5 Benefits of Adjustable Beds for Senior Citizens

5 Benefits of Adjustable Beds for Senior Citizens

When it comes to adjustable beds, the first thought that comes to most people’s minds is a hospital bed or a bed used for medical conditions. Contrary to belief, adjustable beds can also benefit everyday usage, specifically for senior citizens.

Senior citizens have the most difficulty sleeping due to old age, health, or chronic ailments. Their bodies undergo various alterations, from losing strength and health to impaired respiratory systems. All of these health conditions significantly affect sleep quality. Sleeping on an adjustable bed can be extremely useful for older adults.

So, here are five reasons why adjustable beds can help senior citizens sleep peacefully.


The main reason behind snoring at night is that the windpipe gets constricted because of the neck’s weight. Whenever it happens, air cannot easily pass through the windpipe to the lungs, causing sleepers to create an unpleasant sound, indicating difficulty in breathing.

Though people of any age can snore, senior citizens do it most due to their weakened respiratory system and old age. When you use an adjustable bed to lift yourself into an upright posture, you avoid the weight of your neck from putting strain on your airway. It causes you to quit snoring and help your partner sleep comfortably through the night.

All in one

Due to several issues, senior citizens spend maximum time on their beds. Sometimes, they do all activities on their bed, from eating, reading to sleeping, due to their inability to move around. In such a case, if they use an adjustable bed, they can perform most of the activities efficiently.

Thanks to the newly added technology, many adjustable beds are technologically improvised with an inbuilt massage function that helps senior citizens unwind their exhaustion and relax completely. The adjustable bed also comes with a remote control that allows senior citizens to move from one position to another with one button.

The sleep company’s Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed and Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed with Frame are excellent choices when it comes to buying an adjustable bed or recliner bed. They not only provide a comfortable sleeping or sitting position but also provide a smooth transition from one position to another.

Pre-Sleep Relaxation

Many senior citizens have a pre-bed routine such as reading books or watching television. And they prefer to do it on the bed due to their restricted movements. Also, most of them habitually drift into a night of sleep while reading or watching television without knowing it. It becomes problematic when they are sitting somewhere else or their bed is regular.

Adjustable beds help them conduct their pre-sleep relaxation activities in bed without going anywhere or being uncomfortable. Also, it makes it easier for them to sleep as soon as they are done with their actions.

As well as, when their upper body is elevated while sleeping helps them prevent neck or shoulder pain and allows them to sleep in a relaxed and comfortable position.

No Back Pain

Contrary to age group, back pain is the most common issue everyone faces while sleeping. And in the case of senior citizens, it becomes worse due to weak muscles and lack of bone density.

Using an adjustable beds helps senior citizens distribute their weight equally and reduce pressure on the back. Also, the elevation of the feet allows the lumbar area to relax and reduces strain on the lower back.

Also, senior citizens facing orthopedic issues can use The Sleep company’s Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed and their Smart Ortho Mattress . The Sleep Company’s Smart Ortho Mattress is created with a patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer that provides proper support and adapts body curvature, further reducing back pain.

Improved Blood Circulation

Many older adults have problems with swollen feet and legs due to poor blood circulation due to weakened veins. Poor blood circulation leads to many other health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes. If senior citizens use an adjustable bed or recliner bed they can sleep comfortably and help in proper blood circulation.

Helps in Reducing Acid Reflux

Senior citizens suffer from acid reflux as their digestion system weakens over time. And in such cases, sleeping on the back or flat surface can make it difficult to pass their meal through the esophagus and cause the formation and collection of acid, additionally enhancing acid reflux illness.

An easy solution to avoid acid reflux is lifting your head for a minimum of five inches. Many people use a pillow to uplift their heads; however, it doesn’t give many benefits. In such a case, using an adjustable bed to lift your Mattress is a logical solution. Using an adjustable bed to elevate your body while sleeping stops the stomach’s content from entering the esophagus and reduces acidity issues and heartburn.


The modern adjustable bed provides you with sleep benefits, plays a good part as designer upholstery, and looks pleasant to your eyes.

The revolutionary adjustable bed can significantly improve your sleep quality and further help you maintain your mental and physical health in order. Therefore, don’t fail to get one!

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