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Confused about which mattress to buy online?

Confused – which mattress is best for sleeping? The market is flooded with a plethora of options for mattresses. Memory foam mattress, Pocket spring, Latex, Orthopedic mattress, Hybrid. Phew... If you’re on the hunt to buy mattress online and your head’s feeling a bit skew-whiff, we get it. We understand that you’re overwhelmed by the options available in the mattress market. Are you confused about when to replace a mattress and how to buy mattress online? Without any doubt, to buy best mattress online is not an easy task. Investing in a good quality mattress is as important as investing in good health. If you’re looking for the right mattress then choosing the best mattress brand in India becomes your first step.

So which one is the can Best Mattress brand out there? The Sleep Company has pioneered the sleep science innovation with the introduction of India’s First & Only SmartGRID Mattress. We offer you a diverse range of mattresses that perfectly suits your comfort requirements. We’ve made it easy peasy to compare all of our types of mattresses. Check out our comparison page to explore our range of SmartGRID mattresses and discover how each of them has been designed in such a unique way to suit your dynamic requirements. Find your perfect mattress match now.

How did it all begin?

Founded in 2019, The Sleep Company is the brainchild of husband-wife duo, Priyanka Salot & Harshil Salot. The Sleep Company is the result of years of meticulous research by Dr. Tripathi (ex-polymer head from India DRDO) in the field of sleep and material science. India’s leading comfort innovation company and the creator of the revolutionary patented SmartGRID mattress, we aim to offer customers the best sleeping experience with SmartGRID technology.

How to buy mattress online?

An ideal sleep requires an ideal mattress, and buying one is a task that needs to be done properly considering all requirements. Nowadays, it has become chaos to buy mattress online with easy access to more options in can mattress brands in India.Just like buying a mattress in-store, if you’re going to buy online you’re going to have to arm yourself with information. Your sleep position, body type, and personal preferences for the feel and materials will all play a role in determining which mattress is best suited for your needs. Let’s check out what buying a mattress online is all about.

  • Mattress Types: You can find a wide range of firmness levels and price points for most material options on the market. There are wide variety of mattresses available in the market today. However, to choose when it comes down to choosing the best mattress, it all depends on your personal requirements. Explore more and find your mattress match.
  • Firmness Levels: Mattresses are typically described as soft, medium, medium-firm or firm. Medium to medium-firm mattresses are the most popular because they suit a wide range of needs. When picking out your firmness level, it's important to take into account both your sleep position and body type.
  • Back Pain: The best mattress for someone with back pain will have orthopedic support for pressure relief and a medium firmness level for support and spine alignment. Studies have shown that the right mattress Can reduce pain and stiffness, and improve sleep quality by 50-60%. check for the orthopedic mattress
  • Mattress Size: A taller mattress that has more layers often feels more luxurious to lie on. That being said, a shorter mattress (around 10 inches) may cost less, be easier to set up, and allows for less struggle to put on your fitted sheet. Our mattresses come in all sizes be it a Queen size mattress or a King size mattress or even a Custom size for your specially designed bed.

Benefits of buying mattress from The Sleep Company

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of buying mattress from The Sleep Company:

  • Designed with Patented Japanese SmartGRID Technology to provide the perfect back support.
  • 2500+ air channels aid easy air circulation that promotes deeper, cooler and comfier sleep every night.
  • Different levels of firmness to meet the desired comfort of the users with 100 nights trial, 10 years of warranty and no cost EMI option.
  • Mattress that has been scientifically approved and recommended by Experts, Doctors, and Scientists at All India Health Association

Frequently Asked Questions

    Choosing the right mattress size totally depends on how big or small your bed is and the number of people sleeping on the mattress. Your height and sleeping position also plays a significant role while choosing the right mattress size. For example, the smallest size mattress you will want is a Queen size mattress if you sleep alone, but if you plan to share your bed with more than one person or pet then you should consider a larger mattress like King size Mattress or a queen size mattress

    This factor varies from person to person. A firm mattress usually offers more support and is suitable for heavier body weights. Hence, a firm mattress is basically for people who are stomach sleepers, back sleepers and people with mobility issues. Whereas, a soft mattress will be good for people who struggle with joint or hip pain. Therefore, a soft mattress is suitable for side sleepers, people with pain issues and couples as soft mattress handles the motion transfer better than firm mattress.

    Features like mattress firmness, material, texture, size, longevity, spinal support, pressure point relief, cooling sleep technology, air channels, hypoallergenic qualities, etc are important features of a mattress.

    Amongst the large collection available in the market, Orthopedic mattress is known to be the best for health as it is specifically designed to support your back and spine that provides optimum posture support. The Sleep Company has the best collection of Mattresses for back pain designed with SmartGRID Technology.

    A good mattress can be a smart investment if properly taken care of. The way sleep is essential for good health, so is the sleeping surface. The importance of a good mattress is it provides ideal support your back needs and keeps your spine in a neutral position while maintaining a healthy body posture.

    Yes, you can use a mattress without a bed by making sure the floor is dry and clean. However, it is not recommended to use a mattress without a bed as it can cause damage and may reduce the lifespan of the mattress.

    Keeping your mattress on the floor for a long time may attract moisture which can lead to mold. However, it's wise to prop your mattress against the wall periodically to prevent it from moisture.

    The best way to clean the mattress is to use a vacuum cleaner.

    No, it is not safe to wash a mattress as the harsh or abrasive materials can damage it.

    Keep your mattress dry and clean before placing it in a mattress protector. However, airing the mattress in the sun can dry it naturally and it will also help in eliminating any odor while simultaneously disinfecting it.

    Lack of interconnected air channels is making your mattress hot. The SmartGRID technology helps to keep the mattress cool as it comes with 2500+ air channels which never trap heat like memory foam mattress or any other mattress material.

    Pick a mattress that is built with cooling technology as it will absorb the body heat while sleeping and balances body moisture thus, giving you a comfortable and a deeper good night’s sleep. Smart Luxe with Snowtec Cooling Technology is the perfect mattress for summer.

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