Everything You Should Know About Buying a Bed

Everything You Should Know About Buying a Bed

Bed Frames are not just a style statement that we use to enhance the decorum of the bedroom but a valuable piece of furniture that we put into use for the maximum time of our day. For sleeping, sitting, relaxing, or some even use it for sitting while planning the next trip or packing stuff for the next trip. No matter what, without it, the bedroom loses its meaning, and sleeping becomes somewhat of a task.

Why is the bed so crucial in your bedroom?

To sleep without much hustle every night, of course. However, there are many other noteworthy needful things a bed does for us, such as,

  • It saves us from the daily chores of sprawling the Mattress and folding it before and after sleep every night
  • As a storage space
  • An easy option to lie down whenever we want
  • Great comfort and support for users and,
  • A style statement

However, it’s not that we buy a new bed every month or year and when we go to buy one, we invest a lot of money into it which you can’t spend all the time when you buy a new bed just to go with your theme.

So, when is the right time to buy a new bed?

Well, technically, the right time to buy a Bed is when you need one. But, if thought carefully, then the right time to buy a bed is, when

  • The old one is broken or almost at the end of its warranted life span
  • When you are not getting any comfort sleeping on it
  • Or, you have renovated your home, and the old one is just not a right fit for it.

Despite every valid reason, thousands of questions pop up in our pre-occupied brain when the time to buy a new bed comes, and we end up dwelling on a thought, “what if we buy the wrong bed, or what if the bed we buy won’t be satisfactory?”

However, we decided to sort out this dilemma and not end up with this life-threatening crisis.We did research about the best ways to buy a new bed and gathered it all in this article to help you out.

What to look into a bed while buying one?

So let’s take a peek at the overview of the factors you need to consider and the choices you need to make before we get into our thorough recommendations on buying a bed.

  • Measurements
  • Bed type
  • Material
  • Design
  • Manufacturer
  • Budget


Once it’s decided to buy a new bed for your bedroom, the first thing you need to do is take a tape and start measuring the room.

Well, not literally, But, you do need to take the room’s area into consideration, then the number of people who will be using the bed, and their height and size before you start searching for a Bed Online or offline.

Also, remember that you don’t need a bed that will fill the whole bedroom and put you out of space for another piece of furniture or move around. So, make sure that you find a bed that will be comfortable enough for sleepers to sprawl on it and also allows you to manage other things without much struggle.

According to research, an ideal proportion between the bedroom area and bed size should be 3:1. Also, you can try 1:1.45, a golden ratio which works fine for many.

Different bed sizes that are available in the market are

  • Single bed: 72″*36″
  • STwin bed: 75″*38″
  • Double bed: 75″*54″
  • Queen size bed : 80″*60″
  • King size bed: 80″*76″
  • California king-size bed : 84″*72″
  • Custom size bed: as per your choice


After taking measurements and finding the best bed size for yourself, it’s time to decide on a bed type.

There are literally hundreds of bed types available in the market for you to choose from. From traditional to modern and local to international, you name it, and it’s available. However, while selecting a bed type, make sure that it fits perfectly in your bedroom, goes with your style or theme, and most importantly, your personality.Some of the bed types available in the market are,

  • Just frame: A frame-only bed is without any other parts and is often made of robust metal to hold a box spring and mattress.
  • Platform bed: Platform bed frames provide a firm foundation for your mattress without requiring a box spring.
  • Adjustable bed: Adjustable bed frames are automated, allowing you to elevate a specific part of the bed, often the head, foot, or both.
  • Four-poster bed: A four-poster bed has a tall pillar with bars attached at the top on every side of the platform.
  • Storage bed: Storage beds include concealed drawers that you can use as extra storage in your bedroom.
  • Sleigh bed: Sleigh bed frames give the bed a sleigh-like form by having oversized headboards and footboards.
  • Trundle bed: Trundle bed frames have an additional bed frame that can be slid beneath the main frame when not in use and hauled out as needed.
  • Bunk bed: Bunk beds may accommodate two or more individuals by piling two-bed frames on top of one another.



