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Smart Ortho Mattress

Smart Ortho Mattress

4.9/5 ratings (17839+ reviews)

The most comfortable orthopedic mattress on the planet for your back and spine! The SmartGRID Ortho technology provides optimum comfort and firm back support. designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep.
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₹11,925 onwards

Smart Luxe Mattress

Smart Luxe Mattress

4.8/5 ratings (19304+ reviews)

Our most luxury mattress with soothing and supportive comfort. Designed with patented SmartGRID Technology, the only mattress in Indiathat is both soft for luxury comfort and firm for back support! The mattress is specially designed to let you experience the cosiest sleep and cloud-like comfort.
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₹14,940 onwards

Smart Ortho Pro Mattress

Smart Ortho Pro Mattress

4.8/5 ratings (14201+ reviews)

The most revolutionary and smartest orthopedic mattress is made with patented SmartGRID Technology and scientifically proven 5-zone orthopedic support perfect for back support.
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₹15,500 onwards

Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress

4.8/5 ratings (14354+ reviews)

The Smart Luxe Hybrid is our high-end plush mattress designed for luxurious cloud-like comfort. The combination of SmarGRID and pocketed spring coils allow more airflow while sleeping.
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₹20,940 onwards

Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

4.8/5 ratings (14898+ reviews)

The Smart Ortho Hybrid mattress is designed with the combination of SmartGRID Technology, Hybrid Spring, & advanced ortho support that relieves back pain and provides comfort all night.   
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₹20,940 onwards

Smart Luxe SnowTec Cooling Technology

Smart Luxe SnowTec Cooling Technology

4.8/5 ratings (7018+ reviews)

SmartGRID mattress when paired with SnowTec cooling technology provides 10+ hours of cooler sleep. The latest cooling enhancements in the Smart luxe mattress are backed by rigorous research, testing, and strategic design.It allows more airflowthat gives you a natural icy feeling and cooling comfort.   
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₹19,550 onwards

Smart Luxe Royale Mattress

Smart Luxe Royale Mattress

4.8/5 ratings (3158+ reviews)

The Smart Luxe Royale mattress is the perfect combination of luxury, style and comfort. Get the plush and bouncy feel with the unique blend of SmartGRID technology and 100% Natural Latex for a perfectly good night’s sleep.
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₹67,925 onwards

Smart Ortho SnowTec Cooling Technology

Smart Ortho SnowTec Cooling Technology

4.8/5 ratings (6678+ reviews)

SmartGRID mattress when paired with SnowTec cooling technology provides 10+ hours of cooler sleep. The latest cooling enhancements in the Smart  mattress are backed by rigorous research, testing, and strategic design. It allows more airflow that gives you a natural icy feeling and Advance Orthopedic Support
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₹16,925 onwards

Smart Ortho Royale Mattress

Smart Ortho Royale Mattress

4.8/5 ratings (315+ reviews)

SmartGRID technology when paired with pressure-absorbing technology effectively reduces pressure from high-pressure body parts and relieves back pain. It is the most luxurious mattress along with orthopedic support, so you have an uninterrupted night’s sleep.
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₹67,925 onwards

Importance of good mattress for sound sleep

If you wake up complaining of restless sleep and lingering back pain, it may be a sign that your mattress needs an upgrade. A well-chosen mattress provides more than just a surface to sleep on; it becomes integral to your nightly rejuvenation. By offering tailored support to your entire body and maintaining your spine's natural alignment, a quality mattress elevates your sleep and actively mitigates issues like back pain and poor posture.

Imagine this: After a day of conquering challenges at work or navigating the ups and downs of daily life, you retreat to your sanctuary, your bedroom. How would it feel to plunge into mattresses that seem to hug you back, adapt to your body shape, and make you sigh a "finally" in relief? The right mattress ensures that you wake up recharged, ready to leap into the adventures of a new day.

In recent years, sleep science has increasingly underscored the crucial role of restful sleep in overall health and well-being. Moreover, it's now widely accepted that the quality of your mattress directly impacts not just your sleep but also your spinal health. Consequently, when choosing a mattress, it's imperative to consider factors like material composition, thickness, level of firmness, mattress prices, best mattress for back pain, and overall supportive structure.

Don't know where to start? Worry not. Our user-friendly The Sleep Company online store makes it a breeze to sift through options and select your dream mattress. It's not just about buying a mattress; it's about investing in a slice of comfort that takes you closer to your dream life, one restful night at a time. So go ahead, turn the page on restless nights, and step into a world where every morning is a good morning!

What is SmartGRID Mattress & Technology?

