Are You a Back Sleeper? Here Are Things You Need to Know

Are You a Back Sleeper? Here Are Things You Need to Know

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Sleep occupies one-third part of our life, and the sleeping position has the power to turn your sleep into better or worse. Since everyone has their favourite sleeping position they find comfort in, sleeping on their back remains their least favourite. Less than 10% of people across the globe prefer sleeping with their backs on a mattress.

Though being the least favourite, sleeping in a supine position brings you more benefits than other sleeping positions. However, it is hard to change your habits overnight; we have summed up some fine points about the back sleeping position in this article to raise your curiosity about it.

Let’s explore the benefits of sleeping with your head up.

Perks of sleeping on your back


1. Improves Spinal alignment

Sleeping on the back keeps your head, neck, spine and hips in the same position, further maintaining their alignment with each other. It reduces pressure points on these areas and keeps you pain-free when you wake up in the morning.

2. Lowers acidic reflux

Lying on the mattress facing upwards increases your chances of lowering acid refluxes. However, ensure you use a pillow to elevate your head to avoid filling the oesophagus with returned food and acid.

3. Relieves headaches

Continuous bending down to look at your phones or sleeping on your stomach or side without adequate head support can result in neck strain, further enhancing headaches. Sleeping on your back helps you get rid of headaches caused by this.

4. Lowers chances of sinus

Overnight sinus build-up and congested nose can very sleep disturbing as back pain and neck pain. However, sleeping on your back and keeping your head above chest level turns out to be an excellent chance to lower the sinus problems and keep your nose free from congestion.

5. Prevents skin rashes and aging

Many sides and stomach sleepers are prone to more skin irritations and aging signs than back sleepers. Side and stomach sleepers face friction with the mattress or pillow below, which causes damage to the skin and increases the aging rate. But, if you are sleeping on your back, your beauty retains its glory, and your skin remains undamaged.


Who must avoid going back to sleep?

Though sleeping on the back has various benefits that improve your health and sleep quality. There are few people who need to avoid laying on their back no matter how good the orthopaedic mattress they bought is.

Such as,


1. Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women are required to avoid sleeping on their backs with their elders for centuries. And now, this theory is backed by science as well. According to research, Pregnant women must not sleep on their backs, especially post 1st trimester. As the weight of the uterus and fetus increases and ultimately falls on their back, intestine, and vena cava which is the primary vein that carries blood to the heart from the lower body.

2. Lumbar pain

The lower back carries pressure on the upper body throughout the day and if it is already injured, then sleeping on the back turns out more damaging than anything else. Laying on a back adds extra pressure on the lumbar region and further damages the spine turning it into excruciating pain.

3. Sleep apnea

A person with sleep apnea suffers from serious breathing issues, and sleeping on the back adds more fuel to it. Since mouth and throat muscles relax during sleep, these soft tissues create a blockage in airways preventing a person from breathing. And sleeping on the back rolls the tongue back up and leaves the mouth open, further enhancing the chances of breathing issues.

4. When it becomes unbearable

Contrary to likings, no one can sleep in the same position for a more extended period and requires change. Thus, changing sleeping position frequently in sleep comes naturally, or else it wakes up a person with sore body parts.


Different types of back sleepers

There are two types of back sleeping positions in general

  • Soldier position

In this position, a person lays their back on a mattress with the arms parallel to the body, just like a sleeping soldier. It is similar to the Yoga position called Savasana. This sleeping position offers many benefits but causes extra stiffness and snoring problems.

  • Starfish position

People prefer the starfish sleeping position compared to the soldier one. In this position, a person lays on their back with their hand raised overhead on the side and legs spread more relaxedly. Though people prefer this position more, sometimes it causes shoulder pain if a person sleeps for a long time without moving.


Sleeping on the back can be difficult for side sleepers or stomach sleepers. Also, it can cause a problem for avid back sleepers if they don’t sleep correctly. Thus, here are some helping hands we bring for you to remain on the mattress with your back on it without much struggle.

  • If you have problems like snoring or sleep apnea, elevating your head above heart level is the best option to ease the struggle.
  • Sleeping on your back creates a gap between the mattress and your neck, which further adds tension to the veins and muscles in the neck region. Using a cervical pillow, you can eliminate this issue.
  • Our body has a natural curve in places like the neck, lower back, and knees. And when you lay flat on your back, it creates a gap between these body curves and the mattress, further enhancing pressure points. To avoid this tension creation, use thin pillows under the lower back and knees.
  • When you sleep on your back, some parts remain in the air due to the spine’s natural curvature. Therefore, buy mattress online that will adapt to body curvature and provide support to your body equally.
  • Whether you use a quality mattress or pillow beneath your neck and other body parts, ensure to change position often, as staying in a single position for too long cause you to wake up with sore and painful body parts.



Sleeping on your back can be beneficial or cause trouble depending on the duration, your body condition, and the mattress you use. Thus, make sure to buy mattress online that will give you better results than trouble.

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