How Pro Gamers Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

How Pro Gamers Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

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Have you ever watched a live gaming tournament? In that, as the camera pans across the players, you notice something intriguing. Each gamer is seated in a sleek, high-tech gaming chair. Have you ever wondered why pro gamers invest so much thought into choosing the best gaming chair? Well, just like a professional athlete needs the right equipment to excel in their sport, pro gamers understand the significance of having a top-notch gaming chair. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the factors that pro gamers consider when selecting their gaming thrones. Plus, we’ll take an in-depth look at the XGen Pro Gaming Chair by The Sleep Company, a game-changer in the industry.


Pro Gamers consider these factors while buying a right gaming chair: 


Pro gamers have specific requirements when it comes to selecting a gaming chair. These factors can greatly influence their performance and overall gaming experience. Here are the key considerations that pro gamers take into account:


  1. Ergonomics: Comfort and proper posture are crucial for extended gaming sessions. Pro gamers prioritize chairs that offer excellent lumbar support, adjustable features for armrests, height, and reclining positions. Ergonomic design ensures optimal body alignment, reducing the risk of strain or injury.
  1. Durability and Build Quality: Gaming chairs need to withstand the rigors of constant use. Pro gamers look for chairs made from high-quality materials that can withstand their demanding requirements. This includes robust frames, durable upholstery, and long-lasting cushioning.
  1. Customizability: Every gamer has unique preferences and body types. The ability to customize the chair to fit their needs is highly desirable. Pro gamers seek chairs with adjustable features that allow them to tailor the chair to their requirements.
  1. Breathability: Long gaming sessions can generate heat and sweat, making breathability an essential factor. Pro gamers opt for chairs that incorporate breathable materials, such as SmartGRID, mesh, or perforated upholstery, to promote airflow and keep them cool and comfortable.
  1. Aesthetic Appeal: While functionality is paramount, pro gamers also consider the chair’s visual appeal. Chairs that match their gaming setup or reflect their style are preferred.


The XGen Pro Gaming Chair by The Sleep Company: World’s 1st & only SmartGRID gaming chair 


XGen Pro Gaming Chair


The XGen Pro Gaming Chair, recently launched by The Sleep Company, aims to address the needs and preferences of pro gamers. This innovative chair offers a range of features designed to enhance the gaming experience.


It boasts a premium ergonomic design that prioritises comfort and support. Its contoured shape provides excellent lumbar support, reducing strain on the back and neck during extended gaming sessions. Its neck cushion helps you with a comfortable neck posture. The adjustable armrests, height, and reclining positions allow gamers to find their ideal seating position. This gaming chair offers 5 positions at different angles from working mode, gaming mode to sleeping mode at 180°. 


Crafted with a sturdy metal frame and Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology, the XGen Pro ensures durability and long-lasting comfort. The upholstery is made from high-quality leather, providing a luxurious feel while remaining easy to clean and maintain. The chair is BIFMA certified and can hold weights up to 150 kg.  


The XGen Pro Gaming Chair offers extensive customizability options to cater to individual preferences. Gamers can adjust the height, 4D armrests, leg rests, and reclining angle to achieve the perfect fit. The chair also features an adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow for added support.


Addressing the issue of heat and sweat, the XGen Pro incorporates highly breathable SmartGRID technology on the backrest. This allows for optimal airflow, keeping gamers cool and comfortable even during intense gaming sessions. Hence, we call it the right gaming chair for long hour sitting


The XGen Pro also showcases a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of sophistication to any gaming setup. With its eye-catching colour options and attention to detail, the chair offers a visually appealing appearance that pro gamers can appreciate.




Selecting the best gaming chair is a crucial decision for pro gamers who prioritise comfort, support, and durability. The XGen Pro Gaming Chair by The Sleep Company is a remarkable addition to the market, offering a range of features that cater to the specific needs of pro gamers. With its ergonomic design, durability, customizability, breathability, and aesthetic appeal, the World’s 1st SmartGRID XGen Pro Gaming Chair sets a new standard for gaming comfort and performance. By understanding the factors that pro gamers consider and investing in innovative products like the XGen Pro, gamers can optimise their gaming experience and elevate their performance to new heights.

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