to lights even during sleep, impacting your circadian rhythm and disrupting your sleep.

Buy a mattress



Many people prefer to sleep on the sofa as they find it uncomfortable to sleep on the mattress due to various reasons like:

  • A mattress is old, weathered, and torn
  • There is not enough space
  • Springs and coils are broken and are poking

Despite all these issues, sleeping on the sofa is not a good option for a more extended period. Therefore, to avoid any dire implications on health in the longer term, it is better to buy a new mattress rather than using the sofa to sleep.

Many top mattress brands in India sell comfortable and supportive mattresses that help in the improvement of sleep quality. Such as the Sleep Company’s patented Japanese SmartGRID mattresses.


Though sleeping on sofas is considered comfortable and accessible by many people, due to its adverse impacts on health in the long term, it is better to avoid and use a mattress instead.

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