What Is The Best Sleeping Position As Per Vastu?

What Is The Best Sleeping Position As Per Vastu?

Have you been experiencing restless sleep, tossing and turning each night, unable to find the best sleeping position?

Have you been waking up at odd hours for no reason, disrupting your sleep cycle along the way?

Well, then this Blog is what you need!

Vastu says that there is a best sleeping position and a best sleep direction. When you neglect this, it can become difficult to enjoy the deep sound slumber you so crave. Therefore, every morning, instead of feeling like your best self, you wake up grumpy and cranky.

But we don’t want this.

So ahead, we bring you everything and more about the best sleeping position as per Vastu. It is not only said to improve sleep quality but can also enhance your physical and mental well-being. So, let's get started.

What Is Vastu?

Does Vastu really help? Absolutely!

1. Vastu is an age-old science that helps create harmony between people and their environment. It lets you design your layout in such a way that the flow of positive energy goes up. Whether it is giving you the ​​best sleeping position or helping you calm your mind before sleeping, Vastu does it all.

2. Vastu principles come from Hindu texts and various other factors like direction, elements, and cosmic influences.

3. Vastu strives to create balanced and auspicious living and working spaces and helps you achieve the best sleeping position.

4. Vastu principles can be used for homes, offices, and other structures. When you align your energies as per Vastu, it is said to bring about physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, which further improve quality of life.

The Best Sleeping Position As Per Vastu

Now, according to Vastu, it's usually the sleeping direction that matters the most. However, different sleeping positions also have specific considerations. Therefore, let's unpack the best sleeping position as per Vastu.

1. Back Sleeper

Sleeping on your back with your head towards the South or East is the best sleeping position according to Vastu.

This position is believed to improve your health and bring you sound sleep, all because of the alignment with the Earth's magnetic field.

That said, sleeping on your back can also be one of the best sleeping positions in general because it evenly distributes weight. Therefore, any pressure on the spine or other high points goes down. Also, it maintains the natural curvature of the spine, and any body ache that usually comes because of bad sleeping posture goes down.

2. Side Sleeper

If you are a side sleeper, put your head towards the South or East as it is said to be a favorable sleeping position as per Vastu.

So, it’s safe to call it the second-best sleeping position, after all, this position is believed to offer restful sleep and harmony.

Side sleeping is also the best sleeping position because it can help you overcome the problem of snoring and also curb sleep apnea symptoms.

Infact, it is even recommended for pregnant women to improve circulation and reduce pressure on the abdomen.

3. Stomach Sleeper

One that’s not the best sleeping position is sleeping on your stomach. It is generally not recommended in Vastu Shastra because it is said to disrupt the body's natural alignment. Also, it is not generally recommended as it negatively affects spine health.

However, if you are someone who finds it comfortable, use a thin pillow to reduce strain on the neck and back. And, place a small pillow or rolled-up towel under your hips to help maintain a more natural spinal alignment and reduce pressure on your lower back.

In Which Direction We Should Sleep As Per Vastu?

Which is the best sleeping direction according to Vastu? Well, now that you know which the best sleeping position is, let’s check the best bed direction as per Vastu!

Sleeping Direction as per Vastu

1. South

South is said to be the best head direction while sleeping as per Vastu. Here, you sleep with your head towards the South and feet towards the North. This alignment is said to position your body along with the Earth's magnetic field and offer the best sleeping position. So, it not only ensures a good night's rest but also keeps you healthy.

2. East or West

Sometimes, the layout of the room may not permit you to sleep with your head towards the South. Here, you can go with the next best Vastu Shastra sleeping direction, which is towards the East or West.

3. North

Sleeping with your head towards the North is generally discouraged in Vastu as it is believed to cause disturbed sleep, nightmares, and health issues over time.

But if you have space constraints or the North is the only option, try to position your bed slightly off-centre so that your head is not directly aligned with the magnetic North. While it may not be the best sleeping position, it helps you overcome any adverse effects.

4. Northwest

The Northwest sleeping direction is considered neutral in Vastu. Again, while this is not the best sleeping position, it can give you the sleep you deserve. So, if the North direction is a must, the Northwest can be okay.

5. Northeast

Sleeping with your head toward the Northeast direction is said to be auspicious in Vastu. This is associated with positive energies and spiritual growth. This direction is believed to bring you peace, and harmony, and aid your well-being.

