Are You a Stomach Sleeper? Everything You Wants to Know

Are You a Stomach Sleeper? Everything You Wants to Know

Have you ever put so much thought while sleeping? Have you wondered if the position you sleep in is good or bad for your body? If not it is time to change the way how to sleep! Sleeping is one of the activities we all love and will be doing for one-third of our lives.

Why not do it right?

A survey conducted back in 2012 revealed that 16% of people like to sleep on their stomachs! They find this position extremely comforting, even if dozing on the stomach can lessen wheezing or snores at night and reduce sleep disorders called sleep apnea, it’s likewise burdening for the back and neck. Which can result in stains or pain in the neck in the morning at certain times. Are you counting yourself in this group? Let us find out more about yourself:




On the off chance that you enjoy most of your sleeping time period with the front portion of your body facing against the bedding, then you’re a stomach sleeper. Certain individuals, in any case, tend to nod off on their stomachs however quickly change to another position once they’re completely snoozing. Regardless of whether you frequently nod off while sleeping on your stomach, the face is facing the pillow and which could allow numerous times of waking up with a stiff neck.


How Does Sleeping Position Speak About One’s Psychology?


There have been arguments, research, and surveys made to come to a conclusion regarding sleep positions that define a person and their personality. According to certain psychological sites, it is said it may be a sign that you are feeling defensive or afraid if you are sleeping on your stomach. They may be perfectionists who have difficulty accepting criticism, and they take a lot of control of their lives.

Nevertheless, examining your sleeping position can certainly reveal some interesting details about who you are. Listed below are a few of the aracteristics that are associated with sleeping on your stomach:

Highly motivated: This type of person knows what they need and they won’t hesitate to pursue it. Nonetheless, one is most careful and carries it in a smooth and elegant way. Everyone loves an individual who is excessively self-confident.

Thrilling nature: These kinds of people are constantly looking for adventure, thrill, and new experiences in their life. Simply make sure to remain down to earth and keep living the fun.

High Confidence Level: Stomach sleepers have practically no hesitations about what their identity is. They are very outgoing and confident. Utilize this for your potential benefit and remember to remain respectful toward everyone.

Vulnerable and mostly anxious: People who sleep on their stomachs might be struggling to keep their connections secure. Sleeping on the stomach could showcase vulnerability when sleeping with partners. It could also represent uncertainty.

Good and Bad in Sleeping on Stomach



There are clashing conclusions about the potential medical advantages and dangers of resting on the stomach. Even though sleeping on the stomach could bring a few negative impacts while on the brighter side sleeping on the stomach also eliminates many other problems.

Negative Impacts:

Let us talk about what are a few negative issues that come along when one is sleeping on the bed on their stomach. Neck pain can result from sleeping on your stomach. You might have looked for a mattress online but still have neck pain when you wake up in the morning. Sleeping on your stomach might be the reason. It could further give stains on your back. Someone could also develop pain in their neck and shoulder, and experience stiffness. Stomach sleepers experience body pain when they wake up. In this position can likewise put an undesirable strain on our muscles and joints which are eventually responsible for the numb feeling or strains.

Positive Impacts:

It is not all bad when it comes to sleeping on the stomach. It helps in reducing snoring issues, as we already know sleeping on sideways of your bed or mattress helps in controlling snores. This position also helps in reducing the sleep disordered named sleep apnea symptoms. Some researchers talk about how it also decreases acid reflux.

In case you experience back or neck pain while sleeping on your stomach, try sleeping with a pillow.

The best way to sleep on your stomach

Imagine a scenario where all your life you have been sleeping on the bed on your stomach and you grow up to have joint paints and using orthopaedic mattresses online. We cannot ask you to completely change the way you are sleeping. Rather we bring a few ways that could end up being useful to you to keep away from the expected problems:

  • It can be beneficial to use thin pillows. Pillows that do not have too much height and are soft can be used on your sides. It can reduce waking up to neck or back pain.
  • Adding the pillow in the pelvis area will help in keeping the back in a position that is not too curved but rather more neutralized. This again avoids pressure on the spine.
  • Keeping the legs straight or not on some pillow as it will further twist the spine.
  • Stretch in the mornings can be helpful. Start the day with strengthening and supporting muscles and get your body back while it gets time to understand the areas that are straining. Stretching should always be done with a little movement and gentle care.


This choice is completely a personal one but have you ever tried searching what traits or benefits or disadvantages it brings along? If not we have provided you with everything in the article above.

Even if you best mattress online, if positions are not appropriate it can result in a lot of problems with the back and neck. In extreme cases we suggest consultancy but change begins at home. And it takes baby steps toward changing or improving your sleeping habits on the mattress

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