Bring Home The Cricket Season With The Right Decor

Bring Home The Cricket Season With The Right Decor

As someone who thoroughly enjoys cricket, cricket events bring you a burst of entertainment. You've probably got your favorite team's jersey on and are excitedly waiting for the matches to begin.

But is that all you can do? Or is there a way to take the match-viewing experience to the next level? After all, you cannot head to the stadium every time.

The good news is that you can give your home a sporty makeover and jazz up the decor to showcase your love for your team while adding a sense of exhilaration in the air. Let's get started.


12 Ways To Bring Home The Cricket Season With The Right Decor

Without further ado, let’s explore all the ideal ways to welcome the cricket season with the best decor.


12 Ways To Bring Home The Cricket Season With The Right Decor


1. The Right Match-Viewing Equipment

Let's first get this out of the way. As a cricket fan, you want the best experience while cheering for your team. You don't need any interruptions here. Therefore, bring home the right equipment to support you.

Make sure you have a good-sized TV or screen to catch all the action. If possible, get some speakers or sound bars for better sound quality. After all, you want to hear the claps and cheers from the stadium every time your player hits a six.

Infact, if you have the space and budget, you can always go for a projector and set up a live-viewing experience in your backyard, patio, or even your room. The big screen has an alluring charm of its own.

Finally, make sure your internet plans are top-notch, and you have a UPS in place if there are power-cut issues.

With this, you are all set to see the match comfortably from your home.


2. The Comfort Set-Up

While this tip is mostly for your comfort, it also enhances the decor.

Imagine watching the match on an uncomfortable chair. You are twisting and turning to find the ideal spot. The hard surface just doesn't feel okay but you try to make it work. Amidst all this, you end up missing a crucial wicket.

Not the best scenario. Is it? This is one of the reasons why you need proper furniture to support you.

For instance, a recliner sofa can be your partner in crime who offers immense support and comfort so your eyes are glued to the screen with ease.

Infact, you can also invest in back cushions or seat cushions for your chair to turn it into something more comfortable.

And if you think, your neck needs some support too, bring home a neck pillow as well. Remember, nobody ever complains that it's too comfortable.

These knick-knacks will be useful even after the cricket season is done. You can use them for your movie marathons or simply place them in your living room in an aesthetic manner.


3. Team Colors Everywhere

One easy-peasy decor idea is to indulge in the colors of your favorite team. As we mentioned earlier, you can bring cushions and pillows home to add seating comfort. So, for the pillow covers, you can choose something with your team colors.

You can let your creativity run wild here. Whether it's through throw pillows, rugs, curtains, or wall art, you can splash those team colors almost everywhere to create an immersive experience.

But do it aesthetically so that it blends in with the environment. You don't want it to be so flashy that your focus is less on the match and more on the decor. That deters from the whole purpose.


4. Themed Wall Art

Wall arts are great to get into the spirit of the game. Adorn your walls with posters, framed pictures, or even DIY artwork showcasing iconic moments, players, or logos from previous matches. It adds personality and sets the mood for cricket fever.

That's not all. It also makes you feel like you are a part of the team and the excitement levels only go up.


5. Cricket Memorabilia Display

If you are an avid collector of cricket memorabilia, now is the time to let them shine. This is especially true if you are having guests over.

Display signed cricket bats, balls, jerseys, or even miniature trophies in a dedicated space. It's like your very own cricket shrine. But make sure they are artistically placed so they uplift the decor.


6. Themed Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be great. They are minimalistic yet add and uplift the decor.

When it comes to cricket decor, create an eye-catching centerpiece for your tables using cricket-themed elements like miniature cricket bats, balls, helmets, or even themed floral arrangements incorporating team colors.


7. Customized Cushions Covers

Having your team's name splashed across your home brings immense joy. We completely get it. So, a great yet easy way to switch on the team spirit while elevating your decor is via customized cushions.

Get cushion covers with your favorite team's logo or player's name and scatter them around your living space. They add comfort and serve as subtle reminders of your dedication.


8. Cricket Bat Wall Hooks

A quirky decor idea is to install cricket bat wall hooks to hang coats, bags, or even keys. Infact, if you are a die-hard cricket fan, this can be a permanent fixture that tells everyone about your love for cricket.

Also, it's a functional decor element that seamlessly blends with the cricket theme. A win-win situation if you ask us!


9. Team Pennants and Flags

Hang team pennants or flags from your walls, ceilings, or balconies. They instantly amp up the atmosphere and show your unwavering support for your team.

Also, it's a great way to build a cricket-loving atmosphere in your society or colony. It adds an exhilarating spirit that brings forth a sense of happiness.


10. Cricket-Themed Lighting

Another quirky idea is to incorporate cricket-themed lighting fixtures or string lights featuring cricket ball shapes.

This is an easy way to brighten up your space while showcasing your love for the game.


11. DIY Scoreboard

Most of us own a whiteboard for work, studies, etc. So, if you don't want to invest in cricket-specific decor, you can DIY your way through it with a scoreboard.

All you have to do is create a DIY scoreboard using a chalkboard or a whiteboard where you can keep track of match scores, upcoming fixtures, or even friendly predictions among friends and family.

This not only helps you keep track of the game but also makes it so much fun.


12. Snack Stations with Cricket-Inspired Names

Watching sports is incomplete without delicious snacks. And if you are having guests over, set up snack stations with cricket-inspired names for your favorite treats. A fantastic idea, right?

For example, you can have "Boundary Burgers," "Sixer Sandwiches," or "Wicket Wings" to keep the cricket spirit alive even during snack breaks.


The Final Word

This is how you can welcome the cricket season with the right decor. These easy-peasy tricks can also elevate your match-viewing experience and create a fun atmosphere.

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