The Sleep Company has been at the forefront of sleep innovation, breaking new ground with its unique SmartGRID mattress. A product of extensive research and development by DRDO scientists, SmartGRID is unparalleled in mattress for bed. SmartGRID uses a pioneering hyper-elastic polymer arranged in a grid pattern, unlike traditional memory foam, latex, or innerspring options. The mattress design accommodates your body's natural curves, like the hips and shoulders, providing a balance of support and relief. It's not just about avoiding pressure points; it's also about receiving the right amount of cradling and cushioning for a serene sleep experience. Moreover, the SmartGRID structure incorporates 2,500 air channels to facilitate better airflow, ensuring you remain cool and comfortable through hot, oppressive nights. An array of SmartGRID bed mattresses are available tobuy mattresses onlineto suit various comfort needs.

Mattress Buying Guidebook

Selecting a mattress online isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in your well-being. Ensuring that your mattress design harmoniously aligns with your body and evenly distributes your weight is crucial for a rejuvenating sleep experience. As you prepare to embark on your quest to find a perfect The Sleep Company mattress online, consider this comprehensive guide to navigate your choices:

  • Dimensions:- A snug-fitting mattress design that seamlessly aligns with your bed frame is essential. It's not merely about avoiding overhanging edges but ensuring no awkward gap, compromising your comfort. Remember the universally preferred dimensions when considering the size of mattress, Queen size mattresses, and King size mattresses.
  • Price:- Setting a budget before diving into your online mattress hunt ensures a focused search. While financial boundaries are crucial, never let them overshadow the mattress quintessential: quality and comfort.
  • Material:With The Sleep Company presenting a diverse palette of five distinct mattress materials, each crafted with unique specifications, you're spoilt for choice. Whether you have a penchant for a particular material or are exploring options, our online mattress range caters to varied preferences.
  • Comfort Level/Firmness:Your bed mattress should resonate with your comfort language. The beauty of The Sleep Company is the luxury of their 100-night trial, allowing you to truly immerse in the experience, ensuring the mattress aligns with your comfort aspirations. Mattress shopping online with The Sleep company gives well-detailed insights into mattresses and their quality for your comfort level.
  • Seek Reviews:Peer reviews offer invaluable insights. A glance at customer feedback before you buy online mattress and finalize your online mattress purchase, could guide you to your ideal mattress choice.

Remember, your well-being is at the heart of your mattress shopping online journey. Prioritize comfort, align it with quality, and let your chosen mattress pave the way for nights filled with serene slumbers. The mattress must be self installed after delivery.

Health Benefits of using SmartGRID Mattress

Every mattress material has unique benefits linked to it, and here are some of the health benefits of a SmartGRID mattress:

1} Versatile:No matter how you sleep, a SmartGIRD mattress allows the grid’s walls to bend down on body curvatures like the hips and shoulders, ensuring that there is no pressure placed on any part of your body. It is firm enough to support your back and spine, and soft enough to adapt to your body shape.

2} Temperature control:Do you wake up all sweaty and hot in the morning? Worry not, the SmartGRID mattress has got you covered! The 2500+ Air Channels in the SmartGRID structures allow enough airflow, giving cooling comfort during hot nights.

3} Suitable for all:Irrespective of your age and sleeping position, a SmartGRID mattress is suitable for all. From toddler to senior citizen who needs orthopedic support, a SmartGRID mattress works wonders for any age group.

4} Pressure relief:Smartgrid mattresses may offer enhanced pressure relief by adapting to your body shape and distributing weight more evenly. This can help alleviate pressure points and reduce the risk of developing bed sores or discomfort.

5} Spinal alignment:A SmartGRID mattress provides optimal spinal alignment, promoting proper posture during sleep. This helps alleviate back pain and improve overall spinal health.

6} Motion isolation:Do you and your partner have different sleep preferences? Here’s how SmartGRID can help! SmartGRID mattresses are designed to isolate and minimize motion transfer. This can be beneficial for couples, as it reduces disturbances caused by movement during the night and promotes uninterrupted sleep.

7} Eases back pain:The SmartGRID technology in the mattress offers optimal comfort and firmness, specifically targeting the back, shoulder, and neck areas. It provides a supportive yet comfortable surface and helps reduce back pain and alleviates any aches or discomfort.

8} Hypoallergenic:A SmartGRID mattress is made with eco-friendly hypoallergenic material for a healthier sleep environment that provides anti-allergy benefits, prevents dust mites, wicks moisture away, and keeps the mattress fresh and clean in all seasons for a safe and healthy sleep environment.

