How to Pick the Best Neck Pillow?

How to Pick the Best Neck Pillow?

One of the common problems we face nowadays is excruciating neck pain, whether it is due to injuries or wrong body posture. However, it’s not just sleeping posture or injuries that cause neck pain. The place or pillow where we keep our head while sleeping is also one of the causes of neck pain. Most of the time, people overlook this reason, and if a person continues to ignore it, then it becomes chronic. Often, neck pain grows in the shoulders, arms, and upper body, which becomes another problem.

Therefore, knowing how to choose the best pillow to avoid neck pain becomes crucial. So, here are some tips to get the best pillow for neck pain.

Pillow size

It is essential to check the pillow’s size for better sleep quality and reduced neck pain. Pillow’s size depends on the height and weight of the person using it. For example, a heavier person with more than average height requires a pillow that is bigger in size and can accustom the sleeper’s head and neck conveniently.

Generally, pillows come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. And if you are unsure about the size as per your convenience, then you can customize your pillow.

Sleeping position

Many people underestimate the fact that while selecting the best pillow for neck pain, it’s essential to consider their sleeping position. Despite the fact that you are a side or back sleeper, your body posture changes accordingly, and you require neck support differently in different positions. For example, thin or extra soft pillows are a good option for back sleepers, while for side sleepers, more firm and thick pillows are better.

Nowadays, manufacturers make pillows according to different sleeping positions, and one can also get customized pillows to suit their varied sleeping positions.

Pillow Thickness

The Pillow’s thickness determines its firmness and softness. Every person needs a different level of firmness, so they must get a thick pillow accordingly. For example, side sleepers need extra firm and thick pillows compared to back sleepers.

Suppose you are unsure how much thickness of the pillow is comfortable for you. In that case, the Sleep Company’s Smart Adjustable Plush Pillow is a good choice as it comes with an adjustable zipper to customize the pillow’s thickness as per your choice.

Pillow filling


There are a variety of pillow fillers available on the market, such as water, fiber, down-feather, memory foam, and the newly invented the Sleep Company’s SmartGRID layer. Different filler types have different comfort levels, thicknesses, and adjusting capacities. For example, down-feather pillows are softer, while fiber ones can be a little on the firm side. However, it is vital to consider a person’s allergies and response to different filler types.

It is necessary to get a pillow that can quickly adapt to your head position and does not lose its shape soon. The Sleep Company’s Smart Hybrid Pillow is one of the best pillows that can provide cloud-like comfort to your head and neck.

Neck curve support

Our neck curve requires support to avoid any pain and injuries. Many overlook that our neck curve is the most temperate region that requires support while sleeping. The best pillow is the one that provides enough support to your neck and upper back despite the side or back sleeping position.

The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID pillows are suitable for neck curve support, whether Smart Cervical Pillow, Smart Adjustable Plush Pillow, or Smart Hybrid Pillow.

Pillow height

Pillow’s height is vital to maintain neck curvature in the correct position without stretching too much. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider it, and then it affects their neck curve and veins. Pillow’s height also depends on the sleeping position as the slide sleepers require a little higher pillow than back sleepers, while stomach sleepers must avoid using any pillow as it can cause irregular strain on the neck.

The wrong height of the pillow can cause strain on neck muscles which, if continued, can further cause other health issues and impair blood circulation. You can also use adjustable pillows like the Smart Hybrid Pillow from the Sleep Company, which has a zipper to adjust its thickness and height according to your preference.

Previous injuries


It is essential to consider whether your neck pain is current or chronic while buying the best neck pillow for neck pain. Many people suffer from chronic orthopedic or cervical pain because of the wrong selection of pillows or any external injuries.

Many top mattress brands in India also manufacture orthopaedic or cervical spondylosis pillows specifically for people suffering from chronic neck pain. One of the Sleep Company’s Smart Cervical Pillows is the best choice if you are suffering from chronic neck pain. It not only provides support to the head but also cradles your head, neck, and shoulder, making them relieve any pressure points.

Bottom line:

All in all, ensure that you use a pillow that will provide proper support and is suitable according to your sleeping positions and other needs. If you already suffer from neck pain or issues, seek a doctor’s help and buy a special pillow for neck pain according to his advice.