Are Sleeping Pills Toxic for Health?

Are Sleeping Pills Toxic for Health?

Sleeping is an essential activity required daily for the body to feel well-rested and the mind to work sharp. Unfortunately, many people have trouble falling asleep. An average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep at night to feel well rested to take on day-to-day tasks. There are many reasons people would have trouble falling asleep a few of them are:

Reason of why you are not sleep

1) Unhealthy Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle can have a major impact on falling asleep. This also has many factors under this, such as unhealthy eating habits, heavy amounts of sugar and saturated food, and heavy amounts of junk food not exercising can also have a major impact on your sleep cycle and also on your health. People who are influenced in illegal activities such as drug use or even dealing with addiction or trying to quit will have problems falling asleep.

2) Caffeinated and Energy drinks

Caffeinated and Energy drinks just before going to bed may also cause you to stay awake. These drinks have a large amount of sugar, gas, and caffeine which will not allow you to fall asleep till the effects leave your system.

3) Using devices like mobile phones, television, and laptops (blue light)

All electronic devices which we use to view such as mobile phones, television and laptops give out a blue light which causes the body to stop producing melatonin. Our body secretes a melatonin chemical in your body which makes you fall asleep. The use before this can cause prevention of melatonin which may make it difficult to fall asleep so keep the use of electronic devices or stimulating viewing or gaming can cause sleep deprivation and can be a lot harder to fall asleep so avoid these few hours before you go to bed.

4) Overeating or going to sleep hungry

After overeating it is also difficult to fall asleep as your body is digesting the food that you just ate and having a more than-full stomach will make you want to use the washroom. After a few hours even if you fall asleep you will get up and use the washroom in the middle of the night also trying to sleep hungry is also very difficult as your stomach pains will not let you fall asleep as your stomach is hungry

5) Uncomfortable mattress

An uncomfortable mattress can also be a cause of not having restful sleep. A decade-long memory foam mattress must have lost its touch or your mattress may be uncomfortable, to begin with. This can give you trouble falling asleep, can also give you massive back pain, and can cause body pain.

6) Alcohol

Many people may argue that alcohol helps them fall asleep but that’s not sleep, that’s a sort of sedation as it doesn’t provide you the deep sleep in other words they call it R.E.M(Rapid. Eye. Movement) sleep in which you feel rested when you get up.

7) Medicines

Some medicines have side effects that will not allow you to fall asleep so please prescribe a healthcare professional to give you the right medication for nighttime.

These are a few common reasons why people have trouble falling asleep. Some people face a problem called insomnia where the person is unable to fall asleep. This is usually linked to emotional suppression and stress but sleep deprivation could also be a reason for increased stress on your mind and body and now what you are so desperately waiting to read Are sleeping pills toxic for health?

Though short-term use of sleeping pills could not cause problems but long-term use and dependency could cause serious health-related problems that could lead to early death too. Let’s take a deeper dive into the topic. All sleeping pills could cause some amount of damage to the person, especially a person with certain medical conditions.

It can cause major damage to your liver and kidney and mainly to older people. We recommend talking to your healthcare provider before trying to find a treatment for insomnia. While using sleeping pills Many people have experienced unusual behavior during sleep such as sleepwalking and also bed wetting. Some people also reported allergic reactions to any other medication that could cause your allergic reaction.

Some common questions asked are also what happens if you use sleeping pills daily?

The people that use sleeping pills daily over a long period of time can have intensified effect on them as the body gets accustomed to the drug which will need a higher and higher dosage to get the effect of sleep-inducing components due to higher dosage they have repressed breathing while sleeping could also cause death as the worst case scenarios other side effects are high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and also depression. Yes, long-term use of prescription sleeping pills is toxic but we would advise people to use them in very desperate situations where a person is not able to sleep for many days.

As you are reading this blog, I am sure you or someone you know is having problems falling asleep so I will provide a few natural tips and tricks which can help you fall asleep quickly.

Tip to Fall Asleep Quickly

1. Stick to a sleep schedule

If you stick to a strict sleep schedule and keep 8 hours aside your body will get accustomed to the sleep timing so at that time you will naturally feel sleepy but you have to be strict with the schedule as consistency is the key to your sleep. These tips will work over time and help you fall asleep but this will require some amount of patience.

2. Pay attention on your diet

You have to pay special attention to your diet when it comes to blissful sleep as a poor diet can hamper your sleep as well as your health more than you can imagine overeating during dinner is anyways unhealthy but going to sleep hungry is even worse you should eat the right amount of food, especially for dinner neither too much neither too less just the right balanced amount is sure to give you restful sleep.

3. Create a restful sleeping environment

Creating a restful sleeping environment is essential for deep sleep to begin with. You need to have a clean and comfortable mattress to start with to help you fall asleep quickly. Your room should be dark, the temperature should be cool and the room should be silent so that you can fall asleep easily and comfortably without any kind of stress.

4. Avoid day time naps

The longer you sleep in daytime naps the longer it will take you to fall asleep at night so if you avoid daytime naps altogether it will be easier to fall asleep. Daytime naps are only necessary if you need to cover up on sleep or haven’t had a deep sleep for a while.

5. Exercise/Physical activity or sports

Exercise, Physical activity or any kind of sports is really important for physical and mental well-being and it is also proven to help you fall asleep much quicker as exercise or physical activities tire out the body extremely which will allow your body and mind to rest and repair and thus make you feel comfortable and fall asleep. if you keep up this activity daily your sleeping troubles will be days of the past.

6. Manage worries

You need to manage your hopes and worries and the last thing you should carry with you once your going to bed as it can hamper your sleep and can activate your mind and can make you remember your past failures, embarrassing moments and hopes and dreams about the future will keep you up and night and will be really hard for you to fall asleep you will start worrying which can also turn into stress better to figure it out much before going to sleep or forget about it if you’re about to sleep.

7. Hot water bath

If you’re having problems falling asleep this tip could probably help you. Take a hot water bath just before going to sleep as hot water naturally puts the body in a state of comfort and relaxation as opposed to cold showers which shocks your body and wake you up. Hot water baths can help you fall asleep.


In conclusion, sleeping pills are extremely harmful for everyday use as it causes dependency on the pills to fall asleep. It is also really harmful to your health, especially your liver and kidney. It is at high risk for older people. Please follow the natural process provided in the blog it is sure to help you fall asleep and give you the deep sleep that you need these natural tips are healthy and will only improve your health and mental well-being and will make you more disciplined with your schedule and sleeping pills are toxic and should only be used as a last resort or emergency whereas you haven’t slept for a few days and you really need to catch up on sleep but I am definitely sure if you follow through the tips I have given naturally follow through with the preventive methods with consistency will keep you healthy and provide you with deep rested sleep a good night.

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