As you finalize the bed size and type you want, the next in line is the material of the bed frame. It’s very crucial to get a bed frame with the correct material used since a bed’s durability depends on it.

You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a Bed Frames that will collapse easily beneath a person’s extra weight or a few jumping jack plays of your child. Before making the final call, do a little research about the climatic conditions within your area or city, as every material reacts differently in different climates and sustains durability accordingly.

Ensure whether the material is readily available in your locality or if you need to import it from outside. Also, find out whether it’s in trend or outdated so that you don’t regret it later while flaunting your bedroom decor in front of guests.

There are Two Common Bed Frame Materials Available in The Market Are

  • Wooden bed frames: From intricate artwork headboards to delicate four-posters, these are classic, timeless beauties. You can get as many designs in it as you want.Best quality wooden bed frames use wood like Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Rosewood, bamboo, Satinwood, Sal wood, Maple, and Teakwood.Best quality wooden bed frames use wood like Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Rosewood, bamboo, Satinwood, Sal wood, Maple, and Teakwood.
  • Metal bed frames: With a mid-century modern style, and readily available design molds, these are famous for affordability and low maintenance.Best quality metal bed frames can have metal like aluminum, iron, nickel with a shiny finish, and steel.


All the details mentioned above, including measurements, bed type, and material, bring you closer to the design concept you’re seeking.

You can get design ideas from magazines, the internet, interior designers, or your friends. You can also create your own design or select from what is available in the market.

Whatever design you select, make sure that

  • It reflects your and your family’s values
  • It goes well with the interior or bedroom theme
  • Provides comfortable sleeping space

And, Less complicated to make or readily available


Despite finalizing everything, the main question arises: where or which manufacturer to buy bed frames from?

Until the last decade, we had limited manufacturers options; however, globalization and the internet have widened our spectrum of available manufacturers across the globe with a single click.

You can find plenty of manufacturers worldwide, from least known and low-quality brands to popular and top-notch quality brands.

However, when you are selecting the manufacturer, first finalize certain things such as

  • Whether you want to buy online or offline
  • Can the manufacturer create the bed frame according to your choice
  • Is it trustworthy and authentic
  • Are they costly or fit within your budget



Whether you want to buy some local, ready-made, and standard bed frame or one which is exclusive, one of its kind made by a renowned brand in the world, the main point remains unchangeable, and that is your budget.

It’s, by default, essential to consider it before you set your eyes on something that will drain your bank account and leave you broke.

To Avoid That, Do a Little Math About

  • How much money can you spend on a bed frame
  • Is it available at the different stores at different price
  • Does the brand offers any discounts, warranty, offers such as free delivery, assemble, maintenance, etc
  • Whether the money you are paying for the bed frame you want is justified.

Tips for it

As we elaborate on all the main aspects of buying a bed and head towards the conclusion, here are specific key points that you can use to buy the best bed that will provide you with comfortable and adequate sleep with an elegant touch to the decor.

  • Do thorough research and learn everything you ened to know about the bed, such as material, manufacturers, and current trends.
  • If you live in a house with a partner or family, choose a bed that is practical for all of the people who will be sleeping in it after checking with them.
  • Do not just buy the bed but visit a nearby store and try it by lying on it.
  • Speak clearly with the manufacturer about your requirements and expectations before sealing the deal
  • Confirm with the manufacturers about the delivery, payment modes, return or refund policies, warranty period, and maintenance charges.
  • buy mattress online or from the retail store that complements your bedroom’s design, fits better with your bed frame, and offers comfort and support for your body while you sleep.


Even though purchasing a bed is not as complex as buying a priceless gem or involving rocket science, it is no less significant since it affects our finances, health, and sleep quality.

Therefore, take your time to choose the ideal bed frame that will be with you indefinitely and refrain from making an impulsive purchase.

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