Different size of mattress available at The Sleep Company

The right size mattress plays an important role for a comfortable and fulfilling night’s sleep. Below are the different size of mattress available at The Sleep Company:

King Size Mattress:Aking size mattressis the biggest mattress size available at The Sleep Company. If you are someone looking for more space to stretch and want to escape the confine of the smaller mattress then buying a king size mattress is the perfect choice. With enough space for two adults, you can buy king size mattress online to experience a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Queen Size Mattress:If you want to maintain a perfect harmony between space and comfort then look no further than aqueen size mattress. Spacious enough for couples and with enough room for people who crave more space, a queen size mattress allows you to rest without feeling cramped. You can buy queen size mattress online or by visiting The Sleep Company’s experience store near you.

Double Size Mattress:Small bedroom? Less space? No worries, The Sleep Company has got you covered. Adouble size mattress, also known as a full size mattress which is smaller than a king or queen size mattress and is spacious enough to accommodate two adults. It ensures a comfortable and supportive sleep surface without taking up excessive space. Order your double size mattress online and enjoy a hassle free delivery experience.

Single Size Mattress:Asingle mattressis a standard size mattress which accommodates a single sleeper and is ideal for children, teenagers, young adults and people who sleep alone. A single size mattress is also an excellent choice for a kid or guest bedroom making them a budget friendly option. The Sleep Company offers single size mattress online and at their experience stores across India.

Diwan Size Mattress:Need adiwan size mattressfor your diwan? Sure, we have that too! A diwan size mattress is comfortable enough to accommodate a kid or a single young adult. Our diwan size mattress is also made of SmartGRID technology so that you enjoy the comfort and support when you sleep or sit.

Custom Size Mattress:Do you have a unique furniture or bed that is not commonly found in the market? Let your search end here, The Sleep Company offers you to customize your own mattress according to the specific size of your furniture or bed. You can simply add the dimensions when you buy custom size mattress online or mention them when you purchase it from the store.

Different Types Of Mattresses Available At The Sleep Company

Ortho Range

Smart Ortho Mattress

Experience unmatched spinal care with our SmartGRID Ortho technology. Designed for optimal back support, it aligns your spine perfectly, ensuring pain-free, rejuvenating sleep.

Smart Ortho Pro Mattress

Revolutionize your sleep with the advanced 5-zone orthopedic support of our Smart Ortho Pro. Thanks to patented SmartGRID Technology, your back gets the support it deserves.

Smart Ortho Royale Mattress

Marrying SmartGRID technology with pressure absorption, the Royale offers luxury with vital orthopedic support. Bid adieu to back pain and hello to undisturbed sleep.

Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

Melding SmartGRID Technology with Hybrid Spring, this mattress promises advanced ortho support and consistent comfort throughout the night.

Smart Ortho SnowTec Cooling Mattress

Stay cool with our Smart Ortho SnowTec. Enjoy over 10 hours of chill sleep backed by research-driven cooling enhancements, optimal airflow, and superior orthopedic backing. Sleep cooler, sleep better.

Luxe Range

Smart Luxe Mattress

Experience unparalleled luxury with our Smart Luxe Mattress. With patented SmartGRID Technology, it offers a dual benefit of plush comfort and firm support, a unique blend in the Indian market that guarantees dreamy sleep.

Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Our Smart Luxe Hybrid promises a cloud-like embrace for those who crave indulgence. The synergy of SmartGRID and pocket springs ensures breathability and opulent comfort.

Smart Luxe SnowTec Cooling Mattress

Coolness meets luxury. Our Smart Luxe SnowTec delivers a 10-hour cool slumber. Its meticulously researched cooling features and optimal airflow promise a frosty, refreshing sleep.

Smart Luxe Royale Mattress

Elegance meets comfort in the Smart Luxe Royale. Relish the plush bounce of a unique amalgamation of SmartGRID technology and 100% Natural Latex for serene nights.

Which mattress qualifies as the best orthopedic mattress for back pain?

Every mattress is not an orthopedic mattress. It can be difficult to choose the right orthopedic mattress for you when you buyorthopedic mattress online. SmartGRID mattresses provide you with pain-relieving comfort. With India’s first SmartGRID Technology, the SmartGRID orthopedic mattresses for back pain are a new favorite in most households in India. The Smart Ortho mattresses support your back and spine while giving your arms, shoulders, and pelvis cushiony softness.

Very good

Frequently Asked Questions

    The type of mattress is determined by its construction and materials. There are mainly five types of mattresses available in India:

    • SmartGRID Mattresses: The SmartGRID mattresses are India's first and only mattress that gives you both soft cushiony comfort and firm back support for a relaxed and comfortable sleep. It is one of its kind designed By DRDO scientists with Patented Japanese Technology.
    • Innerspring Mattresses: These mattresses have a steel coil support system and are often the most traditional type of mattress.
    • Latex Mattresses: These mattresses are made from latex foam and offer a similar level of support and pressure relief as memory foam mattresses, but with a slightly bouncier feel.
    • Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses conform to the shape of the sleeper's body and are known for their pressure relief and support.
    • Gel Mattresses: Gel mattresses are a type of mattress that uses gel-infused foam to provide additional support and cooling.

