Why Should You Wake Up at 4 am? Here is Some Interesting Facts

Why Should You Wake Up at 4 am? Here is Some Interesting Facts

Why Should You Wake Up at 4 am? Here is Some Interesting Facts

We have always heard about the story of successful billionaires, world leaders, and influencers who gave extra credit for their success to their habit of rising early at 4 am. It has made us wonder why anyone leaves that cozy bed and warm comforter to go out in the cold and dark when not even the sun has risen.

Also, since childhood, we have often heard from our elders that “A man who goes to bed and gets up early is healthy, affluent, and intelligent. ” However, following it becomes difficult for many due to their love for those extra hours spent snoozing out on the comfortable and plush mattress.

So here is the list we have penned down for you to realize the various benefits you can get out of rising early at 4 am.

Benefits of early rising


Though early rising seems like a tedious and hectic task, the benefits you get out of it are numerous. Such as,

1. Adequate night sleep

Early risers tend to sleep early as they feel tired rather than staying awake late at night watching movies or overthinking. Also, waking up early at 4 am helps your circadian rhythm to coordinate with actual daylight, which further enhances the actual release of hormones correctly.

Also, Going to bed early might boost your energy and attitude. This helps you finish all four-six sleep cycles in time and wake up feeling refreshed.

2. Me-time

Early risers get extra hours in hand compared to late risers. They can use these extra hours to get their work on time and enjoy some me-time by following their passion, hobbies, and other dreams.

Also, according to scientists, we feel sleep inertia, where our brain fails to work at total capacity in the first few hours after waking up and feeling a sleep-induced fog. As a result, your productivity and energy levels will skyrocket once you start modifying your habits.

3. Healthy metabolism

Rising early makes you inclined towards eating breakfast healthy. This further drives you to follow a proper food eating habit followed by lunch, snack, and dinner. Eating a healthy breakfast gives you an energy boost that improves your productivity throughout the day.

Also, when you eat on time, your metabolism and digestion system improves, further improving your overall health.

4. Glowing skin

Beauty sleep is a time-tested way of helping your skin appear younger and healthier. Poor or erratic sleep patterns can result in lines and wrinkles, creases, eye bags, and skin problems. While you sleep, your skin cells rejuvenate, repairing UV damage and boosting collagen and blood flow. Getting up early also allows you to enjoy your skincare regimen. In addition, it further increases your chance of gaining early sunlight, which provides a good amount of vitamin D.

5. Improved productivity

Early risers have extra hours in their hand, which they can use in various ways to organize their schedule and get extra work done compared to late risers.

Waking up early might help you evaluate your goals with a clear and peaceful mind. Plan your day ahead of time by making a to-do list, keeping a notebook, or using a planner are great ways to present yourself and earn extra brownies.

6. Healthy mental and emotional state

According to studies, early risers have superior mental and emotional health indicators. They are upbeat, content, and hopeful about their circumstances and achieving life goals.

Also, it decreases the risk of mental and emotional diseases, which are more common in individuals who sleep late and wake up late. Finally, starting the day early is also an excellent approach to reducing stress and anxiety due to insufficient hours to finish tasks.

7. Less traffic

Getting up early also provides you ample time to get dressed appropriately and fewer commuting issues while traveling to work.

Also, waking up early allows you to leave the house earlier for the office, school, or college. Furthermore, less traffic leads to a more upbeat and hopeful outlook on the day and less pollution.

Tips for waking up early in the morning


Every habit requires some effort to get used to, and waking up early may need a little bit more effort to be as successful as those rich people.

So here are some tips to get yourself in the habit of rising early.

Look for inspiration

Everyone requires inspiration to start their journey toward success. Therefore, find the inspiration you will look forward to when you wake up, such as a favorite breakfast, book, or new hobby you have wanted to pursue for a long time.

Also, start rewarding yourself daily for establishing healthy habits.

Start small

Implementing good habits doesn’t mean starting on the first day, as it might bring unwanted health issues. Therefore, it began with minor changes to get your body clock used to a routine.

For example, if you’re used to getting up in the afternoon, don’t begin by waking up before dawn. Instead, you can start making 30 minutes to an hour of change and gradually step further.

Try out a routine

Creating a schedule is an effective strategy that helps you gain a healthy and prosperous life. Also, it makes you feel in charge of your life and enables you to complete your work before the deadline if you know your sleep and wake time.

Therefore, create a sleep-wake schedule beforehand and stick with it even on holidays. Also, don’t forget to add some me time to relax and enjoy.

Follow good sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene is essential to wake up early and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Good sleep hygiene includes habits such as

  • No screen time 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed
  • Reading books, listening to music, and meditation as a bedtime routine to train your brain to associate these activities with sleep
  • Create a comfortable bedroom environment by setting room temperature at level with body temperature,
  • Use a mattress that provides enough support and comfort without creating back pain or keeping you awake the whole night. The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID mattresses are an excellent option to get the best of both worlds, i.e., comfort and support.
  • Maintain darkness in the room as our biological clock sends a signal to the brain to produce Melatonin hormones which are sleep-inducers.

Bottom Line:

Finally, to make early rising a lifetime habit, you need to be patient, consistent, and kinder towards yourself. Like diet and exercise, cheat days are vital to adjusting to routine for a healthy and bright future.

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