How an Adjustable Bed Can Help You Sleep Better?

How an Adjustable Bed Can Help You Sleep Better?

Why choosing an Adjustable/Recliner bed is the best decision for better sleep?

As an individual, we all have dynamic requirements for our own comfort. If you are also tired of putting a ton of pillows around to find your ideal comfortable sleep position, then all you need is an Adjustable Bed.

Adjustable bed frames have become an increasingly popular option for getting a good night’s sleep. Initially used in hospitals for a long time, but now used not just for health but also for lifestyle benefits. From medical conditions to bedtime reading, adjustable beds are helpful for a range of reasons.

  • Having the right type of adjustable base bed frames offers you more freedom to choose your sleeping position.
  • It is possible to get a more restful night’s sleep when your body is in the ideal sleep posture.
  • An Adjustable bed allows sleepers to choose and switch into the position that’s best suited for them.
  • An Adjustable bed allows sleepers to choose and switch into the position that’s best suited for them.
  • An adjustable bed will allow you to adjust the sleep surface to the angles that reduce strain on the heart and promote proper circulation.
  • An adjustable bed allows you to provide proper, customized support to different areas of your body including neck and head, lower back, legs and knees, and your feet and ankles

How Adjustable Beds are different from regular bed frames?

You must be wondering how an adjustable bed is different from a normal bad frame? The main difference between an adjustable bed frame and a standard bed frame is the joints of the frame and the structure of the base. There are two primary components of an adjustable bed – the sleeping surface where your mattress rests and the other part of the frame is the joints. The assortment of joints allows the base to move freely from the mattress so that you can easily switch from one sleeping position to another. Moreover, adjustable beds have an advantage over traditional bed frames as they provide: healthy posture, pressure relief, proper circulation, and customized support.

How to choose the right Adjustable Bed?

An Adjustable Bed can drastically change the way you sleep. Having an uninterrupted good night’s sleep can make a huge impact on your lifestyle. If you want to elevate your sleep experience, then Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed Frame is made for you!

  • Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner bed includes an array of advanced customizable features. Sleepers can adjust the bed for a wide range of positions and save their favourite sleeping position to experience ultimate comfort.
  • It offers personalized comfort and targeted support, reduces back pain, and can make reading in bed, watching TV, and simply relaxing more convenient and comfortable.


  • Explore the near-weightless feel with the push of the button with its most popular “Zero Gravity mode”. It allows you to elevate your upper body and adjust the sleep position that helps you to reduce stress and eases back & neck pain so you can get undisturbed sleep in the most relaxing position.


  • Preset settings can be activated at any time with a one-touch remote. This setting allows you to easily switch from one position to another without any hassle.
  • Let your partner enjoy the undisturbed sleep retreat with its “Anti-Snore” feature that allows raising your head and chest to reduce pressure on your airway and keep you and your partner comfortably asleep.
  • Relax and unwind after a long day by flipping on the dual integrated massage. Control the intensity of massage with a wireless remote that also allows you to choose from multiple customizable features simply with a touch of a button


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