6. Southeast

While the South is great, the Southeast direction may not be ideal. This is because it is associated with the element of fire according to Vastu principles.

That said, if you must sleep in this direction, make sure your bed is positioned correctly and the room is clutter-free to encourage the flow of energy.

7. Southwest

Sleeping with your head toward the Southwest is an acceptable sleeping position in Vastu and is also said to be associated with stability, support, and prosperity. This direction is believed to promote sound sleep and overall health.

Bed Position As Per Vastu

Now you know which direction to sleep as per Vastu but there are a few other factors you must keep in mind when it comes to bed position as per Vastu. Take a look!

1. Bed Placement

Bed position, according to Vastu, says that the bed should not be placed directly under a beam as it can create pressure and stress. Also, you must avoid placing the bed in line with the door, as it's considered inauspicious in Vastu.

2. Balanced Positioning

Make sure you keep the bed away from corners and walls. Now, this not only adds a sense of convenience with easy movement but also makes the circulation of energy around the bed effortless. Ideally, there should be space to access the bed from both sides.

3. Solid Wall Support

It's beneficial to have the bed positioned against a solid wall, preferably the South or West wall, for stability and support.

Tips for Improving Your Sleep as per Vastu

Before we wrap it up, let’s look at a few more tips to improve your sleep as per Vastu. This is especially helpful if you are unable to go with the best sleeping position because of space constraints or individual preferences.

Tips for improving your sleep as per vastu

  • Keep The Room Decluttered

    In Vastu, a cluttered room means energy being cluttered. Since it's unable to flow freely, it creates a sense of chaos mentally and disrupts sleep. So, the solution is to keep your bedroom clean, organized, and free from clutter. After all, a clean room does make you feel mentally at ease!

  • Proper Ventilation

    Ventilation is important. So, make sure you let fresh air circulate, day in and day out. Also, maintain a comfortable temperature. All this is said to make way for a positive and harmonious living environment. Good ventilation can contribute to a more restful sleep environment.

  • Natural Light

    Make it a practice to let natural light enter your bedroom as soon as you are up. You can use blackout curtains or blinds to block out excess light at night. This balance of letting in light in the daytime keeps the flow of positive energy infact.

    Also, natural light helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle and keep your circadian rhythm healthy.

  • Colour Scheme

    Did you know? Colours play a major role when it comes to Vastu. So, it is advised that you choose calming colours for your bedroom walls, bedding, and decor.

    Soft hues such as pastel blue, green, or lavender can be a great option as they are said to offer relaxation and tranquility.

  • Arrange Furniture Harmoniously

    Even when it comes to furniture arrangement, go for clutter-free scheme. This helps maintain the right energy flow. Avoid placing sharp or pointed objects, such as mirrors or exposed corners, directly facing the bed, as they may create negative energy.

  • Electronics and Gadgets

    Reduce the use of electronics, such as TVs or mobile phones in the bedroom, especially near or on the bed.

    Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with sleep quality. Keep them at a distance or turn them off before bedtime.

    Also, the blue light from your phones and tablets is harmful to you as it can interfere with sleep. So, it's best to put them away at least an hour before bed.

The Final Note

As you can see, following basic Vastu principles for the best sleeping position is not really a hassle. It, infact, keeps your space clean and relaxed while letting you enjoy the best slumber.

However, there's one other thing you need apart from the best sleeping position. We are talking about a comfy mattress.

Imagine this. You follow all the Vastu principles precisely. Everything is up to the mark. But as you lie down, your mattress feels lumpy or hot and doesn't offer pressure relief. Here, you still end up tossing and turning and wake up with aches and pains.

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1. Which position is lucky to sleep?

If you are trying to enhance your luck, Vastu has got you. It says that the best sleeping position is placing your head towards the South or East as it is said to be auspicious.

2. Which facing direction is best for sleep?

Wondering in which direction we should sleep as per Vastu? Well, the ideal direction for sleep is with your head towards the south or east, facing north or west. This balances the energy of the body and the space!

3. What is the best position for a bed in Vastu?

Vastu says that the best bed position is in the southwest corner of the bedroom. Here, make sure you place your head towards the south.

4. Which direction should your bed face?

Ideally, your bed should face either south or east for better alignment with Vastu principles as this helps improve your sleep quality.

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