The Comforters: Perfect rainy-day companions

The Comforters: Perfect rainy-day companions

The monsoon is here after a hot and humid summer, and we all look for that warm and cosy feeling to keep ourselves safe and comfortable during the wet and chilly atmosphere. Thus, we find that the best setting in our bedroom is on a soft and plush mattress while cooped up in a smoother and warmer comforter.

During the rainy season, excessive amounts of water vapour in the air lower the air pressure, and oxygen levels drop, making our brains slack off and us sleepy. Also, due to the constant pouring outside, the weather is cold and chilly, prompting us to seek options to create more heat in our bodies and protect ourselves from the extreme cold.

Comforter the savior

We all love something silky smooth, cozy, and thick enough to keep us warm while we snuggle. Comforters meet that demand by harnessing two layers of luxurious fabric stitched together on all sides and packed with insulative materials for warmth, usually down or feathers, wool or cotton stuffing, silk or polyester, and other down substitute materials.

Comforters are generally sewn practically rather than decoratively to secure their fillings in a place and keep it evenly distributed. 

Comforters, according to their name, give more warmth and comfort than blankets, dohars, quilts, and duvets. Its functional and simple stitching keeps it in shape while making it easy to use without the need for installation, and looks lovely as a bedside adornment.

How to choose a comforter?

When you buy comforter online, the things you can look for are temperature, the thickness of loft, filler material, fabric

1. Temperature

The most important thing you must check when buying a comforter is its warmth. Comforters come with the best heat insulations that provide the warmth everyone prefers during cold weather.

2. Loft

The loft or the thickness of the batting filling determines the level of warmth the comforter will provide. To calculate the thickness of the batting, GSM or gram per square meter parameters are used. The higher the GSM, the greater the warmth. However, when selecting a comforter, deciding whether you are looking for an all-season comforter or for a particular season is essential. Thus, if you want a comforter in cold weather, then the filling should count 200 or more GSM, while for summer, you need less warmth and can buy a comforter with less than 200 GSM of filling of batting.

The Sleep Company’s All-Weather Comforter is the best option to buy an all-weather comforter filled with 200 GSM of virgin-grade microfibre that is not too hot or cold but just right. 

3. Batting material

Batting or the filler material determines the warmth or lightness of the comforter. Thus, generally, for more heat, woollen or down material is used, while for lighter ones, cotton, polyester, bamboo, or blended materials are used. 

It depends on whether the comforters are all seasoned or designed for particular weather.

4. Covering

Depending on the batting material, the outer layer of the comforter is designed. For example, wool batting requires a stiff covering, while bamboo batting requires a softer cover.

How to take care of a comforter during the rainy season?

Because of their thickness and several layers, comforters require special attention during the rainy season to keep them in good condition for a lengthy period of time.

  • Always read the label, which mentions the steps required for the maintenance of the comforter according to its material.
  • Make sure that you show it proper sunlight whenever possible to keep them away from bacteria and allergens.
  • Wash them as and according to the instruction manual with the correct laundry detergent and washing cycle settings.
  • Dry it thoroughly before using it again, or else it may harbour dangerous bacteria, fungi, or other allergens.
  • Remove any stains with the help of wet clothes or washing.
  • Repair minor tears by sewing them before it grows bigger and ruin the structure of the comforter.
  • Avoid letting pets on the comforter and mattresses to avoid any damage as the pets are prone to scratching or bringing dirt. 

Where to buy a comforter?

Many online and offline manufacturers provide comforters at different rates with varied qualities, costings and materials. However, it is usually better to buy comforters or mattresses from reputable manufacturers because they come with warranties and last longer, even with slight damage.

If you are looking for good, quality brands of comforters or mattresses online that provide additional warmth and comfort. In that case, you can buy from The Sleep Company, which uses the newly invented SmartGRID technology. 

Bottom line: Thus, buying a comforter is the one step towards that heavenly warmth and comfort during the rainy season.

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