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  • Smart Ortho Royale Mattress-Custom
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  • Smart Ortho Royale Mattress-Custom

12 years warranty

Firmness Score 7

100 nights trial

No cost EMI

12 years warranty

Firmness Score 7

100 nights trial

No cost EMI




4.8/5 (100)

Smart Ortho Royale Mattress-Custom

Superior back support with the RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology

Meet India's most luxurious orthopedic mattress, designed to provide enhanced support for back pain recovery. Its innovative RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology effectively absorbs pressure from high-pressure body parts and helps relieve back pain. Paired with Pro-blend Technology, Ortho Royale ensures luxurious comfort for a peaceful sleep experience.


  • Pro-Blend Technology
  • RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology
  • AIHA Certified Orthopedic Mattress
  • 360° Air Ventilation
  • Luxury Euro Top Quilted Fabric
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MRP ₹107,500 (35% OFF)

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Why Choose Smart Ortho Royale?

Harnessing the power of RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology, it precisely absorbs pressure from the 3 body zones for superior back support.

Pro Blend Technology

Pro-Blend Technology is a unique blend of 100% Natural Latex & SmartGRID Technology. This innovative combination provides the ultimate balance of luxury & comfort by adapting perfectly to your body shape. It further reduces pressure points and minimizes tossing & turning, leading to a more peaceful sleep experience.

RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology

The advanced RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology is specifically engineered to alleviate back pain by targeting and absorbing pressure exerted on the body. Its 3-zoned pressure absorbing mechanism creates a supportive and comfortable surface that promotes pin-point healing & relaxation for the head and shoulders, torso, and lower body, to help you recover from body pain.

Approved & Recommended by Scientists & Doctors at AIHA

Smart Ortho Royale is scientifically tested and approved by Doctors at the All India Health Association (AIHA) for advanced back pain relief.

360 Air Ventilation

The Pin-Core structure of naturally breathable Latex with 2500+ Air Channels of SmartGRID allows optimal airflow and breathability throughout your sleep cycle.

Pristine White Euro Top

The Euro Top premium quilting design & feel enhances the plushness and luxurious feel of the mattress. Its pristine appearance adds an element of sophistication to your bedroom decor, creating a visually stunning focal point.

What's Under the Covers?

• Luxury Quilted Euro Top Cover
Neatly Sewn & soft to touch quilted fabric
• 2" Natural Latex
100% Natural latex for super soft feel & sustained body support
• 1" Revolutionary SmartGRID
Adapts instantly to any body shape, provides no pressure support & cooling comfort
• 5" RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology
Absorbs pressure exerted on the body & relieves back pain
• Pristine White Quilted Euro Top Design
Aesthetic quilted side fabric design

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When luxury and comfort collide, it creates a space for well-being. Our Smart Ortho Royale mattress is a perfect example of well-being. Made with innovative SmartGRID technology and infused with 100% Natural Latex makes it a perfect orthopedic mattress for a good night’s sleep.

The significance of the best orthopedic bed mattress lies in its ability to provide tailored support and comfort to individuals, particularly those dealing with back pain issues and specific sleep-related concerns. Here are some key points highlighting the importance of an orthopaedic mattress:

  • Proper Spinal Alignment
    An orthopedic mattress is designed to promote proper spinal alignment by offering targeted support to different areas of the body. This helps alleviate pressure on the spine and ensures that it maintains its natural curvature during sleep.
  • Pain Relief
    Individuals suffering from chronic back, neck, and joint pain can benefit from the specialized support provided by an orthopedic mattress. The even distribution of body weight reduces stress on pressure points, potentially reducing discomfort and pain.
  • Muscle Relaxation
    The Sleep Company’s orthopedic mattress is made of advanced materials that contour to the body's shape. This facilitates muscle relaxation by minimizing tension and allowing muscles to recover during sleep.
  • Improved Blood Circulation:
    The supportive nature of the ortho mattress can enhance blood circulation by preventing the constriction of blood vessels and minimizing pressure on sensitive areas.
  • Reduced Motion Transfer:
    Many Best Orthopedic mattresses is designed to minimize motion transfer, which is beneficial for couples or individuals sharing a bed. This means that the movements of one person are less likely to disturb the sleep of another and we have the same feature in our Smart Ortho Royale mattress.
  • Customized Comfort: Ortho bed mattress:
    comes in various levels of firmness to cater to individual preferences and requirements. This allows individuals to choose a mattress that suits their comfort needs while providing the necessary support.
  • Sleep Quality:
    By addressing issues like discomfort and pain, orthopedic mattresses can contribute to improved sleep quality. Better sleep can lead to increased alertness, better mood, and enhanced overall well-being
  • Long-Term Health:
    Consistently sleeping on an orthopedic mattress can have long-term benefits for overall health. It may help prevent the worsening of existing back pain conditions and potentially reduce the risk of developing new ones.
  • Posture Support:
    Orthopedic mattresses encourage better posture during sleep, which can have positive effects on daytime posture as well. This is particularly important for individuals who spend long hours sitting or working at a desk.

The importance of an orthopedic mattress lies in its ability to address specific comfort and support requirements, promoting healthier sleep and potentially alleviating discomfort and pain associated with back issues. However, it's essential to choose a online mattress that suits your individual needs and preferences, and consulting with a healthcare professional if you have serious sleep-related concerns is recommended. You can buy mattress online or by visiting The Sleep Company’s nearest store to you. Sleep in the lap of luxury and comfort with our Smart Ortho Royale mattress and experience a soothing sleep experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

    A latex mattress is made from natural material (sap of a rubber tree). It is known for its comfort, durability, and hypoallergenic properties, making it the best choice for peaceful sleep.

    Ortho Royale provides excellent support & ultimate comfort to your body with RecoverX Pressure absorbing support. It conforms to your body's shape, providing pressure relief and preventing pain in your neck, shoulders, and back through distributed 3 zone support.

    Yes. The latex used in our mattresses is made of 100% natural sap from rubber trees.

    Our latex mattresses offer the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and affordability, providing you with a high-quality sleep experience at a fraction of the cost compared to other mattress brands in India. Our mattresses provide the genuine benefits of natural latex at a competitive price, ensuring you get the best value for a truly peaceful sleep experience.

    No. Layers in the Ortho Royale are created thoughtfully to maximize your comfort & reduce your back pain. A latex sheet above the SmartGRID layer enriches the effectiveness of the mattress for your peaceful sleep overnight.

    The RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology is a combination of 3 layers sandwiched into one with middle band layers being the pressure absorbing layers. It completely absorbs your body pressure and responds back to deliver top-notch orthopedic support in 3 body zones for ultimate back pain relief.

    No, 2500+ air channels of SmartGRID layer & the natural cooling properties of latex makes it cool. This mattress will be 50% cooler than any other mattress and helps regulate your body temperature to keep you sweat-free all night.

    No. But, you can rotate it up and down to increase its lifespan.

    No. But, you can protect your mattress from dust & stains with our luxurious bamboo mattress protector.

    The intensity of back pain issues differs from person to person. Our Orthopedic mattress will help you reduce your back pain with RecoverX Pressure Absorbing Technology and provide your body optimum support but we do not claim to eliminate back pain by 100%.

    Yes. Ortho Royale is scientifically approved and trusted by doctors at the All India Health Association (AIHA). So rest assured & sleep peacefully with our latex orthopedic Mattress.