    Choosing a new mattress for your particular sleeping needs is quite important. When looking for a new mattress, you should consider the following factors:

    • Comfort level: The most important thing to consider is your own comfort level. People should choose a mattress that is comfortable for them,
    • Find the right size: Make sure to get the right size mattress for your bed frame and room. A good mattress should provide proper support for the spine and body.
      Check our mattress size guide if you are still confused about how to decide the mattress size
    • Adequate Body Support: A good mattress should provide proper support for the spine and body.
    • Read Customer Reviews: Checking product reviews is a good habit to get into. And with a purchase as important as your mattress, you don’t want to take any risks.
    • Budget: Mattresses come in a wide range of prices, so people should consider their budget and look for a mattress that offers the best value for the price.

    Choosing a mattress online can be tricky. Here is the best bed mattress buying guide.

    • Know the size of the Mattress Needed
    • Know the Mattress Budget
    • Consider how the Mattress will be used
    • Consider the Desired firmness or softness of the mattress
    • Look into the customer reviews & warranty
    • Find a Mattress free of Odors
    • Look for a Mattress that is easy to set up

    Your mattress may be too firm if you have these signs:

    • If you’re waking up with back, neck or shoulder pain, your mattress might be too firm.
    • If you have numbness or tingling in your arms and hands, your mattress is too firm for your preferred sleep position.
    • Your mattress might be too firm if you wake up feeling tired.
    • Your mattress is too firm if it doesn’t contour to your body at all when you get into bed.

    The best mattress for sleeping depends on personal preference and individual needs. Some popular options include SmartGRID Mattresses, latex, innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses. SmartGRID mattresses are India’s first & only mattresses designed with the expertise in sleep technology to improve the comfort of every individual. It's important to test and try out different types and brands before making a decision.

    Ideally, You should replace your mattress every 7-10 years. However, the lifespan of a mattress depends on several factors such as the quality of the mattress, the frequency of use, and how well it has been cared for. A mattress can start to deteriorate and lose its support after several years of use. If a mattress is visibly sagging or has lumps or bumps, it's probably time to replace it.

    If you're having trouble sleeping and waking up with neck, shoulder, or back pain, it’s time to switch to an orthopedic mattress. Generally, a medium-firm mattress is often recommended for people with back pain as it provides enough support to keep the spine aligned while also being soft enough to reduce pressure points.

    Yes, SmartGRID is designed with Patented Japanese Technology to develop India’s most comfortable mattresses, chairs and beds. It is not foam, or memory foam or coir - it is the biggest comfort revolution proven to help people sleep better & deeper.

    SmartGRID mattress is not a memory foam, coir or latex - nothing that you have heard of in sleeping products. SmartGRID is designed with Patented Japanese Technology with hyper-elastic polymer. The grid structure allows the walls of the grid to buckle down on body curvatures like the hips, and shoulders. Now You don’t have to choose one, you can enjoy the best of both softness & firmness in one mattress This ensures that you sleep all night, every night.

    The SmartGRID mattresses are designed with the patented SmartGRID technology and hyper-elastic gel material. The 2500 air channels in a SmartGRID structure facilitate enough airflow, and you get the most relaxing sleeping nights. Moreover, the smartGRID mattresses are layered with premium cotton fabric that presents you with jittery nights.

    A good, quality mattress protector offers waterproof protection to guard against spills and accidents, and they also reduce the amount of dust, debris and dirt. This helps protect the materials inside your bed from damage, keeps skin oils and sweat off the bed and reduces build up of allergens like mold and dust mites

    Body weight can affect the comfort and support of a mattress. Heavier individuals typically need a firmer mattress to provide adequate support for their joints and spine. A firmer mattress can help to distribute weight evenly across the surface of the mattress, which can help to reduce pressure points and prevent pain.

    Here are a few tips to take care of your mattress and ensure it lasts for many years:

    • Rotate and flip your mattress: Rotating and flipping your mattress can help to distribute wear evenly and prevent sagging. It is recommended to rotate and flip your mattress at least every three months.
    • Use a mattress protector: A mattress protector can help to protect your mattress from spills, stains, and allergens. It can also help to extend the life of your mattress by preventing wear and tear.
    • A good bed frame: Using a good quality and correct size base will help the mattress last longer and you feel more comfortable.
    • Keep it clean: Even if you're using a mattress protector, spillages and stains may seep through the mattress which sometimes requires cleaning from a professional.
    • Avoid jumping on the mattress: Avoid activities that can cause excessive wear and tear on your mattress, like jumping or standing on it.
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