5 Signs You are using the Right Mattress

5 Signs You are using the Right Mattress

Many people do not want to spend a lot of money on a new mattress and to buy mattress online is even more tiring task. This is why they do not replace them, not even after years of use. Besides, you can delay the process of buying a new one if you do an excellent job at maintaining your existing one. What if we tell you that there are some parameters that can be considered as a guide or signs that you are using your perfectly suited right mattress.

Every night we go to bed with an immense expectation to get full rest so that we can wake up as productive as possible for the next day. However, how many of us get that rest that we expect right before going to bed? Buying a new mattress is the ideal solution, but with so many mattresses available these days, it’s hard to know where to begin. The short answer is that everyone needs something a little different, but how can you evaluate which mattresses are “right” or most appropriate for you?

Whether you are planning to buy a new mattress or already have one. Here are the 5 signs that you are using the right mattress for yourself.

1. Multiple Comfort Layers

Multiple Comfort Layers

The foremost feature that one can expect in the process to buy mattress online is the best comfort. If you are ready to buy mattress online from the best mattress brand in India, then the first thing you should look for is the comfort level of the mattress. Not only the right comfort of the mattress is the primary sign but also one of the most essential for a peaceful undisturbed good night’s sleep.

Benefits of having personalized comfort in a mattress:


Comfort has never been the same for everyone. Every body type is different and so as their sleeping positions. It is difficult to put the comfort of the mattress in a box and expect that it will work for everybody. Some might like sleeping on a harder surface and some might like softer ones. If you feel uneasiness, or the need to stretch your body, or backache then the mattress is uncomfortable in one way or the other. Hence, you need to spend some time on the mattress before you decide whether this is the best mattress available or not.

The Sleep Company, the leading mattress brand in India with their SmartGRID mattresses deliver ideal comfort to every sleeper. The sleep company’s Smart Luxe provides utmost comfort by intelligently adapting to all body shapes, and provides relief at all pressure points for a good night’s sleep. The premium cotton viscose top cover and the premium build quality provide you with an unparalleled luxurious experience.

2. Advanced Back Support

Advanced Back Support

If you have back pain, it can seem like the primary enemy standing in the way of you and peaceful good night’s sleep. Lying down can be fraught with challenges in and of itself, so the idea of getting relief so you can fall peacefully asleep can seem like an impossible dream when pain has a grip on you.

If your mattress has the right firmness that provides advanced orthopedic back support, then you may rest assured as you are certainly using the right and best mattress. However, if you wake up every morning with lower back pain and body ache, it is time for you to choose the best mattress online from the best mattress brand in India. The Sleep Company’s Smart Ortho is the best orthopedic mattress online that provides both cushioning comfort and orthopedic back support.

SmartGRID Ortho Technology gives you absolute pain relief, and excellent spine care while intelligently adapting to your body’s shape for optimum comfort. The SmartGRID mattresses follow your body’s natural curves and give a cushioning comfort to the pelvis, shoulders, and head. If you wonder about your spinal length, these mattresses respond firmly to your back.

3. Luxurious Feel

Luxurious Feel

How about having the best comfort without compromising on luxury? Many times people compromise on luxury thinking that in a mattress comfort and luxury can’t go hand in hand. For this reason, they chose to love the hotel mattress which can turn out to be harmful in the long run. However, there are so many options for mattress online that can provide both comfort and a luxurious hotel-like feel every day. If you are lying your head on a comfortable mattress that does not let you compromise on the luxury factor of your lifestyle, then check your tick box as you are using the right mattress. However, if not so, buy luxury mattress online from The sleep company.

The Smart Luxe and Smart Luxe Hybrid mattress are perfect options for you. The perfect combination of SmartGRID Technology and luxury comfort will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a hotel bed every day. Avail queen size mattress online now and consider this mattress to match up to or even surpass any other luxury seven-star hotel mattress you’ll ever sleep on!

4. Cooling Ability

Cooling Ability

The cooling and breathable components in a mattress can save you from the discomfort of a night full of sweaty tossing and turning. There are plenty of cooling mattresses online that regulate the temperature and maintains a cool and cosy mattress comfort for you. Temperature is one of the factors that affect our sleep quality. A cooler body temperature induces sleep faster and helps us sleep better. Therefore, it is all worth it to have a mattress that has cooling ability in it.

The Sleep Company SmartGRID mattress open structure has more than 2500 air channels that circulate airflow naturally through the mattress and keeps the temperature just right for a cosy good night’s sleep. If your mattress doesn’t have the cooling ability, then it’s time to switch to the best cooling mattress online. Buy king size mattress online from The Sleep Company.

5. Longevity


Dreaming of the best sleep every night? Then, you have to make sure that the mattress is at peak performance for years and does not lose its comfort properties over time. However, there will come a time when the mattress replacement will be on your list along with a confusing question of “Is it the time now”? How to decide whether your current mattress needs a replacement or not depends on a number of factors. A mattress should be replaced in every 7-10 years. This also means a mattress should last for at least 6-8 years.

There are plenty of circumstances in which a mattress can last longer than an expected period. It is possible with proper care and usage of the mattress. If your mattress has lasted 10 years or beyond then you’re using the best mattress online and choosing the best mattress brand in India for your sleep paradise.



To find your right mattress, you can refer to the following questions and then choose the best mattress online.

1) What position do you sleep in?

a. SIDE: You normally wake up sleeping on your side.
b. BACK: You normally wake up sleeping on your back
c. STOMACH: You sleep lying flat on your stomach

2) Do you experience any pain while sleeping?

a. BACK AND / OR SIDE PAIN: I often have back and/or side pain after waking up and into the day.
b. NECK AND / OR SHOULDER PAIN: I often have neck and/or shoulder pain after waking up and into the day.
c. LITTLE TO NO PAIN: I rarely experience any pain from sleep.

3) Do you have any material preferences?

a. INNERSPRING: I prefer a more traditional coil-based mattress.
b. FOAM: I prefer a coil-less design made of memory foam, latex, and fabric.
c. SmartGRID: I prefer an advanced solution of sleeping with a more adaptive SmartGRID.

4) Do you sleep hot?

a. YES: You tend to heat up at night and wake up sweaty often.
B. NO: You never have issues being too hot during the night

5) Do you sleep with a partner?

a. YES: We’ll recommend beds that have superior motion isolation to account for partner movement during the night.
b. NO: Motion isolation is less of a factor in our mattress recommendations.

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