What is Zero Gravity Sleep Position?

What is Zero Gravity Sleep Position?


Gravity keeps us centred and our feet on the ground, yet it may be stressful on your body. Gravity affects many parts of our body as we age. It compresses the spine, contributes to poor blood circulation, and can decrease your flexibility. However, Zero-gravity is the absence of gravity; a condition in which the effects of gravity are not felt; weightlessness. The state of weightlessness experienced during a change in gravitational fields is referred to as a real state of zero gravity. When you’re in zero gravity, you’re reclined in such a way that your body is uniformly distributed. The zero-gravity position, developed by none other than NASA, is similar to that of an astronaut during a space mission’s liftoff. Because the force of gravity increases during liftoff, astronauts must adjust themselves in such a way that their bodies can cope with the increased force; this reclined position distributes stress throughout the entire body





and muscular pains, but also because it guarantees that you recover correctly from a day’s worth of activity. Many of us suffer from the more unpleasant side effects of gravity, such as uncomfortable pressure points all over our bodies, and we may benefit from the same positioning NASA astronauts employed during liftoff.

Although the term ‘zero gravity’ conjures up images of outer space, they’re a terrific solution for sleepers who suffer from pain of any kind. Once you’ve determined which mattress is ideal for you, the next best approach to ensure you’re getting a good night’s sleep is to invest in sleep accessories. There are alternatives available to help you get that perfect night’s sleep, ranging from knitted blankets to an adjustable zero-gravity bed.

When your entire body is relaxed and conforms to a zero-gravity position, the magic begins. In Zero Gravity Position, with your legs raised and head tilted up, it supports your heart, spine, and nervous system and makes it easy to fall and stay asleep. Sleeping in the Zero Gravity Position enables –

  • Decompression of the spine
  • Improved blood flow with less pressure on your heart
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Decreased lower back and neck pain




The adjustable beds let you change your bed to a variety of sleeping positions, making them ideal for personalizing your sleep and figuring out how to experience great sleep. An adjustable bed with a Zero Gravity Position helps to relieve pressure on all pressure points in the body, resulting in less pain and better sleep. Do you want to see what it’s like to be in zero gravity? Simply lie flat on your back with your head and feet raised above your heart and stomach. You’ll have reached the most relaxed position for your heart and neurological system when your body reaches roughly 120 degrees. Adjustable beds now come with a number of extra functions, like massage zones, personalized positions, USB ports, and under-bed illumination, thanks to advances in sleep technology.




Here’s how you can take advantage of all the advantages of zero gravity for yourself. To begin, you’ll need a zero-gravity adjustable bed base with head and foot adjustments. If you’re looking to buy an adjustable bed online, the advanced features of the Elev8 Adjustable bed can help you choose your ideal sleep position with ultimate comfort. Then select your ideal mattress; buy mattress online that can be compatible with your adjustable bed. Finally, before you buy an adjustable bed online, all you have to do is seek a Zero Gravity feature and Zero Gravity button on your remote control.

To truly achieve the zero-gravity state, make sure you have:

  • The hip, torso, and thighs are at an equal angle.
  • The upper body is raised.
  • The knees have been bent.
  • Legs are lifted to around the level of the chest.


Since NASA originally proposed the notion, doctors, sleep specialists, and consumers have been raving about the benefits of zero-gravity sleep. Regardless, the health benefits do appear to be a little bit magical. There are numerous advantages to sleeping in a zero-gravity bed, which may be achieved with the use of adjustable beds.

  • Improved Breathing: Adjustable beds enable you to keep your head raised, which helps your body’s airways remain open. This helps sleep disorders including sleep apnea and snoring, which are frequently caused by clogged or restricted passages. If you have a lesser ailment, like allergies, that stops you from getting a decent night’s sleep, this can also assist. If you suffer from allergies, make sure to invest in some hypoallergenic sheets to avoid the occasional sniffle.
  • Prevent Snoring: The zero gravity position elevates your head, keeping your airways free, eliminating obstructions, and allowing all bed partners to sleep with relaxation.
  • Relieve Neck & Back Pain: Even if you have the greatest, most comfortable mattress, you risk putting too much pressure on the regions of your body that can cause the spine to misalign. Zero gravity distributes your weight evenly along the natural curve of your spine, preventing any area of you from pressing into the mattress surface. What’s the end result? Back pain relief in zero gravity.
  • Prevent acid reflux and heartburn: Staying supported at an angle is good for your body, and sleeping in Zero Gravity Position can help reduce acid reflux that isn’t necessary. This is because sleeping at an angle prevents stomach acid from re-entering your oesophagus, resulting in a more comfortable night’s sleep.




To enjoy the benefits of zero gravity, you don’t have to be an astronaut.Elev8 Adjustable Bed is designed to put you in a deep state of relaxation. Enjoy the zero gravity position in Elev8 Adjustable Bed, which minimises the strain on your body, particularly your back, and provides for a more relaxed, enhanced sleep experience. This weightless feel of the Zero-gravity position, combined with comfortable pillows, allows the Elev8 to work its magic.

After diving into all this information about Zero Gravity Sleep Position. You must be waiting to try one yourself. If you’re looking to buy adjustable bed online, here’s the one made for you – Elev8 Smart Recliner Bed

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