Diwan Mattress

Smart Ortho Pro Mattress

₹15,990 ₹26,650

Smart Ortho Mattress

₹12,490 ₹16,660

Smart Luxe Mattress

₹15,900 ₹26,590

Smart Ortho Hybrid Mattress

₹20,940 ₹34,900

Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress

₹20,940 ₹34,900

Smart Luxe Royale Mattress

₹69,990 ₹107,690

Smart Ortho Royale Mattress

₹69,990 ₹107,690

Smart Kids Mattress

₹12,100 ₹20,167

Smart Baby Mattress

₹5,999 ₹9,998

Benefits of Buying Diwan Bed Mattress Online

Mattress selection is arduous as it's crucial for sleep and overall health. And when it comes to buying a mattress online for a spacious bedroom, the task becomes confusing as there are so many options available, from king size mattresses to double bed mattresses. While King and queen size bed mattresses may be too big for your bedroom, a double bed mattress might only accommodate you and let you sleep comfortably. In this scenario, buying a diwan bed mattress online is the best option which is neither too big nor too small but just perfect.

Benefits of Buying a Diwan Bed Mattress

There are many benefits of buying a diwan bed mattress online. Such as,

Precious & comfortable

Diwan size mattresses come in decent size, which is slightly bigger than a double bed but smaller than a king size bed mattress. The preciousness of a diwan size mattress allows you to sleep comfortably and without getting any body aches.

Best for couples

Buying a diwan bed mattress online is the best idea for couples as they get enough space for two people without actually kicking each other out of bed.

Ideal size for bedroom

Whether you have a big bedroom or a smaller guest room, the diwan bed mattress size fits perfectly aligned with the bedroom space. It doesn't look out of place or congested despite the size of the bedroom.

What To See While Buying a Diwan Bed Mattress

When it comes to buying the best diwan bed mattress online, you must consider some features.


Diwan size bed mattress comes in different types of material from SmartGRID, latex, memory foam, down-feather, and so on. You can select any material based on your personal choices.


The size of a diwan bed mattress varies depending on the brand and materials used. You can select the suitable size for your diwan bed by taking exact measurements with a measuring tape.


Diwan bed mattress price changes depending on brand value, material, manufacturing cost, transportation, etc. Several top mattress brands in India manufacture diwan bed mattresses at reasonable prices. You can buy the best diwan bed mattress based on your budget and capacity.

Why Buy a Diwan Bed Mattress From The Sleep Company?

The Sleep Company is a renowned mattress brand in India that uses newly invented SmartGRID technology in their mattresses. The Sleep Company aims to provide comfort and the best sleeping experience to their customers, and with the SmartGRID mattresses, they are succeeding in achieving their aim.

Let's take a look at some of the features the Sleep Company's Smart mattresses have:

The smart grid technology layer

The Sleep Company's all mattresses have a hyper-elastic polymer layer which is famous as the patented Japanese SmartGRID technology layer. The layer is entirely made of food-grade, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic material, making it suitable for all people, including sick people, senior citizens, pregnant women, and newborns.

2500 air channels

The grid pattern of the smart grid technology layer creates more than 2500 air channels that work as air circulators. The air circulation within the mattress fibers keeps the mattress away from foul odors, mites, molds, and other allergens. Another benefit of these 2500 air channels is that they make the mattress breathable, keeping sleepers away from night sweats or body heating overnight despite any season.

Comfortable and supportive

The Smartgrid technology layer is a flexible yet durable material. Therefore, it provides the best of both worlds: comfort and support. The SmartGrid technology layer becomes soft beneath the body parts which require comfort, such as shoulders, hips, and necks, while it becomes firm and provides support beneath significant body parts like the lower back.


The Sleep Company realizes that every person has different body types and preferences. Therefore, they bring a variety of diwan bed mattresses based on their firmness.

The various Diwan bed mattresses you can buy at the Sleep Company are:

  • Smart Luxe Mattress
  • Smart Luxe Hybrid Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Pro Mattress
  • Smart Ortho Hybrid Pocketed Spring Mattress
  • Smart Luxe with SnowTec Cooling Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

    A diwan bed is usually smaller than a single bed. A diwan bed also have built-in storage under the base.

    A Diwan bed is the right choice to sleep on if you have a limited bedroom space they are not only great to provide excellent support but also offers ultimate comfort

    A diwan comes with a storage option under the base and this becomes a great benefit to store your extra stuff and make your bedroom look less cluttered.

    A kid or a single adult can sleep on a Diwan bed, accommodating more than one person will make the sleeper feel congested and uncomfortable to sleep.

    The standard size of a Diwan bed is 48 inches in width and varies from 72 to 75 inches in length.

    Diwan is a multipurpose furniture it can be used as a sofa for the day and a bed for the night.

    Yes, a Diwan bed is comfortable to sleep on as it has a more solid surface which ensures your mattress doesn’t lose its stability.

    No, a Diwan bed is not the same as a single bed. Diwan beds are smaller than standard bed frames and have in-built storage drawers for convenient storage options.